Should We Introduce New Roles Into the Vampire Community?

Yes, I’m obviously new here.

I know that I’ve been warned not to try to invent the wheel.  In all fairness, this might have been done before, in some form or another.  But, I haven’t tried it….so maybe I need the experience of attempting it.  I might not be able to revise very much or create anything new…. but, maybe some benefit will come to me in my personal growth from trying and I’ll have something different to offer to my people at the end of the experiment.

There.  That’s my official disclaimer.

There seems to be constant discord in the Vampire Community.  Part of that might be because of the identification that some members have with the image of the aggressive Fictitious Vampire, that creature of folktales and modern literature.  The movie and television Vampire.  Some members come in to the world of their personal experience with needing to feed on blood or energy.  These new members might not have any other references for their personal behavior, by the time that they find the GVC.  For whatever their physical or energetic needs are, they take on as many characteristics of the Fictitious Vampire, simply because there is no other reference.  By the time they find the social groups and formal covens of the Community, there seems to be very little incentive for the majority of new Vampires to contribute anything useful to the community, at whole.

There is little to no reference to Modern Living Vampires as cooperative, social creatures.  The popular references that we have are that of the Vampire being independent, rebellious and subject to no one.  This is not the “community”-oriented type, but our Community is full of people who, on some level, identify with this sort of autonomy.  We have relatively few members who come in with the intention of contributing to others.  Many more members come in with the unspoken (and often subconscious) idea that they must prove themselves as superior to the weaker of the tribe.

So, here is the problem–we have members of the Vampire Community, who THINK that they need to be loners, rebels and superiors within a social structure.  Most of these people also NEED to be part of a Community, for whatever reason….sometimes, if only because we are social creatures.  Without any role or function to aspire to, many of these members are often floundering, not able to fulfill their social needs and not contributing to the health and growth of the Community, at large.

In the Pagan Community, we also have our mix of personalities, some of which can also be very abrasive.  However, what saves many individuals within the Pagan Community is that there is an emphasis on personal goals within our many spiritual traditions.  While there can still be conflict between members within the smaller or larger groups, what sometimes helps is that some of the better covens emphasis working on personal projects–whether this is becoming an adept at one of the metaphysical skills or gaining a title or ranking within a group or tradition.

I have wondered at times, if we were to emphasize personal goals in the Vampire Community, if that will help focus some members.  While it might not work for all, it could make a difference to some of our people….and eventually, every little bit of effort benefits the Community, as a whole.

As it stands, we use some titles for some of our more respected or seasoned members.  However, in my estimation, being considered a Patriarch, Matriarch or Elder of some sort is still too vague, by community definitions .  One option is to create a system–even if this is only a small dictum of reference.  Over time, others will naturally make modifications to this code of reference, each new system having its own name.  These systems can simply be a small group’s interpretation or an individual author’s statement of definitions–each with some catchy title and cool terms.  The fact that this might be a new structure (and not some ancient one) is  irrelevant, if it is adopted and used to shape community individuals in positive ways.  We can eventually have multiple systems of these functions and roles….when, used as references and guides for BEHAVIOR within the community, these can help shape focus and attention, and make for more proactive members.

Depending on the structures of individual covens and traditions of the Pagan Community, individuals might feel driven to master as much technique as they can and/or become an expert in a particular area of information.  Ego might drive behavior, but there is a prevalent encouragement towards personal development.  It could direct and guide some members of the Vampire Community if we placed an importance on becoming Educators of sorts, perhaps even outlining the various areas of information that are relevant to the members of the GVC.

Personally, I place a high value in being able to direct others to useful resources for their type, even if I am not of the same Kin.  We can talk about being Educators in the practical aspects of Sanguine Feeding practices, Energy Feeding practices or other special conditions that affect our psychological and physical health as Modern Living Vampires.

We can also talk about the other possible functions within any community group that make for smoother function in that social group.  We can emphasize the need for mediators.  Also, since most of the chaos within groups come from sensitive and hypersensitive members, we can emphasize the importance of having people who are sorts of informal Counselors, who help empower members not to take other people so seriously and point out how we can not take things so personally by building up personal strength through emotional healing.

Perhaps, if we had more formal instruction for members of the Vampire Community, where we encouraged our people to take on specific roles and trained them for those roles, we might have more productive….or at the very least, more peaceful community interactions.


Etheric Feeding, Daytime Travel, Light Trance and Other OBE fun

I tend to be the type that will over-read and not practice nearly as much metaphysical technique as I study.  This is fine, but when talking about Psychic Vampires, less activity can be a bad thing.  When I first started to study magick, I would hold off performing meditative practices because the conditions were not ideal.  When we consider that energy vampirism is more of a need than a optional activity, non-action might be harmful to the over-thinking Psychic Vampire.

The goal is to keep energetically fed as often and as safely, as needed.  When Psychic Vampires are allowed to become energetically hungry, we tend to auto-feed and/or our sense of personal ethics might be temporarily discarded.

When I am unable to feed ambiently or directly from a donor, because of physical constraints–such as my work schedule does not allow me the freedom to leave and physically go to places that are full of people, my donors and I can’t seem to coincide visits, or I otherwise physically cannot be in places that are best for feeding–I will use other methods of energy feeding.  Overthinking Psy Vampires or new metaphysical practitioners might sometimes have this idea of what astral feeding is–that it can only be effectively performed as Dreamwalking or that one must have a very vivid, intense astral projection in order for it to be a real and legitimate experience.

Energy can be moved (or magick can be performed) in a very light trance.  Changing focus and intention can happen at any time, even when we are still taking in the sensory details of the physical room that we are in.  When I am at work and realize that I need to feed, I will try a variety of things in order to take in the energy that I am lacking.  Using questions to consciously guide my attention, I will wonder/ask if there is any residual energy in the room that will be of any benefit to me.  I will “reach out” with my feeding tendrils and sweep the energy of the room with them.  I will do this with the intention of taking in any energy which will be compatible with my system.  From there, I will see how far I can reach out with my energy to sense and take in any other nearby ambient energy.

Another technique that I use is to call energy in to myself.  This borders on the technique of invocation.  I center myself in light trance and simply call for the nearest ambient energy to come to me.  I do not use any special words or prayer.  This is more of a call than anything formal.  I have the expectation and the intention that the energy I need will come to me.

I might have more time at night, when I am alone, to use slightly different techniques.  I can project my awareness in a visualization.  I do not need to have a full-on astral projection, where I have no awareness of the physical details of the room that my body is in.  Whether I choose to describe it as a light trance, etheric travel, or projecting my consciousness….the point is that I am projecting an energy body of sorts out into another level, with the intention that it is safely drawn to an energy food source.  When I find that source, the experience itself can include a visual impression that is weak or strong–along with any other sensory information, intense and vivid or with a sense that they are almost “imaginary”.  It is not the strength of the sensory details that matter as much as my overtly stated intention of what I want to find, with the intention that I will be fed.

Do not spend a lot of time visualizing/sensing/creating an astral vehicle or energy body for this process.  Simply focus on the intention that you are now in the process of encountering and consuming the energy that you need.  Return your attention fully to the senses of your physical form in the room that you are in, when you are done feeding.


An Open Letter To Metaphysicians on Why Pushing Metaphysics on Non-Metaphysicians Is A Bad Idea (GVC edition)

This letter is more specifically geared towards a particular action that still takes place in the world of the GVC.  I haven’t seen any of my friends do this particular thing, but I keep hearing about it happening to other people.

So, since I believe that seasoned Vampires are responsible for the newer of the tribe, I would like to share a few thoughts on why it is a bad idea to push Psychic Vampire ideas on those who might not want to hear it.  (And maybe share a few ideas on why it might be better to be more thoughtful about sharing all metaphysical ideas, in general.)

In discussions, debates and conversations where we are sharing ideas, personal experience and perceptions in general forums….then everything is fair game.  Psychic Vampires deal with the worlds of energy, the unseen–it is fair to include our activities under the umbrella term of Metaphysics.  We can share our opinions about our psychic vampirism, when in an open discussion about energy work.

However, as metaphysicians, energy workers and Psychic Vampires, there is a time and a place to share our opinions, experiences and perceptions.  First and foremost, let us consider our intentions in sharing information.  Between Psychic Vampires, we share our information because we have common ground and there is practical benefit in sharing our information.  Our common ground comes in our sharing the self-identification as Psychic Vampires. Our common ground comes from recognizing that we have the same energetic need, therefore the same psychic activity within similar (and compatible) world-beliefs.  We identify that we live in the same world where we can draw on energies from resources outside of our physical bodies.

When we speak to others of our kind, we are dealing with the same or similar references.  We perceive worlds of energy, along with our physical world.  We perceive that energy works in the same way.  When we speak to each other, we share under the assumption that our information will be understood and mostly accepted at face value.

When speaking in terms of general energy work, I know to keep in mind the frame of reference of my audience.  From there, I choose my intention.  If I know that I am speaking to another Psychic Vampire, the purpose of having a conversation about psychic vampirism is to share information.  If the other person I am addressing is not a Psychic Vampire, I have to take more care addressing them, to be effective with what I want to share.

The biggest problems that some people have is not being clear about their intention in speaking to their audience and how to be most effective in getting their message across in a manner which would be received in the best way possible.

If my intention is to share information about energy, in an attempt to be helpful to someone else, I need to be aware of their level of involvement in metaphysical matters.  Someone who is a meditator, works with Reiki or performs practical magick is going to be a lot more receptive to what I have to say….as opposed to someone who follows one of the Abrahamic religions and is closed off to any spiritual or metaphysical practices which are not prescribed directly by their religious affiliation.

Someone who is an Atheist, a Materialist or very practical-minded is not going to be as receptive to information involving energy exchange, astral levels, auras and thoughtforms.  The world of Energy Vampirism simply does not fit into their worldview.

Coming at it from a different angle, the target audience might relate to spiritual ideas, in theory….but, might not find them practical enough to believe in.  For example, the target audience might even participate in Reiki healing or Pranic Healing sessions, or even use meditation and visualization, for those less complicated conditions of life.  Things like stress relief, headaches, fatigue seem to be the more common issues that respond really well to energy work…but, cancer, diabetes, asthma might drive the audience to seek out more physically-oriented remedies, first.  Energy treatment might be considered a supplemental remedy to quicken healing, but only as a secondary response…if, at all.

Using metaphysical techniques is not for everyone.  Within debate and conversation, the validity level of metaphysical workings is only applicable if all parties agree on the reality of a world with spiritual/psychic levels that interact and affect each other.  If all parties do not agree on that worldview, then the discussion does not have a shared common ground.

On the same note, there has to be the shared agreement that the non-material worlds affect the material worlds to the same degree (as perceived by both parties) or the conversation is invalid, once the mutually-held agreement on where the limits lie have been surpassed.

That being said, we Psychic Vampires pretty much have free rein to say whatever we want to other Energy Feeders.  However, within the world of Vampires, there are Blood Feeders which do not necessarily adhere to any metaphysical interpretation of the world.  There are some whose interpretation of their physical (blood) vampirism is a purely materialist one.  There are some Sanguinarians who are perfectly comfortable seeing their blood need as something completely physical, without needing any metaphysical explanation for it.

When one is an atheist, a materialist, more oriented towards science and what they can experience with the physical senses or measure with modern technology–the framework and interpretation of Metaphysicians and Psychic Vampires does not work for them.

In the Pagan Community, it is a mistake to assume that we are all the same kind of magician, that we have the same worldview on the relationship between sorcery and how much it can affect physical circumstances.  We respect that we have different traditions with different imagery.  In the Otherkin Community, we know that there are Spiritual explanations for Kin and a more Psychological model as explanation.  We understand that the two schools of thought have no overlap, in their philosophies….although each individual member can have varying degrees of belief in both ideas.

When we want to convey a message, we need to be sure that the message will be received as clearly as we can make it understood.  Take the time to understand the framework of reference that the intended audience works with.  Not all messages will be received in the same vein that we intend them.

Don’t set yourself up as an educator to someone who will not accept the information in a way that is useful to THEM.  Information that falls on deaf ears just creates resistance to accepting the information at a later date–and there is now a barrier between you and your intended audience.  You have become an ineffectual messenger, once there is resistance to you.  If the information is important, spend time broaching and exploring their worldview.  Is it possible to present logical information which will make the ground fertile to at least understand your metaphysical view, later on?


Will All Of The Shy Vampires In The Room Please Raise Your Hands?

….first of all, the most important question is…Are there any shy Vampires?  Do those creatures even exist?

Some people have this perception that there is a standard Vampire Personality; and that this personality comes with an aggressive, assertive or otherwise strong attitude.  In short, there can be no such thing as a “shy Vampire”.  Vampires are not quiet, unsure of themselves, shy, insecure or soft-spoken.


Even if someone were to argue that aggressiveness is a standard part of the Vampire Personality, in my time in the GVC, I’ve met the variety of personality types.  I’ve met Sangs, Psys and Dual Feeders who run the range of emotional variety.  I’ve met well-spoken and well-established members who deal with anxiety, panic attacks and various disorders of the mind and personality.  These are members who are definitely Sangs and Psys, who benefit from feeding on blood or energy.  Just as in Nature, there are the variety of personality types, within the same species.

When one is born a human with the physical need to ingest blood or the energetic need to take in external energy, there is still whatever genetic and environmental factors that are specific to that modern vampire’s birth-family and social unit…which will shape his/her personality, including the social, mental and emotional disorders.

Blood and Energy Feeders can still have the same variety of personality that all other types of humans can have.  We are born with anxiety.  Some of us are more introverted than others.  Hunger and lack thereof might affect our levels of assertiveness.  So, my working conclusion is that….

There are Shy Vampires.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve heard a common theme repeat itself again, recently.  In some of my groups, there are people who actively try to engage others in conversation by posting new topics in the attempt to make new threads.  This is wonderful, in and of itself.  What becomes problematic is when there is a complaint that there is little to no conversation going on, in an attempt to prod others to engage.  (I, myself, have been guilty of this in the past.)

However, I do remember even further back, when I was very reluctant to speak up.  I was unsure of myself, my level of intelligence and my communication skills.  I have had varying intensities of social anxiety (and “shyness”…?).  At my most delicate, someone trying to prod, goad, incite, shame or encourage me would cause me to shut down even further….or simply leave the group.  As far as I can tell, I’ve been an energy feeder since I was born….that made me a Shy Vampire.

So, here’s my question–is it worth it to try a different approach with Shy Vampires?  If the answer is no….which is completely fine, based on what kind of group someone wishes to have….then, what will remain in a group will be the more vocal, the more assertive, the more extroverted and the more chatty of the members.  This is completely fine, but just because someone is more vocal, there is no guarantee on what else the particular vampire has to offer.

It’s a lottery.  Within any group of the GVC, we have our mix of personalities and intelligence levels.  Is the point of a group to cultivate the best thinkers and speakers to create the most interesting conversations and interactions?  Are we generating pools and databases of information and inspiration?

Or is there an element of service?  Is the group there to help members blossom, grow, heal and expand beyond their current boundaries?  Would the ideal environment contain elements of all factors or be geared towards one side or the other?

It might be more honest to say that we have our mix of personages.  We have our leaders AND our nut cases in our more vocal members.  With them, we know what we get because they express themselves.  There is little to no guesswork.  With each Shy Vampire, we do not know what we are getting until the flower breaks ground and eventually blossoms.

It is completely true that some of the quieter members might not be true Modern Living Vampires.  Some of them might very well be delusional–or could be true MLV, BUT with abrasive or unpleasant personalities.  On the other hand, there might be very intelligent, kind or wonderful Vampires….that simply need a bit of help overcoming whatever personality issue that keeps them from communicating openly and easily.  There might also be other Vampires, who might not be able to contribute in any way or to any great extent….in this case, it is a matter of service to reach out to them, in spite of their shyness, to make sure that they have what they need to function as a Modern Vampire in today’s world which does not make resources easily accessible to their special needs.

How do we reach out to those Shy Vampires in our Community?  How do we make sure that those who are too timid to ask for help, get what they need?  Or do we let Nature weed them out?  Is it worth it to get that involved with the meek and timid?

Depending on specific scenario, not attending to uninformed Blood Feeders leaves physically ill Vampires.  They might get to a place where they are so irrational with hunger that they act out in dangerous or embarrassing ways that damage themselves, their victims and the community at large.  Not attending to uninformed Energy Feeders leads to physically ill or emotionally unstable Vampires.  These will get to a place where they are creating chaos–which could result in problems between friends and family, and extend into the physical from there.

Shy Vampires are lost in their anonymity.  General calls to “speak up” do not work.  At first thought, the only solution I can come up with is to create a more intimate sort of outreach.  In special groups, we can offer outreach officers who communicate directly almost like informal social workers–not just a quick announcement to “let me know if you need anything”, but something way more direct and explicit.

“Do you know how to feed for your type?”  Good.  “Do you have trouble speaking up in groups or communicating your thoughts and needs?”  Okay….go to this resource.  Feel free to speak to me about something that you cannot say in group.  Until you can speak up, I will help speak for you.