Elder Summits, Repeating Ourselves and How To Spin Our Wheels A Little Longer

There’s recently been another announcement of the newest summit/conference to address the “detrimental leaders” of the GVC.

This reminds me of going door to door preaching the gospel or giving unsolicited advice.  It’s a lot of the same lip service, nothing new, nothing changes–but, all the people preaching feel like they should get credit for their effort.

Here’s a couple of reasons why doing the same things the leaders have talked about and tried before won’t eliminate the chaos we’ve always seemed to have–First, we have no real consequences for people who upset or offend any of our members. Banishment only makes a member of the Vampire Community a modern day villain.  While some of the offending members might not like being cut off from some groups or areas–online or in-person–others enjoy their status as a Vampire Community villain, in line with the villainy of The Fictional Vampire in mythology and literature.

They are ostracized even by the outcasts–there might even be a sort of specialness in accomplishing that.  (So bad, even the Vampires don’t want them.)

Without naming any names, I am aware of quite a few figures of the GVC who have a lot of advisories and warnings posted against them…and who still enjoy having friends, followers, fans and groups that they can interact with.  “Community-wide bans” just mean that they are ostracized by those groups that agree to that ban.  There is no way to enforce this as an absolute, in all areas that we might designate as part of the Community.

We have no centralized government, we do not have any ruling body.  No thousand-year-old Leaders or super powerful Vampires that anyone has to pledge allegiance or follow or answer to.  Rebels, radicals, scoundrels and morons only have to follow any group rules when they are trying to retain the grace of said House/Coven/group to stay in that organization.  Trolls are going to continue trolling because there really is no consequence other than being booted from SOME of our groups.

One of the problems that we have in the GVC is that not everyone has the same centralized goal, ideal, vision or mission.  What is the best that we can call our Community “goal?”  To get along, peacefully?  Towards what end?  The motivation that any one of us has for working towards a group’s common goals is the personal payoff–even if that payoff is the idea that something is “the right thing to do.”

Online and in-person, we have our mix of personalities.  Regardless of whether or not we are talking about actual blood and energy feeders–we have some personalities who don’t feel as strong a desire for peaceful cooperation with others…as much as conflict with others (or control of others) feels more natural to them.  I have not seen any widespread practical conversation about how to work in cooperation with others for common or group goals.  The best we have is that a coven will hold up their in-house rules and enforce them.  Members who do not follow the rules are outed from that group.

Any and all general online interaction and all outside-of-house, in-person interaction falls outside of the danger of punishment of removal from a house.  There is no consequence for bad behavior outside of in-House activities and presence.    “Banishment” is a weak punishment and certainly not a deterrent.  Villains make their own houses.

What can we do beyond what we’re already doing and have already done?  We already post community wide warnings. We are already on each other’s numerous blacklists.  We already refer to rules and codes and regulations–and those might vary greatly from House to House. Perhaps we are already doing whatever can possibly be done to keep damage and danger to the minimum.

Law enforcement does not actually get rid of all criminal activity.  People are bad.  They do bad things.  They break laws and push their luck.  We won’t be able to get rid of uncooperative behavior in the GVC.  Maybe, it is more realistic to realize that we need to keep bad behavior down to a minimum, at all times.  And that’s what we are doing by training and teaching the newbies and students that come into our houses and groups.

Perhaps we can’t do anything to those people outside of our individual Houses…or collectives–neither teach nor control their behavior.  Maybe it would be more productive to focus on those that we can teach and mold into productive members of our Community.  Focus on the positive things we can control and enhance.




  1. Vincent Irkalla · November 30, 2018

    Absolutely correct. More of the same fluff from different mouths. No different from when Fr. Todd started Sanguinarium and COVICA. All power plays and ego rubbing. Everyone wants the damned spotlight. I say show me some real progress.

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  2. Vince · December 7, 2018

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