“Sweetie, Shouldn’t You Have A Talk With Timmy About Turning?”

One of the problems with the Online Vampire Community is that we don’t have the equivalent of a “children’s table.”  We have many groups in which we have mixed membership–seasoned, reasonable, mature, practical Modern Vampires…in the same groups as those who do not have a realistic view of modern vampirism.

Specifically, I am referring to those “aspirants” who request to be turned, no matter how many times we tell them that we won’t or can’t…or that being “turned” won’t get them what they really want.  The subject of being “Turned” can be a controversial topic.  It is not even a topic on which we all completely agree–whether or not it is possible–or even on how we should define it.

When we talk about the concept of Turning, some of us say that it has the classical meaning–to produce the condition of vampirism where it was not present before.  Others say that “turning” is more of an activation of the recessive trait of vampirism, to bring its symptoms into full manifestation in those who possessed latent vampirism.  In the classical sense, a formerly non-vampiric being is transformed into a vampire.  In the “activation” of latent vampirism, only vampires can be awakened, not non-vampiric humans.

Reasonable, practical members of the Community sometimes discuss the prospect of Turning–either and both forms.  We discuss the possibility of both forms of Turning in terms of Sanguinism and Energy Vampirism.  We sometimes even share personal or second-hand accounts which we think validate our belief or skepticism in the process, itself.  The problem comes when “aspirants” come in from a side angle, wanting to be Turned into vampires.

A simple request from someone who is young, uninformed and is NOT heavily invested in the belief of the Fictional Vampire; but is more of a vampire-fan is not that much of a problem.  It is when someone is insistent that they NEED to be Turned and so stubborn about wanting to be transformed into a super-powered Vampire that they will jump from person to person in the community, aggressive in their search to be Turned.

Here is the little problem–among the more analytical of us, in our discussions, we refer to Turning within the context of our larger understanding.  Among Modern Vampires, we have more of an intellectual relationship to the concept.  Those of us who are already Obligate Feeders don’t need to be “turned”.  Those of us who are not Modern Vampires, but are still reasonable and mature members of the VC, are usually not interested in being “turned” because those members know what a Modern Vampire is and are not confusing that with any Fictional version.

However, when the less-intellectual, more-impulsive, less-informed, more-delusional “aspirant” merely hears the word “Turned,” they take the mention/discussion as confirmation that the classical, fictional process is a reality.  Even when some of us explain that classical/fictional Turning is not possible OR that Vampires are not granted extraordinary abilities, these “aspirants” can’t hear anything beyond the word “Turned.”

These Wannabe-Turnees are thinking of POWERS, powers found in movies, television shows, folk tales and modern vampire fiction.  Should we be more explicit when we talk about “powers,” “talents” and “abilities” in front of the kids?  In the Magickal and Pagan Communities, when we refer to the “powers,” it is within the context of inborn or developed/exercised abilities.  I was clairvoyant as a little boy, because of spiritual karma.  I was born with a level of natural talent because of past-life karma or pre-life spiritual agreement.  The level of skill I have in glamour projection came with my conscious practice as a witch.  Although there are “rituals” available, most experienced magicians don’t take many “instant transformation” spells seriously.  In the Magickal Community, what is not recognized as inborn is earned through time invested, along with hard work.

In the Magickal Community, there is no quick fix or instant transformation.  Even in the seeming appearance of a magickal working having “instant results” or “miraculous effects,” it is because of preparatory work or pre-existing conditions which allowed for the manifestation of such change.  It seems that many Modern Vampires have backgrounds or understanding of these principals of metaphysics, so that we often do not feel a need to reiterate the details when we talk about “powers.”  The “aspirant,” sometimes coming into the middle of our conversations, comes away with an incomplete picture.  To the uneducated audience, we seem like we have super powers…abilities well beyond the range of non-vampiric magicians and psychics.

Also, let’s be completely honest, there are SOME of us that qualify as Modern Vampires–we have the genuine obligatory need to feed; observable benefits when we feed; observable detriments when we do not feed–AND despite this, still exaggerate or embellish on our real experiences.  Instead of bragging about how many push-ups we did or how little carbs we ate on our diet–our Community version is how we drank a two glasses of “red” every day for two weeks running or how we drained the lifeforce of the local church pastor, causing him to drop dead of a heart attack.  Exaggerated accounts are taken with a grain of salt or called out by other Modern Vampires, who have their own experiences to gauge the range of possibility against.  However, for those “aspirants” who have an emotional investment in someday experiencing the fantastical, WANT and NEED to believe in those exaggerated accounts.

Is there any reason to be more careful around the “aspirants”?  For the most part, I’ve noticed that the standard response is to attempt to educate or correct said people.  With such an emotional investment and need to believe in the possibility that they will have eventually have powers, once they find a “real vampire”….are they even in the state to where our attempts at education will sink in?

Here’s another factor to be aware of–with the “aspirants” strong desire to meet what they think of as “real vampires,” is it more likely that they will run into a genuine Modern Vampire?  What if the “aspirant” meets up with an unawakened Vamp or awakened Vamp….what happens when the Vamp is uneducated or under the same delusions?  What about when they cannot fulfill the desire of Turning–because the Vampire must “just be holding out”?  Instead of just responding to the requests of being Turned as the requests appear…would there be any benefit to directly addressing this particular group of Turning hopefuls in a different way?




VWA: Vampires With Anxiety

One of the reasons that I didn’t initially relate to being a Modern Vampire is that I had high levels of anxiety.  In my mind, a vampire was a cool, calm, collected, and centered being who either had their feelings totally in check or didn’t feel any strong emotion at all.

As I became familiar with the members of the modern Vampire Community, I became acutely aware that anxiety–as well as all of the other psychological and emotional disorders–are just as common in modern Sanguivores and Psychic Vampires, as they are in any other special group.  However–role players, aspirants and outsiders seem to play into the idea of the Fictional Vampire being emotionally cold or overly controlling of their emotions.  Despite evidence of legitimate Sanguinism or the need to energetically feed, sometimes the presence of anxiety is taken as an indication that one CANNOT be a Modern Vampire.  There is the idea that a “real” Vampire is perfect and not subject to any of the human illnesses or disorders.

Looking at the defining characteristics for Modern Vampires, there is the obligatory need for a Sanguivore to ingest blood and for a Psychic Vampire to feed on energy from a donor.  Beyond that–the human history, psychological health, and physical health of the individual can vary.  There is no guarantee that the vampire in question will be free from any particular emotional or physical disorder.

Speaking for myself, when my physical health is off, I feel my anxiety levels rise.  I suffer from generalized anxiety and have panic attacks, with less provocation than usual needed for an attack when I am physically unwell.  Since my body seems to be more delicate than the people around me, I’ve noticed that just letting my physical body get too hungry, I will feel more anxious…when only a snack will help me feel better.

As in the case of many Psychic Vampires, there is a notable decline in physical health because of the correspondingly low amount of vital energy being available in the subtle bodies.  An energetically-hungry Psychic Vampire is more prone to anxiety because of the imbalance on the subtler levels.

An emotional imbalance in the Energy Vampire might make it a bit harder for the vampire to interact with possible donors.  Ambient feeding is most easily done when the feeder is not drawing attention to themselves–when they are not nervous in any way and can blend into the crowd.

Direct feeding involves gaining permission from the donor.  To get express permission from a Donor, one needs to first interact with said Donor.  Being anxious is most likely to scare or put off others.  Especially if the Donor is not intimately familiar with the possible human flaws (including, anxiety) of Psychic Vampires, the idea that the feeding vampire does not fit the cliché of the supernaturally-healthy creature of myth, might prevent a feeding.

If you are experiencing anxiety, by all means perform all of the practical remedies.  And, if you are an obligate energy feeder, perform feeding in which you do not have to interact with other humans, to see if this anxiety is primarily hunger-induced.  Ambient feed from locations and groups that have large amounts of excess vital and psychic energy.  Also, engage in astral feeding and pull in energy from as many natural sources as possible (solar prana, earth prana, air prana).  Keeping energetically nourished might help prevent hunger-induced anxiety and nervousness.


The Power and Problem of Sarcasm In The Vampire Community


Here’s the problem–I can be a very sarcastic person.

(No matter which community I’m participating in.)

And here’s the good thing–my sarcasm is part of my humor and creativity.

I’ll admit that I’m not the most consistent person. I might fluctuate on my behavior, depending on circumstance, personal mood, what I’ve had to eat physically and otherwise.  And I’ll also admit that I will let friends and closer associates get away with more bad behavior than people that I might know more casually or not at all.

Here’s the situation–I have many moments when I care about being helpful to others. As a self-identified Psychic Vampire, I care about my fellow Energy Feeders and Blood Feeders. As a metaphysician and energy healer, I care in general about all people being healthy, happy and growing into their spiritual awareness.

AND…because I am not completely enlightened (yet), have a human personality and a dry sense of humor…I am not always completely altruistic. I have a wicked sense of humor. I believe that I can be helpful and caring, when it seems the most appropriate. But, some of my more sarcastic reactions are saved for my private walls–sometimes out of context, without revealing the prompting scenario.

Speaking for my own experience, it seems that even though I do want to be helpful and give useful information to fellow Modern Vampires and help spread factual/relevant information about modern understanding of blood/energy vampirism–receptive and intelligent audiences are not always uniform throughout the internet and in-person worlds. Even with the best of my intentions, sometimes the simple truth is that people DO NOT WANT my information, as I understand and offer it.

In the Vampire Community–“aspirants” ask to be “turned,” others want validation that they are born special, and still others simply want confirmation that they are Vampire–even if their working definition is different than mine. Others just want to be accepted as part of a Community. My general intention is to provide the actual blood/energy feeders with appropriate and practical feeding information, to offer alternatives to non-vampires (when they “want to be” vampires) and educate the public with my particular interpretation and understanding of modern vampirism. Those are my working ideals.

However–I’ve noticed that not everyone wants to be told that they are wrong with their self-identification.  Sometimes, members want to argue when I don’t give them a “quick solution” by turning them. Upon disagreeing with my interpretation, I’ve had people drop the conversation, repeatedly insist that they are vampires, insist that I turn them or just not follow through on the alternative suggestions I give them. At some point, it started to feel like a timed game for me–how can I give this person the most useful information in the smallest amount of time, with the expectation that this is the only time that they will ever talk to me?

I eventually got burned out on that idea. My observation of people in-person (offline) and online is that people can be way more complicated than what their surface actions and conversation shows. They can have heavy emotional investments in their ideas–what they WANT to be true. They might not have the conscious recognition of what the motivating factors are in their convictions, only the surface NEED to have their beliefs be true. Not everyone is reasonable or completely conscious in their interactions with those of us in the Community.

So….let’s bring this all back to the SARCASM in our online Vampire Community. There is no rule that everyone has to be welcoming, warm and kind to everyone that wanders into the Community. We have our individual rules in our individual online groups and houses–so, we have our range of responses to the comments and statements that come up in our online forums. There are some members that I tend to avoid in the OVC–I’ve blocked a few. There are other members who I tend to avoid responding to, because they just seem so abrasive. Then, there are some of my friends who can be a little abrasive, when presented with apparent trolling–but, will respond kindly to more believable newcomer questions and remarks. Personal interactions on our Facebook walls aside, I’ve noticed that the sarcasm tends to come out in two types of threads, in general.

The first type of discussion that comes up is that within a heated debate–sarcasm usually comes up in the form of “how can you possible think that?”-spirit of response. During a heated discussion, we are usually arguing among intellectual equals or, at least, between those of us who have strong backbones and thick skins. In this context, the fighting ground is relatively fair–the bigger boys and girls who can serve it, as well as take it. Sarcasm can be served both ways by people who can hold their own.

The second kind of scenario where sarcasm is used in our groups is in response to a single poster’s comment or question–in which the poster says something which is considered outlandish…or seemingly a statement that a troll or role player would say. A popular activity that I’ve seen is when a post will be answered by a lot of eye-rolling and “oh, this again”-kind of responses. The first problem I tend to notice with this is that there is an almost instant camaraderie that people try to form by ganging up on the original poster. Given, some of these claims, questions and comments might seem outlandish–but, I tend to be cautious of those that jump on the sarcasm thread to gain instant credit in a sort of “mob mentality.”

The system is not a perfect one–there are trolls, people who know perfectly well how self-identified Modern Vampires define terms and understand ourselves.  Trolls provoke by asking ridiculous questions, even though they might know perfectly well how we use definitions and how we understand concepts.  Then we have the people who genuinely do not know how we define terms and concepts, have a fantastical (fictional) view of vampires and vampirism….and are mistaken in their self-identification or want to be transformed into a Fictional Vampire.  Those two groups alone make legitimate members of the GVC defensive and sometimes combative, when we perceive someone who is trying to deceive our community.

The problem with this is that we sometimes make assumptions about how real Obligate Sanguivores and Obligate Psychic Feeders are supposed to behave and respond.

Although this is not a universal understanding, my personal interpretation is that obligation to feed does not guarantee any other personality or intuitive traits.  In my experience, I am an obligate energy feeder, so I am using my personal history as a gauge for what is possible (though, not an absolute) in the psychic vampire personality.  I perceive that I have always had a need to feed on energy.  I personally have not always had the same degrees of the same knowledge and information that can be found in a seasoned member of the Community.  However, I wouldn’t ask such outlandish questions in public forums, like some members do.

As part of the Magickal/Pagan Community, we would explore the limits of possibility in a methodical manner.  Claims of the paranormal and metaphysical were put to the test through reasonable amounts of time preparing and executing magickal technique.  Part of this framework for discernment translates fairly neatly over to the topics, claims and beliefs of the Vampire World.

While I tend to lean over towards giving people the benefit of the doubt, I actually rely on my harsher and less forgiving counterparts in the Community.  In the bigger picture, it seems that we very much perform the good cop/bad cop scenario.  The aggressive and abrasive of us call out those of us who might not be the most sincere.  And then there are those of us who are more gentle in our approach–we are the ones that will take in those that want the important teachings of the Modern Vampire.  Hopefully, those who really are obligate feeders have the instinct to find like-minded kindred and continue searching in the Community.  Maybe the push and pull of interaction in the Community is like the push and pull of washing the soil out of a dirty cloth–eventually, in all the motion, something will come out clean.



Audience-Driven Vampirism Vs. Identification For Practical Purposes


Someone recently published a post about their take on Energy Vampirism. While I disagreed with some of the fundamental attitudes and conclusions–I thought that maybe the poster was reacting to so many of the role players that tend to find their way into the Vampire groups in our Community.

Perhaps, “role player” is not exactly the right word to use. “Poser” might not accurately capture the meaning, either. What I am referring to are those people who incorrectly self-identify (or self-diagnose) as Modern Vampires, when they might not fit the descriptions that many of us work from.

Necessity to feed is the defining factor in Modern Vampires. Modern Vampires have pre-existent conditions and a level of health that are alleviated/helped by feeding. Whether through ingestion of blood or consumption of particular energy, it is the necessity to take in either substance to receive health benefits. While any human being can ingest blood/energy, it is only those that receive observable benefit from doing so and have observable detriment from prolonged periods without feeding that we qualify as Modern Vampires, Living Vampires, Real Vampires or any other variation thereof.

There are quite a few people who make their way into the Vampire Community through the Metaphysical Communities. Here, we are talking about the general worlds of the psychic, energy workers, magicians and light workers. The motivation to study any of these arts and systems will vary. The most common reason to study metaphysics is that the student wants personal healing–either emotionally, physically or both.

While this might be a sincere justification for many of us to do anything in the world–as humans, it is almost an instinct to do things which bring us emotional peace…even if we do not do so in a logical, conscious manner. We are driven to do things which make us feel better–sometimes on a long-term basis; but, most often, it is more for a short-term, temporary sense of satisfaction.

One of the ways that we get our more instantaneous emotional fixes is through the experience of other’s reactions and responses. Here is where we can be equal across the board. Actual Modern Vampires and non-vampiric people can all still have the personality need for emotional validation from the other people around them. Whether we are vampiric or not, we still look for clues from the outside world instead of following our intuition or internal sense of correct action.

[Of course, I am speaking of positive or neutral actions, when I speak of any vampiric activity.  As a basis for any vampiric events, I only mean to follow through with beneficial actions or actions which do not affect another being in a negative way.]

An elder in the community once pointed out that there had to be a certain level of intelligence and self-awareness to be able to recognize that one is a Modern Vampire. Part of self-recognition should go way beyond the simplistic “I always felt like I was one” or “I always knew I was one.” If only because we are dealing with lifestyle changes and habits that can be so vitally important to the health of actual Modern Vampires, part of the process of self-identifying as a Vampire should be the conscious evaluation that one has the NEEDS of a Sanguine or Psychic Vampire.

Do I engage in any vampirism because it gives me observable benefits?  Or do I engage in any vampirism because I am looking for the reactions of any audience after/when I do so?

Is most, part or all of your identification as a Modern Vampire found or validated on the responses and reactions of others? Or could you still identify as a Modern Vampire, even if you researched the concepts quietly without “letting other people know” that you are a Vampire? [Pause. Read those last four questions a few times. Actually answer those questions on paper.]

There are subsections of the Vampire Community that focus on support and/or information.  Here, we are more concerned with helping Modern Sanguine and Psychic Vampires function and live in healthy ways.  In general, we are not so much concerned with “vampire royalty” or any “vampire politics,” as much as we are concerned with guiding, teaching and healing fellow Modern Vampires. As part of this loosely connected teaching web, some of us are also willing to help the mistaken and deluded give up their fantasies of being Feeders, when they are not.

If one is an actual Modern Vampire, the quickest way to living an empowered and healthy life is to focus on the health and feeding aspects of being a Modern Sanguine or Energy Feeder.  Looking for others to believe that you are a Vampire will only interfere with your focus and practice of healthy feeding.  If you look for an audience for your self-esteem, this is actually a flaw on the personality level.  Convincing numbers that you are a Vampire is a cheap substitute for self-validation.  (Even the Fictional Vampires of story and myth were more functional as discrete, stealthy, private creatures–their sense of power came from within, not validated by others.  Their focus was on keeping fed, not on impressing the masses.)

Arguably, it might be advantageous to reveal your nature or identification under certain conditions.  This is reasonable when it is in a one-on-one basis.  Reveal of information is logical and fair, when setting agreements for blood or energy donations–but for purposes of shock and awe, it is neither reasonable or in good taste.  The other scenario is when the Donor or Swan enjoys a bit of role play during donation.  This is up to the taste of the Donor–for THEIR enjoyment.  This is fine, as long as there are clear lines of what is role play (at the Donor’s request) and what is factual information.

If you are not an obligate feeder, trying to convince others that you are a Vampire will eventually fall apart.  Eventually, the evidence that you do not need to ingest blood or energy will come out.  The only power you will have (temporarily) gained would have been that high that someone believed you were something that you were not….that someone believed your fantasy.  Your time will be much better spent fortifying your self-confidence and self-esteem and actually practicing magick, the psychic arts or the energy work that will actually provide results in the practical sense.


Sexual Vampires–Are They Really A Thing?

Some people believe that there is no difference between Sanguines and Energy Feeders–that there are non-vampiric humans in the world…and that we also have vampiric humans that can derive energy from blood or direct psychic energy feeding.  Other people believe that there are just energy feeders among us, which are essentially universal feeders in that they can derive observable benefit from most types of non-physical energy.

In terms of metaphysics, let us look at human needs from a more general perspective.   Not everyone incarnates with the same spiritual agenda, mission or purpose.  Whether we think of it as karma or trends set up by our higher selves (God, guides, consciousness), different people are thought to be born to focus on the various aspects of life.  Whether it is to be a nurturer, a good mother, a healer in the world…to learn lessons through romantic relationships, self-empowerment or to focus on crown chakra issues–as individuals, we are not all working with the same kinds of energies or even focusing on the same energies to the same degree as our surrounding friends and family.

Vampire, Modern Vampire and every other variation of the term are more of umbrella concepts that we work with as a community and an information network.  There is no guarantee that we are all the same kind of energy, psychic or spiritual creature….with the same kinds of spiritual mission or agenda.  It is entirely possible that while some of us are Psychic Vampires, it is simply because that is what we are born to experience in the general sense.  Under the metaphysical lens of understanding, some of us are drawn to conditions and activities of life because of what sorts of secondary lessons and focus they bring.

An energy feeder could be constructed (born) to focus/need sexual energy because of any number of other concepts that could be connected to that energy.  Perhaps a soul or consciousness needs to be focused on sexual energy because they need to work out karmic issues or misconceptions that they carried over from a previous lifetime.  Perhaps there is simply a pleasure in carrying on a focus where sexual energy was enjoyed, because it was a wonderful part of one’s previous lifetime.  Perhaps the sexual vampire is here to normalize and celebrate sexual expression, because it is such an important part of this particular incarnation.  In this sense, eros vampires could gain a very deep appreciation for this energy and help heal the local and global attitudes, which might currently be negative towards this energy.

There could be a wide variety of reasons why someone was born to focus or enjoy sexual energy in particular for this lifetime.

There are some modern vampires or metaphysical scholars who argue that there could be an imbalance from focusing on sexuality or spending too much time focusing on sexual energy.  These people often use the word “balance” and claim that any focus on one aspect of the human experience, to the exclusion of others, brings one out of energetic or spiritual balance.  If one was born with a weak grounding chakra, spent a whole previous lifetime very ungrounded or otherwise has some issue with physical existence or their physical body….in the bigger picture, over lifetimes, one is already out of balance and needs the extra attention on the base chakra to balance one’s OVERALL energy–which extends beyond, but includes, this one CURRENT incarnation.

It is entirely plausible that one’s soul/energy bodies/system could incarnate with the need to focus on one particular energy.  One such manifestation of this could be that one is born as an Eros Vampire–where one’s energetic, psychic health revolved around feeding primarily or exclusively on this one particular wavelength of spiritual energy.


Bring A Salt Shaker When You Visit The Vampire Community

Last week, I had a very pleasant exchange with a young lady who was researching the Vampire Community, for a paper she was writing. I thought carefully about my responses to her questions. I wanted to be as helpful to her as possible. Even while I was trying to give her my perception and answers as accurately as possible, a part of me imagined the various perceptions that the many members of the Community would offer.  While I was sharing my experience and my interpretation, I made it clear that my views were not universally shared.  That while I came to my own frame of references, there were still a variety of others in the community.

According to my understanding, Psychic Vampirism can be explained as a set of conditions which someone incarnates into this physical reality with.  Our language for describing this condition is rooted in our worldview of the metaphysical interpretation of reality.  While energy leeching, energy manipulation and draining can definitely be practiced by any human being–the metaphysically-oriented acknowledge that some of us were born to be energy vampires for whatever pre-determined reasons.  One school of thought is that some of us had agreed to be incarnated as such psychic/spiritual creatures, just as some of us agreed to be incarnated with clairvoyant senses fully functioning or with the intuitive understanding of how to use particular spiritual skills.  Any and all of this, as opposed to having to learn how to develop these skills in a conscious, intellectual manner.

[On the note of Sanguinism, the metaphysical thinker might view that physically-oriented condition as more of a special dietary need, much like some bodies simply run better on certain diets.  (Then, we have the members of the Vampire Community who do not interpret either type of Vampirism through the lens of metaphysics…but, instead opt for a more materialistic or hybrid interpretation of sanguinism.)]

To the more serious seekers of truth, Real Modern Vampires (…and our friends and donors within the subculture…) see modern vampirism as based on the need to feed.  Either general type of Vampire will find detriment when they do not feed on a regular basis and will experience observable benefit when they do feed.

Accurate, practical information is vital to the continued health/healing of the Modern Vampire.  On the practical level, a healthy Modern Vampire is a positive, contributing member to their immediate social circle.  Any healthy being brings in benefit to their family unit, circle of friends and everyone that they touch in daily life.  An unhealthy Modern Vampire can range from being a negative influence on an energetic or emotional level to acting out physically, because of unstable or poor health.

Modern Vampires, who are new to the Community, should not come in expecting to immediately meet up with well-informed, helpful members of the Community.  Because we have no way of policing the behaviors and mental health of our loosely-knit subculture, there is no presiding council or set of rules which govern our members.  While one would love to believe that the Vampire Community is as well organized as the Vampire hierarchies that we might find in fiction and media….and that every Modern Vampire is as worldly, educated and mystical as the vampires of storybooks and movies….

No.  Just, no.

The problem that newcomers have is that they can be very much in need of information….so in a sense, it is fair to consider them ignorant or innocent…whichever you prefer.  Sometimes, this need for information might translate into a desperate hope that they will immediately meet with a well-informed vampire…and therefore, there is sometimes an immediate trust in the first members that they meet.  There is sometimes the assumption that they will be immediately educated and enlightened by these new-found “authorities and experts” on any and all subjects.

There is an illogical trust and immediate validation granted to other members of the VC because they might very well be well-spoken, familiar with the topic at hand, part of any online group, and/or part of an in-person organization (House, Coven).  Sometimes, because the new member NEEDS to believe that they have finally found someone who can help them, they immediately project the illusion of all of this wisdom into the vampires that they meet.

Perhaps, as responsible guides (and unofficial mentors) in the VC, we seasoned members might be of service to continuously demystify the community, by emphasizing that the new members come in with as conscious an agenda as possible.  I realize that this might take out some (or all) of the romanticism that the dark art- and vampire mystique- groups find so vital.  However, there are some of us who have put ourselves into the Vampire Community to find and share that practical information that would be most helpful to those authentic kindred who would benefit from knowing it.

As a psychic and a magician, I almost cringe when I hear people say that they hope to “learn whatever they can,” without having a clear direction about what they hope to find.  This might seem to be the most diplomatic and open way of approaching information–perhaps there is the implication that they will not prejudge or filter anything that comes in.  With this attitude, they might expect that they will not miss out on any unexpected pearls of wisdom.

As a magician, the problem that I have with this attitude is that by not choosing a focus, the newcomer is open to mass amounts of useless information which will not only distract from practical help, but which might also help reinforce others’ delusions.  A Real Modern Vampire needs to know how to function in a practical and healthy way in their world, not fill up their time with fashion advice or role play.

As an adjunct to that, we need to acknowledge that Real Modern Vampires are still very much real humans with a variety of real personalities.  While there might be tendencies towards particular strengths within ourselves, we metaphysicians need to emphasize that Energy and Blood Feeders are still in need of practical psychological and emotional health.  Although this concept is debatable, in my opinion, it is not required that we come into the Vampire Community, posing as calm and collected and as innately mature as the Fictional Vampire of myth and legend.

Modern Vampires are still human, and still have the same emotional issues as our non-vampiric counterparts.  We need to be careful that we are not trying to fill our emotional voids with elders, houses or any other elements of the Vampire Subculture.  We are still dealing with people–a variety of people…who while they might have valuable, practical and inspiring information to share…also, might be acting out of their personality flaws and needs, just like the rest of humanity does.

So, keep in mind that while the next Modern Vampire might seem to know things…that is not the same as actually offering anything useful.  While the next Modern Vampire might have a group/House/Coven, it means only that they have a group of people….it says nothing about their character, personality or level of wisdom.  Do not confuse time and conversation for emotional fulfillment and knowledge.

When you come to the Vampire Community, bring in that bag or container of salt and take a grain with each interaction you engage in.  At the very least, you can make a circle of salt to keep the ghoulies out of your personal space or scatter a handful, so you can run while the monsters are counting the grains of salt.

Kidding.  Just kidding.



Being A Vampire, Role Playing A Vampire & Vampire Modeling


So….I’ve been reading about the more spiritually-oriented Vampires, lately. As I understand it, this description is that of the type of spiritual being (a spiritual Vampire) who cannot seem to stop being spiritually-oriented. This sort of creature tends to be ungrounded and feels most comfortable contemplating the spiritual world, the mysteries beyond the physical, the causal worlds that correspond to this world. The non-physical worlds are the most logical reference points of causation to this type of being.

Yeah….I relate.

The danger with reading metaphysical texts (such as astrology, for example) is that we can often not read information with an objective eye or mind. Instead, we might WANT to relate to a description so much that our mind tends to run on a presupposition factor. Am I really a spiritually-oriented being like it says so in this paragraph? Or is one part of my mind reacting to the subtle questioning of another part of my mind, by using its automatic search function–which means that when posed with a question, the mind searches its memory logs for relevant information…even going so far as to include imaginary information because it runs  under the assumption that such relevant data exists.

As a metaphysician, I have learned to be a lot more careful about how I take in and look for information. Even when I feel myself relating to a description of a specific type of spiritual being, I evaluate not only whether the qualities or traits applied to me before I read the description….but, whether it might be valuable to relate to the description as a working technique.  I take extra care to keep those two concepts separate and within the contexts which best accommodate each one.

When approaching the adoption (or assumption) of any new type-description in this way, how I treat the possible identification with this information is very different than how I treat how I currently see myself.

As a metaphysician, I view the True Self as what others might call “the Soul” and the earthly personality as a creature very different from that. There are many popular terms–Soul, Spirit, Spiritual Self, Essential Self, Higher Self….which some people use interchangeably.  Others use these terms to describe various aspects of higher consciousness, each a little different from the next. I understand that the Soul is the self-contained aspect of ourselves that is Self-Validating, Self-Fulfilled and Whole. The pure state of the Soul is that which cannot be transcended, because it is what is left when all ego, mind and individuality is transcended.

Any concept which is based on separateness…anything in relation to something else seemingly outside of the individual self…is part of the Earthly Self and part of Earthly Life. Our self-identification in terms of personality–which also includes our vampirism or otherkinness–is part of the current earthly incarnation. Any quality, traits and characteristics of individual/human/earthly existence will eventually be transcended upon enlightenment and are therefore temporary in the grander scheme of things.

Through the lens of metaphysics, when people want to know “who they are” or “what their identity is,” they generally take one of two approaches–they meditate on the nature of the eternal Soul (that which is beyond the human identity) or they meditate on the thoughtform of their current human personality (which is a relatively temporary construct).

Depending on your base assumptions about reality, there are some human qualities which are deep-rooted in your belief system (and essentially unchangeable during the span of the current life incarnation) and then there are the changeable physical, mental and emotional qualities. In metaphysics, there might be soul contracts that are the grounds for having unchangeable life conditions….so that secondary growth in another area of life (understanding, strength, consciousness) can take place. In general, we tend to heal conditions and situations to the best of our abilities. When we cannot heal these conditions directly, we look for the blessings that come from accepting the situation and/or the possible strengths that come in other areas of life.

In terms of “who we are” in this current human incarnation, some of us might be born Vampires (of whichever type) for whatever reasons. This might be for positive reasons or to give the individual opportunity to strengthen other aspects of their earthly life because of the condition. When we are born Vampires, it is one of those scenarios which is “unchangeable,” in accordance with the agreement we made before the incarnation into this current personality in this current lifetime.

The gathering of Vampires into our specific community groups to discuss our personal histories and current conditions as Vampires helps those of us who have incarnated with those conditions and life-scenario of Energy Vampirism or Sanguinism or both. We gather to discuss these obligate conditions (“unchangeable”) for practical reasons–to share information which makes navigation through the current incarnation easier and better. In general, this is one of those things that the obligate feeders do to make their conditions better.

As a metaphysician, I see a positive ripple effect from making one’s personal existence as a Vampire better. When one is a more functional being, one has more time and ease with which to share one’s life wisdom and practical information with other obligate feeders. In the case of spiritually-oriented Vampires, we are in a better place to be positive in general towards everyone in our immediate (human) communities. Even if we are not directly sharing the wisdom of spiritual life or energy health, just by being positive human beings, we are contributing that positive energy to the society around ourselves.

To know how to be more functional Modern Vampires, we need to share relevant, practical information among our own kind and to draw on the wisdom and knowledge of our elders of the community. In this case, we need clear communication between those of us who have had authentic/authenticated vampiric experience among our kinds.

This is why we need communion with other Real Modern Living Vampires, that have very real experiences of energy or sanguine feeding.

That being said–there are non-vampiric human beings who have the psychological need to identify with experience which might not have been natural for them before they read about it. By this, I am referring to those of us who did not have a previous history of any definite vampiric activity, but that see value in “becoming” such a creature.

At this point, I am beyond telling people that they shouldn’t misidentify….or at least, shouldn’t jump or stretch to justify the idea that they are some sort of special being (such as a Vampire). As a metaphysician with the sincere desire to help others heal, become empowered or evolve–I acknowledge that some people at a certain level of consciousness want the quicker “fix” from magick or metaphysical technique….even if it doesn’t affect their awareness of truth on a deeper level.

On an instinctive level, non-vampiric humans can tell that identifying with Vampires can cause a shift on a non-physical level. NLP covers this concept as “Modeling.” On a psychological level, imagining yourself as a Vampire allows you to express those qualities that you mentally associate with a “Vampire.” You are giving your psyche permission to identify with qualities it might not have considered part of your personality before. Someone imagining “what it is like” allows themselves to try on such qualities as powerful, confident, strong (for example)….whatever they associate with their personal image of what a “Vampire” is.

Full Modeling (as in the NLP process) can shift one’s personality traits for the positive in the long term. The more consciously that one performs this process, the sooner and the more permanent the shift becomes at the Identity level. Active Modeling is the most direct technique for shifting self-identification. However, through role play the psyche mentally “tries on” becoming the “Vampire” through the duration of that role play. This seems to be close enough to the process of Modeling for the Role Player to enjoy a temporary mental, emotional or energetic shift. But, because there is no conscious, intentional Anchoring in this positive state, it is not a permanent psychological shift.

Because there is a temporary payoff in the elevation of the emotional state, it is highly appealing (and pleasurable) for the Role Player to continue playing their fictionalized version of “the Vampire.” The “what if” aspect results in enough emotional  payment  to encourage continuing to Role Play–it is almost like being a character in a fantasy scenario. Whether or not there is reinforcing feedback from anyone external…another role player or a reactive audience…it is very similar to a live-action version of meditating or daydreaming. Even if there is no confirmation from others, the role player has the scenario in which to mentally entertain the ideas that others might be reacting to the “Vampire” qualities that they presumably embody and emanate during the duration of their role play.

The role player’s mind entertains and mentally tries on the idea that the external society is reacting to their “Vampireness.” Even if this is only at the mental level–the body reacts to these thought processes–just as it might react to watching a movie, television show or reading a book.

There is (and has been) emotional payoff for Role Playing–whether that Role Playing was intentional and conscious or more in the shape of a delusion. Role Playing in the Vampire Community is trying on the personality traits that one associates with the personal interpretation of the Vampire character. This is simply feeling empowered on a continual, even if temporary basis. However, the emotional recall of the elevated state that occurs during role play can occur during any, non-role playing time, as well. The more that any mental-emotional state is practiced, the easier it is to recall and stay in for longer periods of time….even outside of meditative space (….role playing space being a variation of this). Role playing might be hit-and-miss, as far as creating short-term shifts in consciousness….but, I venture to say that its effects might be somewhat comparable to the beginning stages of engaging in meditative or magickal practice. Short, sporadic meditation periods with scattered focus.

Because there is the appeal and a payoff from role playing, it seems to be a wasted effort to discourage the practice, in and of itself. I will venture to say that the “fun” that the role players get out of role playing is that elevated feeling that comes with the “accidental” change of emotional state. On the contrary, I would encourage the role playing to continue outside of what they consider areas that they are designated for role playing.

Role playing could be a form of preliminary meditation on the positive associations of the Vampire archetype. Rather than sporadic, broken, unfocused meditation on the qualities of the Vampire–intentional practices might bring about permanent change in personality, as well as permanently elevated state of emotion. To do so–structured, intentional guided meditation in private and Modeling in real-life (not role playing) situations will help someone express and cement these positive qualities into their personality, on a permanent basis.

In Role Play, the Role Player speaks, responds and acts in relation to others…usually with fantasy details that the analytical mind cannot relate to.  Everything is an external act within a Role Playing scenario–dialog and sometimes exaggerated mannerisms.  In Modeling, the Role Player identifies with the archetype internally, while they act externally in their mundane life–keeping realistic boundaries and capabilities in mind, they present the belief system with new, relatable ways of behavior. Shifting from play-acting, pretend escapism to silent, internal “how would a Vampire handle this situation?” questioning will lead to long-term, real-world satisfaction.

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Psychic Vampirism As Description Of Conditions Vs. Fictional Vampirism As Delusional Thinking


I sometimes wonder if my life would have been easier if I had been born to parents who had similar philosophies and beliefs. My metaphysical ideas and convictions about reality make sense to me–more so, because I’ve questioned their validity and practicality in my life. Whichever metaphors and paradigms I use, I do so because they make my life easier to understand and navigate. Whichever concepts that do not serve me on a practical basis eventually get weeded out and changed for other ways of perceiving and working with the world.  I’ve built up my framework of reference over time.

And this is all on a mental level.

In the terms of the Modern Vampire Community (Subculture), I think of myself as a Psychic Vampire or a Vampire, when I refer to the particular concepts and details that I understand as belonging to either “label.” This reference comes up in conversation with others or when I am mentally recalling concepts such as energy feeding…or any other topics which are directly connected to energy health or work.

When those of us come to the GVC from or through the metaphysical communities, we come in with a particular perception, a particular way of viewing things.  We often recognized pre-existent conditions and behaviors (that relate to energy) before we even hear of the term “Psychic Vampire.” We might have noticed the particular conditions of low personal energy, automatic feeding and such as individual factors….but, come to identify as modern Psychic Vampires, once we find the subculture of people who unite under this general label–because we have similar energy structures, conditions and behaviors. We have these conditions in mind and unite because we have them in common.  Ideally speaking, what we are doing is clarifying what are our general behaviors and, in turn, suggesting more productive activities.

In metaphysical terms, we are not TRYING to be Psychic Vampires. We notice similar or exact behaviors and are NOTICING that we are generally the same.  We gather under a community that, for particular reasons, call our kind “Psychic Vampires,” at this time.

In our terms, we acknowledge that any being can move energy and utilize energy for specifically intended purposes. However, “Psychic Vampire” describes that type of energetic human which has the specific need to feed on the vital energies of other humans. We derive benefits from doing so, benefits that do not come from feeding on other types of spiritual/psychic energy. We experience detriment when we fail to do so.

Any human being can and does move spiritual and psychic energy. We use the term “psychic vampire” to describe a being that incarnates with the need and drive to do so, with built-in impetus to perform this activity.

From my time in the Modern Vampire Community, I have come across many people who appear to be role-playing because of their request to be turned into Vampires–as they assume Vampires to be. However, these people who request to be transformed are not role-playing in the sense that they know that they are lying, kidding or playing a part. For the most part, while they are unrealistic in their expectations of what Modern Vampires are, they are sincere in their desire to be transformed into the creature that they want to be transformed into, that they HOPE is real.

Many (if not most) Psychic Vampires are familiar with metaphysical and magickal laws. As mages, psychics and occultists–many Psychic Vampires strive to be as realistic as possible with what we can do in this world. In the Pagan/Magickal/Energy Worker communities, we do have our unrealistic members who expect manifestations to occur in ways which defy physical laws of reality….but, these people are not counted among the serious students of metaphysics and the occult teachings.

When we perform magick and other energy workings, we experiment and take note of how we ACTUALLY affect reality on the physical, energetic and objective levels. Sometimes, we need to stretch beyond the current personal limitations of our mental and emotional convictions in order to manifest something that we previously DID NOT BELIEVE IN. However, we understand that we incarnated into a manifest reality with particular physical laws. Even if we hear about yogis and saints which seem to bend and break the laws of Nature, we are realistic about how much time we can practically spend in meditation and practice to perform our own versions of “miracles.” If we accept that we can’t spend three years meditating in a cave, we do not expect to physically transform matter in unrealistic ways.

From my time spent in the Modern Vampire Community, I’ve come across many people who have requested to be transformed into “real vampires.” These people seem to be convinced that the fictional vampires of television, movies and literature are what exist. Being as I’ve never run across any of these super-powered mythical creatures, I have to say that….for all practical intents and purposes….they do not exist.

In my combined time in the Pagan/Magickal Communities, the Energy Workers/Healers Communities and the Vampire Communities….what phenomena that can be considered paranormal or metaphysical has impressed me, but falls far short of the special effects of vampire stories and movies. Our paranormal/magickal effects fall within the high range of skill of any well-trained psychic, magician or manifestor.

That is what we are concerned with–practical manifestations that make one’s human life better or more enjoyable in some way. As Psychic Vampires, we help each other work with energy to become healthy, highly functional beings. We do not encourage wasted effort or expenditures of energy which do not result in some very real payoff.

Those people who petition to be transformed into vampires are often not concerned with making real-life change. Most of the people who have asked me to turn them are interested in a very quick, VERY EASY solution to whatever they think being a (fictional, super-powered) vampire will get them. I’ve offered to teach them magick or metaphysical technique. Some of these people initially took me up on my offer, but every one of them soon dropped the lessons–after every one of them indicated that the metaphysical lessons were taking too long and not giving real-world results quickly enough. For the most part, more people were not interested in learning magick, psionics or metaphysics. They were insistent that they wanted to be “turned” into vampires.

I’ve tried to determine WHY the “aspiring vampire” wanted to be changed into their fictional version of the vampire. With every intention of being as helpful as I could, I felt like I had a very limited amount of time to give the aspirant the best piece of advice before they cut me off, because my perception of help was not what they had in mind. Although it is not my responsibility to do anything for anyone, much less give them something practical when they outright reject it….I have come to the working conclusion that that is the response that is the most natural for me.

The unrealistic fall in love with fantasies of being transformed into otherworldly, ultrapowerful creatures with the idea that once they are transformed, they will be able to make very real-world changes in their own lives. It is unreasonable and illogical thinking. I have to make my most intuitive guesses about the reasons that the aspirants want to be transformed, since I get very little feedback from them, even when asked directly.

Again, as an energy healer, my personal intention is that I want to be as helpful as possible. Even if I only have a small window of opportunity to give a concise and quick bit of feedback, this scenario happens often enough that I find value in refining my response for the next “vampire aspirant” that finds me.

As a metaphysician, I have to assume that if the aspirant were serious about empowering themselves and finding practical solutions, they would be more willing to take me up on my metaphysical advice.  However, because almost everyone who asks does not follow through on my instructions or “alternatives” to being turned into an instantly super-powered being….my working conclusion is that these people are not actually interested in solving or resolving any personal situations.

Chasing after solutions which lie outside the current realm of possibility can serve to stretch one beyond one’s current boundaries and limitations.  This is the purpose of reaching beyond what is currently real–to force one’s self to evolve and discover untapped personal resources.  If an aspirant became strengthened or personally transformed in their pursuit of personal power, then the metaphor of the Fictional/Mythological Vampire was a useful one.  If nothing but wasted effort and frustration came out of asking multiple people (of the Modern Vampire Community) to be turned or to point one in the direction of “real vampires,” then the subconscious intention of the aspirant might be to keep frozen in place, to allow the problematic life-situations to stay in their position, and to actually keep experiencing any negativity or negative effects that those original life-situations represented or justified.

When viewed through the eyes of the metaphysically-oriented Vampire, the bottom line of the Modern Vampire Community is that, at the core, we are here to offer support and information, and to make life easier for all of us.  The majority of those that ask to be turned are at a level of understanding which is mainly belief in the fantasy of what Vampires are.  The emotional attachment to a quick solution (at surface level awareness) and the deeper emotional identification with their problems which prompt their fantasy of wanting to be turned are way more real to them than the interest in wanting to investigate the truth of what Modern Vampires really are.  The time and effort spent in arguing with these “aspirants” is useless–they are not in the mindset to be “educated” when their emotional investment is so high in their fantasy.  Focusing on their personal issues is at the same time, much more practical because it helps them face their real issues and is a deterrent from them asking for the impossible.

“Why do you want to be a Vampire?” is a lot more useful than focusing on why they can’t be.



Mental-Level Experience: How Real is Real?

In the Vampire Community, we are constantly having a back and forth on who is a “real vampire” or arguing about who’s experience is “real.”  The reasons for this are varied.  Without trying to create a new label for myself–although I can’t promise I won’t do that later–my reasoning is that I want to organize practical information for the various feeding types, so that basic health needs are met.  That is my main agenda.

The more serious metaphysical students analyze and dissect information for purely practical purposes.  Even though it might seem odd to use the word “practical” when speaking about metaphysics, we use this term to cover the techniques and information which can be applied to our personal lives to create some sort of discernable change or effect.  The serious metaphysical students and healers can see the different types of practices that the various sorts of members of the Vampire Community have, without finding one type or the other as superior or inferior.  Division and dissection are used to analyze what the individual needs, before targeting the specific information that can best serve them.

Within the realm of the Psychic Vampire, we work with the unseen world of psychic, spiritual, astral, vital energy.  We discern the activity on this level with internal, non-physical senses.  From outside of our subgroup, it is easy to see why skeptics, materialists and non-metaphysical thinkers throw us into the same category as the Role Players and the deluded.  We have so many self-proclaimed Psychic Vampires that run the range of expression from detailing astral experiences in long, boring retellings to the melodramatic gesture-filled physical demonstrations of ritual feeding.

There are self-proclaimed Psychic Vampires who speak of their alleged non-physical activities to audiences who do not have the same common reference points of reality.  Talking about psychic energy, energy bodies, astral planes and such to people who simply do not accept these concepts as valid or real in their world does not create a bond from information sharing.  It simply cements in how crazy we are, as a group.  Sharing is only helpful if the audience is receptive and can accept the reference points as valid to the person who is sharing their information.

Here’s my personal kicker–even though I have a metaphysical background and I work with these concepts, I find that I don’t necessarily accept all reports and accounts as “real.”  During the process of writing my last article on Role Players, I had to question why I don’t necessarily (internally) validate absolutely everyone’s accounts of their energy activity.  I had to explore which framework I had come to build, based on my own internal journey of working with my perceptions.  And I had to question why my framework of reference is still useful for me–AND how much value there is in sharing the framework that I had come to build as my process for evaluating what is valid in my perception of the world.

Within my time in the Magickal/Pagan Community, I have come across many people who invest a lot of emotion or invest self-identity in their “astral” experiences.  These people will share their recollections with others–often with the underlying need to provoke some sort of huge reaction or revelation on the part of the listening audience.  They want the listening audience to have some profound reaction about the speaker’s “specialness.”

Taking my own experience as my reference point, I have had mental experiences which could be considered “astral” or “imaginary”.  Some of these mental experiences started off as visualizations, meditations or guided healing journeys.  Some were spontaneous or happened in dreams.

My personal interpretation is that imagery and revelations that come up in these mental/astral storylines can be as useful or useless as dreams.  The relative truths in these scenarios can be reflective of old or current thought processes and beliefs–sometimes erroneous or disempowering convictions.  Other times, the hidden messages in these mental adventures can reflect the hidden strengths and potentials that are universal to all beings–not something only special to a few.  I would not claim that I was a humble being, exactly….however, I have learned that everyone else has potential access to the potential strengths that lie within all of humanity.  In this way, I have come to believe that people who are in need of proving or validating in some way that they are Special (more valuable) are actually hiding insecurities and need validation from their fellow humans.

To the metaphysical student, there is no reason to prove that any spirit or human is more Special (and therefore more valuable) than any other being.  In metaphysical thought, every being is a direct reflection of the Wholeness of Spirit.  Every spirit has access to all the blessings of The Divine, so no one needs to earn anything outside of our Divine Birthright, which is all of the blessings of Spirit.  There is nothing to earn, because it is all already ours.

The need to be Special is an erroneous thought-process of the limited human ego.  It is the inability to see access that we have access to Cosmic Consciousness, at all times, regardless of circumstance. The need to be Special comes from the idea that the individual is not already One with Spirit and already “Special” to Spirit.  The bruised or damaged ego believes that they are inferior or undeserving in some way.  To counterbalance this conviction, the mind spins out extravagant storylines on the mental level–in which one is “more special” than others by getting special audiences with or treatment by the gods; is part of a special bloodline; has super powers (either on the mental or astral realm only, OR locked-up potential that cannot be accessed in the physical plane); or just some sort of interesting storyline of events that is played out in the imagination.  These “special” details could either be kept to one’s self….but, more often than not, will be shared with others.

When Magicians and Metaphysicians perform acts of magick or move non-physical energy, in many cases, we want some sort of effects on a practical level.  There are schools of thought that dictate that some acts of magick are done only (or primarily) for spiritual evolution….but, even in that case, some of the guideposts for spiritual evolution are that the emotional body and all of its negative reactions are calmed and cleared.  When we are more peaceful, we are able to have more of what we consider “spiritual experiences.”  On the practical level, Psychic Vampires do what we do because we find better health in our physical bodies, calmer emotional bodies, vitality and well-being that we cannot find through other methods of energy work or otherwise.  We feed on particular energies because we perceive corresponding benefits on the emotional and physical planes.

When we perform magick, we need to see results in the physical world.  In some cases, we keep performing magick even if we only have emotional payoffs.  An emotional level benefit is well worth the effort, in this world.  Astral work, mental journeys, meditations and visualization are only worth it if there is some sort of positive effect from these workings that we experience in the emotional or physical dimensions.  To the metaphysical practitioner, there is a correspondence of sorts because we can link the emotional shift or physical manifestation to these mental/psychic activities…time and time, again.

When there is mental activity with no corresponding activity in the emotional or physical dimension, magicians consider that a sort of failure in intention, targeted focus or ideal goals.  Self-proclaimed Psychic Vampires who have supposed astral or mental level activity without the same corresponding physical/emotional benefits that other Psychic Vampires reap from feeding….are not having actual Psychic Vampire experiences.  In metaphysical terms, what we call “deluded” is simply Mental Level activity with no corresponding activity or benefits in the emotional or physical dimensions–but, with the claim that those mental level activities mean something in relation to other levels.  An exaggeration of the benefits to the physical or emotional bodies relative to the amount of Mental Level activity is also seen as delusional.  What we might think of as “crazy” is a disproportionate judgement of value, as opposed to clear discernment of benefits proportional to mental efforts.

This is not to say that all metaphysicians should entertain all first-hand accounts of other’s mental experiences as valid or valuable.  Metaphysicians work with discernment.  We analyze to see how to use information in a better or useful way, before we pass it along to others.  But rather, a better understanding of why some people are harder to listen to will at least defuse the discomfort that we feel when given a drawn-out or seemingly meaningless report of mental/astral activities.

Along the lines of “seemingly meaningless,” perhaps it would be more accurate to say that some people’s accounts of their mental activities are not practical.  Given, some astral journeys can at least be entertaining, relieving some stress.  In that sense, the astral journeys were helpful….if not to relieve some long-term problem, some reprieve was given.  There was some temporary relief to the emotional body.  Furthermore, to repeat the story might sometimes serve as some light entertainment to the receptive audience–best case scenario, there might be a vague inspiration for the recipient to have their own positive astral journey.  Worst case scenario is that the receptive audience is bogged down by the details, waiting for a punch line or a revelation, and there is none.  It’s a gamble whether one will be inspired or bored.

A long meditation with no emotional transformation or manifestation in the physical world is roughly equivalent to performing regular acts of magick with no effects (healing) in either the emotional or physical levels. Even performing magickal rituals or energy healings for spiritual awakening mainly involve emotional clearing of some sort….arguably, the biggest thing distracting us from spiritual evolving is our negative emotional activities.  There are such things as useless or impractical energy work, magick and astral activity–depending on the level of practicality that we are intending and how much we wish to effect the emotional and physical worlds.  The more serious of the metaphysical students in the Vampire Community focus on the those activities which produce the greatest demonstrations of health in the emotional and physical bodies.


Role Players In The Vampire Community–My Reaction To “A Brief Interlude: Why It Might Be Time to Abandon the Masquerade”


As I started reading A Brief Interlude  (https://arcaneramblings.wordpress.com/2017/07/08/a-brief-interlude-why-it-might-be-time-to-abandon-the-masquerade/), it suddenly occurred to me that so many of us in the Vampire Community have our opinions….and that we’re very loud about them.  For those of us who are vocal, we each speak as if our observations or perceptions are the correct ones–or at least, valid enough to be given serious consideration by the masses that we share them with.

Do all of our opinions on each matter hold the same weight? Yes, no and maybe. I think that we should consider how the individual is ACTUALLY interacting with and in the Vampire Community.

Let’s be honest. How much weight does my word hold? I almost exclusively interact online. I have my little blog page. I have and participate in a handful of online groups. I have my friends and colleagues in the community. If I have an opinion, insight or vote in any matter which involves or concerns other members of the Vampire Community….how much influence do I REALLY have?

Which lines do I stand behind?

Do I have the right to vote on anything involving Houses that I never visit, public events that I never attend, nightclubs that I never go to or ANYTHING concerning other members of the Vampire Community that I will never interact with on a face-to-face basis?


It seems that we’re all constantly putting in our two cents about policy. So, if everyone else is doing it…so will I.  Even if I will never interact with the majority of the members of the GVC, maybe my offering my observations on the activities of our various aspects of the Community might be helpful to some of those that hear it.  Even when it might be seen as a negative opinion about keeping divisions between particular types of members.

Why do some of us want to make the distinction between Role Players and Modern Living Vampires, anyway? Why don’t we just hang out in the same clubs, go to the same events and just stop making separation between any of us in the Vampire Community?

Practical reasons.

Psychic Vampires….just like energy workers, magicians and psychics….want to discern between actual non-physical events and perceptions and that which WE would consider purely “imaginary”. At base level, we are already working with a handicap–we need to be even more cautious with the tools with which we observe and measure our non-physical experiences, because they are fallible and easy to misuse, if we do not take extra care in our collection of data. Psychic Vampires are noting past personal experiences, current experiences and even conducting our experiments with energy and psychic phenomena. What we consider “purely imaginary” are those activities which are completely occurring ONLY on the mental level, without affecting any or having corresponding activity on the physical/etheric levels.

True Psychic Vampires notice the correspondences between internally/subjectively/psychically perceived events and externally/objectively perceived phenomena.  We see how one world affects the other.  And we have enough personal justification to keep observing the world, this way.

We wish to share information with others who are having similar experiences and similar approaches in handling their personal observations….that is, with other Psychic Vampires and those who perceive reality in similar ways. There is something to be said for someone more experienced sharing their personal experience and history. Not that all advice will apply or be taken to heart…but, having someone share their actual psychic experience, as accurately depicted as possible, adds to one’s database of what is possible within their own experience.

Whether we are speaking of ourselves as a particular type of human or in terms of having an experience potential to all of humanity–when we speak of non-imaginary events, we are sharing information which could potentially be applicable to all others. When someone does not know or understand the distinction between the types of non-physical events AND they are speaking of imaginary events (mental level-only) as if they actually affected physical, etheric or psychic levels….when they did not….this information is misleading and adds false information to the database.

Role Players, by definition, deal with a fantasy or exaggerated accounts of possible events. They are not concerned with actual depictions  of personal experience or accurate information regarding personal history. Role Players deal with a storyline, not anything that could be used in practical ways or anything that could be applied to someone’s life.

Given, there can be benefits to role playing. It can be entertaining. It can lead to stress relief or lead to elevated emotional states, which can later be transferred to real life or non-role play scenarios. However, role playing (especially, vampire role playing) is not always appropriate for all venues. Talking about being a 300-year-old immortal might be not be acceptable in Sunday Catholic mass services. Sharing how one supposedly bit into the neck of local callgirls might not be appropriate conversation over Thanksgiving turkey. There is a time and a place for all things.

Within the chatrooms of the Psychic Vampires, we exchange information that is relevant to those of us who perceive these psychic/energetic conditions which some of us are born with. The majority of us who are serious about exploring the psychic and astral realities of our conditions are more than happy to share whatever information we have. In addition, for those of us serious metaphysical students, we wish to collect and analyze information from others, as well.  Role Players, by definition, do not deal with careful observation, perception and analysis.  They deal with fictional storytelling.  Their input into our collective database adds incorrect data, which is useless or misleading to those of us who want to work with our psychic perception and experiences in practical ways.

I often hear that our current version of the Modern Vampire Community has some roots in the Role Playing Vampire Scene–that it was through the Role Playing/Gaming scene that Real Modern Vampires met each other and divulged their real vampiric practices.  There are references to the Role Playing/Gaming scene and  Goth clubs as being integral to the formation of what we know as the modern Vampire subculture.  Part of the support for this idea is that today, both the Role Playing scene and the Goth scene also double as gateways for the GVC, because of the overlap of members involved in all of the communities.

As far as networking goes, some of us more information-oriented members of the Community have much less interest (or at least, less focus) in the events scene.  Clubs, balls and other social venues are great outlets to meet donors–both sang and psy, alike.  However, for purposes of keeping our databases as close to accurate as we possibly can, we need to keep out those who are not having actual vampiric experiences  This includes the need to feed and the benefits that come from that feeding.  Role Players know that they are not actual sang or psychic feeders.

We no longer rely on Gaming and Club scenes as the only places to gather.  The world has changed.  We can respect the roles that the various venues have played in our history–but, with the internet, we connect and interact in completely different ways.