An Open Letter To Metaphysicians on Why Pushing Metaphysics on Non-Metaphysicians Is A Bad Idea (GVC edition)

This letter is more specifically geared towards a particular action that still takes place in the world of the GVC.  I haven’t seen any of my friends do this particular thing, but I keep hearing about it happening to other people.

So, since I believe that seasoned Vampires are responsible for the newer of the tribe, I would like to share a few thoughts on why it is a bad idea to push Psychic Vampire ideas on those who might not want to hear it.  (And maybe share a few ideas on why it might be better to be more thoughtful about sharing all metaphysical ideas, in general.)

In discussions, debates and conversations where we are sharing ideas, personal experience and perceptions in general forums….then everything is fair game.  Psychic Vampires deal with the worlds of energy, the unseen–it is fair to include our activities under the umbrella term of Metaphysics.  We can share our opinions about our psychic vampirism, when in an open discussion about energy work.

However, as metaphysicians, energy workers and Psychic Vampires, there is a time and a place to share our opinions, experiences and perceptions.  First and foremost, let us consider our intentions in sharing information.  Between Psychic Vampires, we share our information because we have common ground and there is practical benefit in sharing our information.  Our common ground comes in our sharing the self-identification as Psychic Vampires. Our common ground comes from recognizing that we have the same energetic need, therefore the same psychic activity within similar (and compatible) world-beliefs.  We identify that we live in the same world where we can draw on energies from resources outside of our physical bodies.

When we speak to others of our kind, we are dealing with the same or similar references.  We perceive worlds of energy, along with our physical world.  We perceive that energy works in the same way.  When we speak to each other, we share under the assumption that our information will be understood and mostly accepted at face value.

When speaking in terms of general energy work, I know to keep in mind the frame of reference of my audience.  From there, I choose my intention.  If I know that I am speaking to another Psychic Vampire, the purpose of having a conversation about psychic vampirism is to share information.  If the other person I am addressing is not a Psychic Vampire, I have to take more care addressing them, to be effective with what I want to share.

The biggest problems that some people have is not being clear about their intention in speaking to their audience and how to be most effective in getting their message across in a manner which would be received in the best way possible.

If my intention is to share information about energy, in an attempt to be helpful to someone else, I need to be aware of their level of involvement in metaphysical matters.  Someone who is a meditator, works with Reiki or performs practical magick is going to be a lot more receptive to what I have to say….as opposed to someone who follows one of the Abrahamic religions and is closed off to any spiritual or metaphysical practices which are not prescribed directly by their religious affiliation.

Someone who is an Atheist, a Materialist or very practical-minded is not going to be as receptive to information involving energy exchange, astral levels, auras and thoughtforms.  The world of Energy Vampirism simply does not fit into their worldview.

Coming at it from a different angle, the target audience might relate to spiritual ideas, in theory….but, might not find them practical enough to believe in.  For example, the target audience might even participate in Reiki healing or Pranic Healing sessions, or even use meditation and visualization, for those less complicated conditions of life.  Things like stress relief, headaches, fatigue seem to be the more common issues that respond really well to energy work…but, cancer, diabetes, asthma might drive the audience to seek out more physically-oriented remedies, first.  Energy treatment might be considered a supplemental remedy to quicken healing, but only as a secondary response…if, at all.

Using metaphysical techniques is not for everyone.  Within debate and conversation, the validity level of metaphysical workings is only applicable if all parties agree on the reality of a world with spiritual/psychic levels that interact and affect each other.  If all parties do not agree on that worldview, then the discussion does not have a shared common ground.

On the same note, there has to be the shared agreement that the non-material worlds affect the material worlds to the same degree (as perceived by both parties) or the conversation is invalid, once the mutually-held agreement on where the limits lie have been surpassed.

That being said, we Psychic Vampires pretty much have free rein to say whatever we want to other Energy Feeders.  However, within the world of Vampires, there are Blood Feeders which do not necessarily adhere to any metaphysical interpretation of the world.  There are some whose interpretation of their physical (blood) vampirism is a purely materialist one.  There are some Sanguinarians who are perfectly comfortable seeing their blood need as something completely physical, without needing any metaphysical explanation for it.

When one is an atheist, a materialist, more oriented towards science and what they can experience with the physical senses or measure with modern technology–the framework and interpretation of Metaphysicians and Psychic Vampires does not work for them.

In the Pagan Community, it is a mistake to assume that we are all the same kind of magician, that we have the same worldview on the relationship between sorcery and how much it can affect physical circumstances.  We respect that we have different traditions with different imagery.  In the Otherkin Community, we know that there are Spiritual explanations for Kin and a more Psychological model as explanation.  We understand that the two schools of thought have no overlap, in their philosophies….although each individual member can have varying degrees of belief in both ideas.

When we want to convey a message, we need to be sure that the message will be received as clearly as we can make it understood.  Take the time to understand the framework of reference that the intended audience works with.  Not all messages will be received in the same vein that we intend them.

Don’t set yourself up as an educator to someone who will not accept the information in a way that is useful to THEM.  Information that falls on deaf ears just creates resistance to accepting the information at a later date–and there is now a barrier between you and your intended audience.  You have become an ineffectual messenger, once there is resistance to you.  If the information is important, spend time broaching and exploring their worldview.  Is it possible to present logical information which will make the ground fertile to at least understand your metaphysical view, later on?


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