But what about the Vampires that are only here to feed?

Some of us are only here to feed

I keep hearing that Vampires are “more than their feeding.” I agree, for the most part. However, I wish that we would take the conversation further than just dropping this reference on the table and leaving it there.  It is unreasonable to assume that EVERYONE who comes to the GVC has any interest other than just feeding…that they have anything that they would want to offer the world or that they would want to bring anything to the table, other than coming to eat the meal.

Dropping this concept on the table, without any further exploration, reminds me of the surface-level identification with “The Vampire” that so many members of the GVC engage in.  Do we just describe what Vampires are supposed to be….or do we suggest what we can be?

There are quite a few issues mixed in with this whole concept. First of all, there is no guarantee that everyone who gravitates to the GVC or who uses the label of Vampire is the same creature as everyone else in the GVC. In our Community, we have actual blood and energy feeders who benefit from vampiric feeding–the rough analogy of an unhealthy person who gets their medication and becomes healthy.  We also have those who engage in feeding without actual pre-existing need for blood or energy, but who get some benefit from it on an energetic or psychological level–the rough equivalent of a healthy person taking vitamin supplements.  We have our Otherkin, who are not “Vampires”, but are vampiric.  And then we have those who mistakenly (but sincerely) believe that they are in need of and benefit from either type of feeding, but do not reap any benefits from feeding on any level.

In the community, we have all of the aforementioned types and more.  Energy feeders, psychic vampires…some of us define our life experience in terms of metaphysics. Some things are as real to us as our belief/interaction with God/Divine/Spirit/The Unseen. There are also others that look for logical and physically-based explanations to make sense of our vampirism.

We have so many definitions and variations on vampirism. Some of us believe that the feeding aspect is but one part of a larger whole of our being. Some of us believe that the Vampire is a somehow more evolved creature of sorts–physically superior in some ways, more psychically evolved or more spiritually inclined. The feeding and the need to feed is only part of the much larger story.

And then there are those who do not care to be a more spiritually evolved being, a better form of human….there is no interest in being a helpful or more evolved creature. While some of us are more than our feeding….there are some of us who are here only to feed.  What do we do with this “type” of Vampire?


Personally, I consider myself a metaphysician. I think in terms of personal (spiritual) evolution….metaphysics is my constant reference table.  Not only do I use metaphysics to help explain and understand my world–I like to discuss this topic, as well. I don’t think of myself as any sort of “teacher”. I don’t believe that I am any more educated, wise or of any higher vibration than anyone else. I explore and share the information that I am interested in, simply because I enjoy it.

I am not here to only feed. I am more than my feeding.

Should we talk about those members who are only here to feed? As those who embrace the labels of spiritual vampires or psychic vampires, should we talk about the behavior of others in our community? Do we just criticize or ignore those of us who do not embrace the same sorts of philosophy or idealism?


There are some of us who have no interest beyond feeding. For some of us, there is just no interest in any other aspect of the many branches of vampirism, other than ingesting energy or blood. And then, there are those of us who embrace the more negative aspects of being “predatory” (aggressive or angry) or neutral (living in a very self-oriented way, with no regard for contributing to the local environment or society). Should we at least encourage our members to be benevolent, in some way, on some level?


I think of myself as a psychic vampire, because I gain benefit from drawing on the psychic energy of human donors, in a way that other resources of spiritual energy do not help me. But, because of my observation of other sorts of psychic/energetic vampires (as they self-identify), I am not so sure that any of my other self-identified qualities are part of my vampirism or are just incidental.

When I consider my personal experience, I make an analogy between psychic vampirism and magickal practices (both work with energy) and clairvoyance abilities (both can be seen as paranormal phenomena or “abilities”). A practicing magician is given no guarantee that by the movement of energy through spells and rituals, that they possess or develop any other positive personality traits or spiritual qualities. Magick is just magick. It is not spiritual growth.  Any changes made in the personal development of the magician can be completely incidental–there are no guarantees that magickal practices or energy work will bring any spiritual growth or personal development….opportunities, yes….but, no guarantees.

Taking in psychic/spiritual energy can be the same. There are spiritual/psychic practices that call for the intake of energy from outside sources. Unless these energies are directed in some very specific way, there is no certainty that they will lead to any experiences of spiritual growth or awareness.

Likewise, being born psychic/clairvoyant is also no guarantee that someone is spiritually evolved or a more refined sort of being. Having sharper eyesight or sensitive hearing is no indication of superior physical health….that particular sense just happens to be better, and it exists in a vacuum. Being clairvoyant is just a sharper sense on a non-physical level. This does not mean anything about any other part of one’s personality or awareness.  Anyone can talk to spirits, but still be a nervous person.

Being a Vampire does not automatically mean that one is superior as a person or superior to other people, much less a good person.

Feeding might not be the only thing that makes a Vampire what they are–and it is important to make sure that we keep that practical information available to all of us. Beyond that, should we treat the other character traits of The Vampire as prescriptive, qualities to cultivate? When I consider this idea, I use astrology’s usage of sun signs as an analogy.

Whether or not astrology has any validity in the world or whether anyone believes in it–we often use the sun signs as reference in our popular culture. A Leo should be energetic, optimistic and straightforward. A Leo should watch out for being too headstrong, possessive and demanding.

One could argue that there is no science to astrology. However, in popular culture, many of us are aware of the basic traits of our sun signs….Leos try to be energetic and optimistic because they believe that those are positive things to express. And we try to avoid being too demanding and possessive, because we think that is a danger to those of us born under that sign.

Likewise with Vampires. Whatever “type” of Vampire one identifies as….regardless of which actual qualities make one a energy or blood feeder….there might be some value in prescribing positive characteristics of the Vampire and even prescribing particular metaphysical activities that will help express these positive qualities.

Aggressive and predatory are both qualities that many members of the GVC use to describe themselves, with pride. However, are these traits that we should embrace, let alone glorify? If one of the main identifiers of the Vampire is that we feed….wouldn’t we be more effective “hunters”, if we took more people-friendly approaches?

Our “hunting” is not the same as other carnivores’ hunting. A cat will stalk a bird, with the intent to kill. All role playing aside, Modern Vampires do not stalk with the intent to kill. Our hunting is more akin to a seduction, maybe even a negotiation….certainly more of a social agreement. We do not physically overpower our donor. We ask. We talk. Yes, we search…but the “hunt” is more like looking for a lover or going out with the intent of making friends, for a mutual fulfillment of needs.  We are modern, urban vampires….we deal with other people. It might be of more benefit to increase our people skills–communication, negotiation….possibly persuasion and seduction. Real Vampires need to know that vampiric feeding does not just involve the vampire’s needs. The donor is an important, necessary being in the grand scheme of things. Being aware of the donor’s needs, their reasons for wanting to donate, what they can get out of the donation are just a few of the important factors that the Vampire needs to keep in mind.

Also, being aware of the very real benefits that a Vampire can contribute to the life of their donor should be kept in mind. No one in this world owes anyone else–the gifts that we give each other are optional, not mandatory.

Keeping this in mind, we would have more pleasant members and interactions in the community, if we encouraged Vampires to cultivate the more noble qualities that we can express towards others.

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