Being A Vampire, Role Playing A Vampire & Vampire Modeling


So….I’ve been reading about the more spiritually-oriented Vampires, lately. As I understand it, this description is that of the type of spiritual being (a spiritual Vampire) who cannot seem to stop being spiritually-oriented. This sort of creature tends to be ungrounded and feels most comfortable contemplating the spiritual world, the mysteries beyond the physical, the causal worlds that correspond to this world. The non-physical worlds are the most logical reference points of causation to this type of being.

Yeah….I relate.

The danger with reading metaphysical texts (such as astrology, for example) is that we can often not read information with an objective eye or mind. Instead, we might WANT to relate to a description so much that our mind tends to run on a presupposition factor. Am I really a spiritually-oriented being like it says so in this paragraph? Or is one part of my mind reacting to the subtle questioning of another part of my mind, by using its automatic search function–which means that when posed with a question, the mind searches its memory logs for relevant information…even going so far as to include imaginary information because it runs  under the assumption that such relevant data exists.

As a metaphysician, I have learned to be a lot more careful about how I take in and look for information. Even when I feel myself relating to a description of a specific type of spiritual being, I evaluate not only whether the qualities or traits applied to me before I read the description….but, whether it might be valuable to relate to the description as a working technique.  I take extra care to keep those two concepts separate and within the contexts which best accommodate each one.

When approaching the adoption (or assumption) of any new type-description in this way, how I treat the possible identification with this information is very different than how I treat how I currently see myself.

As a metaphysician, I view the True Self as what others might call “the Soul” and the earthly personality as a creature very different from that. There are many popular terms–Soul, Spirit, Spiritual Self, Essential Self, Higher Self….which some people use interchangeably.  Others use these terms to describe various aspects of higher consciousness, each a little different from the next. I understand that the Soul is the self-contained aspect of ourselves that is Self-Validating, Self-Fulfilled and Whole. The pure state of the Soul is that which cannot be transcended, because it is what is left when all ego, mind and individuality is transcended.

Any concept which is based on separateness…anything in relation to something else seemingly outside of the individual self…is part of the Earthly Self and part of Earthly Life. Our self-identification in terms of personality–which also includes our vampirism or otherkinness–is part of the current earthly incarnation. Any quality, traits and characteristics of individual/human/earthly existence will eventually be transcended upon enlightenment and are therefore temporary in the grander scheme of things.

Through the lens of metaphysics, when people want to know “who they are” or “what their identity is,” they generally take one of two approaches–they meditate on the nature of the eternal Soul (that which is beyond the human identity) or they meditate on the thoughtform of their current human personality (which is a relatively temporary construct).

Depending on your base assumptions about reality, there are some human qualities which are deep-rooted in your belief system (and essentially unchangeable during the span of the current life incarnation) and then there are the changeable physical, mental and emotional qualities. In metaphysics, there might be soul contracts that are the grounds for having unchangeable life conditions….so that secondary growth in another area of life (understanding, strength, consciousness) can take place. In general, we tend to heal conditions and situations to the best of our abilities. When we cannot heal these conditions directly, we look for the blessings that come from accepting the situation and/or the possible strengths that come in other areas of life.

In terms of “who we are” in this current human incarnation, some of us might be born Vampires (of whichever type) for whatever reasons. This might be for positive reasons or to give the individual opportunity to strengthen other aspects of their earthly life because of the condition. When we are born Vampires, it is one of those scenarios which is “unchangeable,” in accordance with the agreement we made before the incarnation into this current personality in this current lifetime.

The gathering of Vampires into our specific community groups to discuss our personal histories and current conditions as Vampires helps those of us who have incarnated with those conditions and life-scenario of Energy Vampirism or Sanguinism or both. We gather to discuss these obligate conditions (“unchangeable”) for practical reasons–to share information which makes navigation through the current incarnation easier and better. In general, this is one of those things that the obligate feeders do to make their conditions better.

As a metaphysician, I see a positive ripple effect from making one’s personal existence as a Vampire better. When one is a more functional being, one has more time and ease with which to share one’s life wisdom and practical information with other obligate feeders. In the case of spiritually-oriented Vampires, we are in a better place to be positive in general towards everyone in our immediate (human) communities. Even if we are not directly sharing the wisdom of spiritual life or energy health, just by being positive human beings, we are contributing that positive energy to the society around ourselves.

To know how to be more functional Modern Vampires, we need to share relevant, practical information among our own kind and to draw on the wisdom and knowledge of our elders of the community. In this case, we need clear communication between those of us who have had authentic/authenticated vampiric experience among our kinds.

This is why we need communion with other Real Modern Living Vampires, that have very real experiences of energy or sanguine feeding.

That being said–there are non-vampiric human beings who have the psychological need to identify with experience which might not have been natural for them before they read about it. By this, I am referring to those of us who did not have a previous history of any definite vampiric activity, but that see value in “becoming” such a creature.

At this point, I am beyond telling people that they shouldn’t misidentify….or at least, shouldn’t jump or stretch to justify the idea that they are some sort of special being (such as a Vampire). As a metaphysician with the sincere desire to help others heal, become empowered or evolve–I acknowledge that some people at a certain level of consciousness want the quicker “fix” from magick or metaphysical technique….even if it doesn’t affect their awareness of truth on a deeper level.

On an instinctive level, non-vampiric humans can tell that identifying with Vampires can cause a shift on a non-physical level. NLP covers this concept as “Modeling.” On a psychological level, imagining yourself as a Vampire allows you to express those qualities that you mentally associate with a “Vampire.” You are giving your psyche permission to identify with qualities it might not have considered part of your personality before. Someone imagining “what it is like” allows themselves to try on such qualities as powerful, confident, strong (for example)….whatever they associate with their personal image of what a “Vampire” is.

Full Modeling (as in the NLP process) can shift one’s personality traits for the positive in the long term. The more consciously that one performs this process, the sooner and the more permanent the shift becomes at the Identity level. Active Modeling is the most direct technique for shifting self-identification. However, through role play the psyche mentally “tries on” becoming the “Vampire” through the duration of that role play. This seems to be close enough to the process of Modeling for the Role Player to enjoy a temporary mental, emotional or energetic shift. But, because there is no conscious, intentional Anchoring in this positive state, it is not a permanent psychological shift.

Because there is a temporary payoff in the elevation of the emotional state, it is highly appealing (and pleasurable) for the Role Player to continue playing their fictionalized version of “the Vampire.” The “what if” aspect results in enough emotional  payment  to encourage continuing to Role Play–it is almost like being a character in a fantasy scenario. Whether or not there is reinforcing feedback from anyone external…another role player or a reactive audience…it is very similar to a live-action version of meditating or daydreaming. Even if there is no confirmation from others, the role player has the scenario in which to mentally entertain the ideas that others might be reacting to the “Vampire” qualities that they presumably embody and emanate during the duration of their role play.

The role player’s mind entertains and mentally tries on the idea that the external society is reacting to their “Vampireness.” Even if this is only at the mental level–the body reacts to these thought processes–just as it might react to watching a movie, television show or reading a book.

There is (and has been) emotional payoff for Role Playing–whether that Role Playing was intentional and conscious or more in the shape of a delusion. Role Playing in the Vampire Community is trying on the personality traits that one associates with the personal interpretation of the Vampire character. This is simply feeling empowered on a continual, even if temporary basis. However, the emotional recall of the elevated state that occurs during role play can occur during any, non-role playing time, as well. The more that any mental-emotional state is practiced, the easier it is to recall and stay in for longer periods of time….even outside of meditative space (….role playing space being a variation of this). Role playing might be hit-and-miss, as far as creating short-term shifts in consciousness….but, I venture to say that its effects might be somewhat comparable to the beginning stages of engaging in meditative or magickal practice. Short, sporadic meditation periods with scattered focus.

Because there is the appeal and a payoff from role playing, it seems to be a wasted effort to discourage the practice, in and of itself. I will venture to say that the “fun” that the role players get out of role playing is that elevated feeling that comes with the “accidental” change of emotional state. On the contrary, I would encourage the role playing to continue outside of what they consider areas that they are designated for role playing.

Role playing could be a form of preliminary meditation on the positive associations of the Vampire archetype. Rather than sporadic, broken, unfocused meditation on the qualities of the Vampire–intentional practices might bring about permanent change in personality, as well as permanently elevated state of emotion. To do so–structured, intentional guided meditation in private and Modeling in real-life (not role playing) situations will help someone express and cement these positive qualities into their personality, on a permanent basis.

In Role Play, the Role Player speaks, responds and acts in relation to others…usually with fantasy details that the analytical mind cannot relate to.  Everything is an external act within a Role Playing scenario–dialog and sometimes exaggerated mannerisms.  In Modeling, the Role Player identifies with the archetype internally, while they act externally in their mundane life–keeping realistic boundaries and capabilities in mind, they present the belief system with new, relatable ways of behavior. Shifting from play-acting, pretend escapism to silent, internal “how would a Vampire handle this situation?” questioning will lead to long-term, real-world satisfaction.

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