Why Are Those Pesky Med Sangs Around, Anyways?

  • Why Are Those Pesky Med Sangs Around, Anyways?

    Just for the record, I am not a Sanguine Vampire, of any kind. I have not ingested anyone else’s blood.

    Looking back at my personal experiences, taking into account my present experiences and weighing that against my current understanding of terms and definitions….I would have to say that I identify myself as a Psychic Vampire. I have never tried anyone else’s blood. I could eventually find that blood has some benefits for me or that I can use blood as a focus to draw on the energy that is connected to it. Depending on my eventual experience with blood, I could identify as a Spiritual Sang or a Hybrid/Dual Feeder. I have had too many experiences with energy and viewing the world through my metaphysical lens makes too much sense to me.

    I could be a Physical Sanguine if larger amounts of blood make significant changes in my physical health, but because I definitely have a metaphysically-oriented outlook, I would not be able to self-identify as a Med Sang. I was clairvoyant and sensitive as a child. I noticed that “thoughts are things” pretty early on, which led to my exploration of Witchcraft. As far as religious affiliations, I was initiated into the Anderson Feri Tradition….and practically speaking, I would say that my practices lean heavily into modern Chaos Magick.

    My dream job was that year and a half that I worked at the local occult shop. Like many other magicians, I’ve easily spent thousands of dollars on books, crystals, incense, workshops and courses over my lifetime. Despite my ongoing struggle with anxiety and my panic disorder, I’ve managed to co-teach classes on Elemental Witchcraft, Tarot Meditation, Psychic Shielding and other magickal topics. I’ve been part of covens and I am still a part of my local area’s pagan community.

    Honestly, it is my guess that if the Vampire Community were entirely made up of Psy Vamps and Hybrids/Dual Feeders, I would fit right in. I wouldn’t question anything if everyone of the Vampire Community were Energy Feeders in part or exclusively. That is my personal experience and the lens through which I view the world.

    As a metaphysical practitioner, I see the world through signs and portents. To me, I am having a constant dialog not only with other people, but also with the Universe, Higher Selves, subpersonalities, aspects, powers and the beyond. But, when I communicate with others, I do not assume that the person in front of me uses the same language, because I do not assume that we are having the same experience.

    When I speak to others, I keep in mind that if I do not use language that is friendly to them, then my intended message might not get across. So, I modify. If there is a concept that I want to communicate, I keep in mind that their framework, their reference points, their lenses might not be the same as mine. Specifically, I keep this in mind when I am speaking to people with a strong standard religious affiliation….I make my points, using christian terminology and concepts.

    If someone is not metaphysically or religiously oriented, I speak in terms that they are more likely to understand. I speak in terms of feelings, emotions, relationships….whatever is, seems to be, could be common ground and is relevant to our interaction. I’m not a strict materialist, but I understand enough and can relate to viewing things on a purely physical basis, at times.

    In general, Physical Sangs ingest larger amounts of blood than other types of Sangs. Med Sangs are those Physical Sangs that view and endeavor to understand their Sang condition through the lens of strict materialism. While I am not a Sanguine, I understand enough of the Med Sang perspective that I can appreciate their discussions and article shares.

    Why would a metaphysically-oriented, non-Sang Psychic Vampire care about the Med Sang voice? I understand that there is more than one pathway to the Vampire Community. Some of those pathways have nothing to do with each other. It is easy to see how anyone with the need or even the desire to drink blood found their way to the VAMPIRE community. It’s right there in the association between the fictional vampire and blood-drinking, itself.

    Any sort of genuine Sanguine (someone who derives benefits from ingesting blood of any amount) is easily going to associate their practice/habit/activity with vampirism. In this day and age, stumbling into the Vampire Community is the next logical step, after realizing that there is a personal need to feed on blood. We look to the internet for most of our answers, a place to start our personal journey for explanations and solutions. Facebook has many groups. There are online forums. It is basically a gamble that any type of Modern Vampire will find their way into the groups that will give them the basic feeding information that they need, the special information on health for their type and validation that their experience, up to the current date, has been normal for them.

    Looking back, I always had the life of a Psychic Vampire. Before I entered, I specifically did not relate to the Vampire Community, because I associated vampirism with the Fictional Vampire and Goth culture. I was perfectly happy among the Pagans and Energy Workers. I was brought into the Vampire Community through the insight of an online friend. As a friend of the Vampires, I observed the various discussions until something went “click” and fell into place.

    It has been recently stated that the Med Sang faction is growing in the Vampire Community. This could be because before the representation of the Med Sang perspective, Physical Sangs felt as if they had to adopt more metaphysical approaches….or be silent about their more personally-held materialist-viewpoint. There was no safe place to express these ideas, much less explore them. Now that a platform exists, there might be more Sangs coming forward to focus on the purely medical explanations of their body’s needs.

    And….why would a Psychic Vampire care about any of this? Good neighbor policy. We found our way to the same Community, albeit for different reasons. Even if we have different needs to fill, we came to the same general meeting area, known as The Greater Vampire Community (among its other names). We can keep debating about who started the community, who has taken over the community and who more closely resembles our mascot of the Fictional Vampire….or we can do more practical things like information share. Myself, I like the idea of being informed as to what the different types of Vampires (Blood and Energy Feeders) need, so that I can direct any and all newcomers to the information that fulfills their needs and makes their lives easier.

    And I love the idea of any of the newly awakened Psychic Vampires being directed to me by the Med Sangs that I know because we are good neighbors.


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