Zen for Vampires


    One of the problems that we have in the GVC is that we don’t have very many peaceful role models. Many members seems to idolize those figures out of history or fiction that are violent, in some way–Elizabeth Bathory, Vlad the Impaler, Lilith and Dracula. The images that we have of the classic vampire are that of the Predator.  It is almost standard that at some point, one will run across some very mean members in the GVC.  We are often told that aggression is a trademark characteristic of the Vampire personality.

    A hungry Modern Vampire runs the risk of being undernourished if they do not carefully monitor their feeding….or if they find themselves in situations in which food sources are not readily available.  Hunger can make any animal aggressive, including humans and all of our variant types of human. Add to this, there is the idea that people, in general, define power as aggressiveness. In the animal kingdom, power is displayed through acts of force. The bigger animal, the most frightening animal is the more powerful one. However, we often forget that humans play by different rules….we use our minds and the complexities of our human personalities, when we relate to the world and all of the people in it.

    We can’t just be aggressive in any area of life and still expect to get along with others. Depending on the level and expression of force, there can be negative consequences to being too rough. Where does gentleness, centeredness, calm come into play? On the very practical level, we can consider looking for Donors as a sort of negotiation….or even, a seduction, in some cases. Presenting ourselves as non-threatening might serve to eventually bring about a mutually-beneficial agreement between Vampire and Swan.

    If we are serious about feeding, making the Donor as comfortable as possible is among the highest of the priorities on the list. Power and strength can be displayed through presence….and more importantly, as a state of centeredness. Real power is the ability to be unaffected by the outside world, while still functioning in it. A strong vampire is in the world, and not bothered by it. Those who attract attention unnecessarily are not respected or feared, but are perceived to be crazy or otherwise undesirable to be around. High among a modern living vampire’s concerns are maintaining regular access to Donors. The calmer and cooler vampire radiates inner strength, without scaring anyone away. How do we cultivate that state of being?

    We are not taught that Vampires can be very Zen people. There are forms of Vampire Spirituality, but meditation for Vampires is not a very popular thing. Some of us have the idea that we have no need to “work on” anything….that what we are is what we are supposed to be. This thinking gives us very static personalities….without any inspiration to personally change or develop as individuals.

    Instead of confusing scaring or intimidating others for being stronger than they are, perhaps invest some time meditating on your personal well of inner strength…on what strength really is. In formal meditation or walking meditation, imagine a spot in your body where you would feel centered in your personal strength and stillness. You may imagine this in your chest, your navel center or even in your head….allow yourself to feel yourself centered in each area, in turn. Which area do you feel most powerful in?

    Breathe deeply into this area where you feel most powerful in your body? Does it have a color–the deep black of night, dark purple, is it colorless and more of a feeling? Imagine what your strength would be like if you had nothing to prove to anyone outside of yourself. Imagine what it would feel like if you were completely satisfied, enjoying the feel of being in your own center–just feeling like a powerful, self-contained being.   Lose the need to get a reaction from others and you take back the power that you have given away to others, without knowing it.


Fantastic Claims vs. Objective Evidence: The Fun of The Vampire Community

  • Don’t get me wrong. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy. If I could shapeshift, fly, breathe flames out of my mouth, glamour go-go boys or teleport in an exploding puff of black glitter….believe me, I would just do it. (And as a side-note, I wouldn’t announce it. But, more on that note, later.) However, there are some things that I do not think are presently possible. As a matter of fact, I think it’s distracting for me to spend too much time contemplating particular areas of possibilities, because I have a limited amount of time in my personal schedule.

    There are magickal philosophies, metaphysical theories and other resources of information which claim that we can perform certain metaphysical, paranormal, or magickal acts, with enough practice. Such references might be the fuel that some members of the Community take to believe in those activities that other ridicule and attack them for.

    It probably all depends on the individual’s point of reference–how they relate their internal worlds of belief and imagination to the their personal external world–and how they relate both of those worlds to the GVC. Some members might use the Community mostly as a tool for escapism, a break from the stress and boredom that everyday life might bring to the system. For these members, the GVC is an alternative to the SCA, LARPing or The Ren Faire circuit–a supplement to the real world, some place to let off steam.  They might not be so concerned with the actual activities of psychic vampirism or sanguinism to fulfill personal health needs. It is more that the role playing gives them what they need to de-stress or temporarily divert their attention from everyday life.

       Vampires have our everyday, dayside, “normal” lives. We wake up, get ready for the work or school, interact with family, loved ones and the people on the street. We have very practical matters to attend to–work, bills, children, relatives, romances, customers, bosses, pets, food, drink, our bodies, our emotions, bathroom breaks….all of the same unglamorous things that everyone else in the world has to deal with. The details might differ. The resources might vary….but, we all have our practical matters to take care of. Because of the negative effects of not energetically feeding, sanguine feeding or energetic auto-feeding, we eventually come to the information of the Vampire Community.

    Mixed in with the practical information of the various types of vampirism, we have our exploration of the metaphysical aspects associated with the vampire world. The same difficulties appear in the vampire groups as appear in the pagan, magick, and energy workers groups. Role playing is making any claim of activities beyond the realm of possibility in an actual vampire’s experience. This can also include exaggerations of actual activity, in terms of frequency or any other extent of occurrence or measurement. The problem with role playing is that it affects the database of information that we are adding to–facts and numbers to refer to in the future.

       Psychic Vampires trade information about feeding techniques–techniques and imagery that we find useful to share. Because we deal with the energetic/non-physical levels, we easily venture out into information about other energy systems–the various “spiritual” dimensions, chakras, the energy bodies….energy work, including magick. We glean useful information from energy healing modalities and the various forms of spiritual practices.

    As we gather information about psychic vampirism, we go beyond the purely physical and take note of information about any and all experiences which are beyond the material realm. Psychic Vampires often have events which would fit them easily into the groups of Psychics, Mages, Psionics and Metaphysicians. Practical energy workers are concerned with those techniques which produce results that affect the practicing Psychic Vampire in some very personal or direct way. Psychic Vampires are still human. Because of the time we spend moving energy, our magickal skills, energy worker abilities and psychic sensitivities strengthen….not in inhumanly, outrageous ways. We can be as talented and refined as any well-trained or well-gifted psychic or magician–human and still within the skill range of a magickally/psychically talented human.  As technicians, we want to be aware of how to readily make things happen, now….not fantasize about levels we will probably not be able to reach in this lifetime.

    Within the Witchcraft Community, the more practical Witches deal with magickal theories and principles….but, we still observe and respect natural laws. It is only the achievable results that we acknowledge. This is the realm of grey area and sliding scale, depending on the practitioner and their group. But, for the most part, we have a range of possible magickal feats that we can easily expect, within particular parameters. Some feats are not considered practical from the general community because they are not completed or easily observable by the majority of Witches. Such feats as physical shapeshifting, long range flight, instantaneous manifestation (as opposed to eventual manifestation through a series of events) or spontaneous combustion are generally considered to be out of the norm. Most Witches will assume that anyone that makes claims of such activities that challenge the laws of the physical plane is either delusional or actively role playing.

       It is possible to actively pursue a magickal feat that one has not accomplished, but if such an activity is not physically possible….then, the potential Magician is wasting their time pursuing an impossible feat, when they could be productively spending their time on strengthening their abilities to perform possible feats of magick. Talking about trying to fly on a broomstick will only lead to the rest of the Magickal Community thinking that you are off your rocker and that you only want attention. If one has an overwhelming desire to do the impossible, guard that secret desire and do not tell anyone–invest all of your energy into eventually accomplishing the desired act, instead of trying to gain the attention of others. (As long as no one is harmed and energy is not taken away from any practical area that is required to live a happy, healthy life….then no harm.)

    To have the most productive stay in the Vampire Community, be very aware of your surrounding audience. Observe the parameters of the conversation topics. If there are no outlandish claims defying natural physical laws, then be aware of how any such dialog would be accepted. How will your audience react to what you have to say? Will you get the support that you hope for?  Is there some part of your psyche that is looking for a little conflict or drama?

    To complicate matters, there are those of us who are actual Blood or Energy Feeders, but also role play to some degree. We might make jokes which somehow reference back to the mythology of the Fictional Vampire–we refer to vampires as “bats”; we make jokes about shapeshifting or flying; we claim that we are going to “drain someone dry” or break someone’s skin through biting…. Actual Feeders might not ever do any of the things that we exaggerate or brag about, but these phrases have become part of our common “slang”.  Be aware that sometimes we are only joking, making fun of the myth or fiction…poking a little at ourselves and each other.  Pay attention to context and your interactions will be a lot smoother and productive in the GVC.


Metaphysics And My Psychic Vampirism: Keeping It (Metaphysically) Real In The Greater Vampire Community


Nowadays, I don’t have a Crisis of Faith, anymore. I think of it more as a General Re-Evaluation of Faith. I occasionally take the time to go over what my beliefs are–I question them, not because I think that they’re wrong, necessarily. I do this, every so often,  to see if the philosophy that I am working with is still working for me….or if different beliefs will work for me, even better…should I need to change one out, here and there.

When I was small, I was fascinated by everything unusual. I was very much into the spiritual and metaphysical, even at an early age. I was interested in stories of magick and the paranormal. I wanted to believe in all of the stranger things in life, because they already fit in with what I was taught was real. My family was superstitious and religious, all at the same time. Catholic tales weren’t hypothetical or allegorical.  They were literal. They were illustrating how immediate all of the unseen forces were.  The Devil….angels….Jesus….God….Mary….were all my constant, invisible ghosts.  These beings surrounded me and could affect my life at any given moment, that they wanted. Apparently, my fear of the Cucuy AND the Boogie Man, along with generic ghosts and spirits, also instilled the belief that that which I couldn’t see could still affect me on some level. I never had the option of exploring whether or not any of these things were actually based in anything real.  There was no space for that.  I was too afraid to believe that they weren’t real. It somehow made sense to me that I would be safer being afraid of them. The fear would make me more cautious, somehow.

MY world consisted of what was happening in front of me and inside of me. Whatever I could see, taste and touch….the things that I thought and felt, I could also feel in my body. They were also very real. I had my physical surroundings, my physical body, my emotions/feelings and my paranoid stream of thoughts. All of that was real to me. At an early age, I noticed that the adults/authorities in my life got to use the religious philosophies that they had built into me, to frighten me into behaving one way or another. It was at some point, where I decided that I was finally tired of feeling scared and nervous….mostly because my body was so physically tired of the panic and anxiety attacks….that I decided to explore other forms of religion and spirituality.  God was freaking me out.

Because I had Catholics and Fundamentalist Christians in my family, it made sense to me that it didn’t matter how we related to God….as long as we did so in one way or another. If the adults themselves could not agree on one pathway, then it could not have been that important to begin with.

When I approach new ideas in metaphysics or magickal systems, I usually approach new beliefs with an attitude of “Could it be true? What if this is true? Why do some people believe that this is true? Is it true in some cases? When and where could this be true?” (I find a difference between absolute truths and temporary truths–a light example of a temporary truth is that I only eat chocolate chip ice cream.  That tidbit can change when I fall in love with strawberry cheesecake ice cream.)  My initial ventures into the metaphysical were to explore alternative ways of relating to God–because being scared of divine punishment was making me nervous….and being nervous was making me extremely tired. It didn’t occur to me to give up relating to a God, altogether….I already had too much negative emotion invested into there being something bigger than me. God was already too real, because I was terrified of him.  But, since it didn’t occur to me to “get rid of” God…I consciously chose to relate to him in a different way, for my own peace of mind.

Possibly because of my religious exposure in childhood, I was already in love with the possibility of magick, by the time I began to explore that the God of my family might not be the accurate representation of a supreme being. My grandmother forced her will onto the world….and it manifested. I found out later that my grandfather also performed his own few spells–crossing knives and occasionally working with a wooden snakehead. I was raised with the idea that prayers could affect the physical world, if conditions were right. It wasn’t that hard to see that magickal acts were simply another form of prayer–concentration on the outcome, following the completion of ritual acts. My personal relationship with God eventually led me into relating to the Divine as The Mother Goddess. Part of the religion of Witchcraft led to the practice of self-empowerment as self-healing and magick. From there, I became aware of healing my physical body issues.

Low energy levels has always been a lifelong problem. (People often thought that I was stoned or medicated because I seemed incredibly lethargic, at times.)  Catholicism never addressed my low energy levels, directly. At best, illness was addressed by petition to God for healing. On the other hand, Witchcraft and Metaphysics offered various healing modalities….but none gave me long-lasting relief. I was willing to try out new systems, consciously investing belief into them to see how well they would work, while I tried them.

Then came along Psychic Vampirism.  And everything changed.

Even though I am a Psy Vamp, a Metaphysican and a practicing Witch….I don’t necessarily accept every belief that every other Psy Vamp, Metaphysician or Witch presents me with. I might respectfully acknowledge any belief that someone has as being true for them. But, beliefs have to have some sort of pragmatic application for me to keep with them–some sort of desired effect/manifestation on the physical, emotional or mental level.

Some of us are taught that only what can be objectively measured in the physical world is real.  Only that which can be sensed by the basic 5 physical senses has any sort of basis in truth. Then, there are those of us who use those physical senses and measurements….as well as considering that we have some senses beyond the more famous set of those five.  This is not to say that those of us who use the metaphysical viewpoint don’t ever use the materialist angle, ever.  Any of us who have physical bodies use the physical senses, and would not be able to help using those senses to sense and measure the physical world.  What some metaphysicians do is also use our non-physical ways of sensing those things beyond the physical dimension.

While I try to be respectful of everyone else’s perception and interpretation of their personal experience–my understanding is that there is not a universal sense of absolute accuracy for everyone’s perception.  Not all clairvoyants are 100% accurate….or interpret their information in a way which is applicable to the lives of others or themselves.  Beyond the physical realm especially, perception of the non-physical realms and activities can be so personal that I am reluctant to say that everyone perceives absolute truths….or information which is applicable beyond their personal experience.  More often than not, the images and messages are more personal to the observer. Sometimes, we have enough similar experiences in the non-physical arena that we can fairly judge them as common with those particular groups or persons that have those same experiences.

However, this is absolutely not to say that they are “imaginary” in the sense that they are not “real”.  “Real” and “physical” are not necessarily synonymous in metaphysical thinking–it might be more a matter of “personal”, “shared” or “universal” when referring to non-physical experience.  In terms of the non-physical and how it relates to the physical in some schools of metaphysical thought–working directly with the non-physical energies can effect the physical world.  Not necessarily immediately….although sometimes, that can and does happen.  Not necessarily in very dramatic ways–often more subtly….not like in the movies, with all those lovely special effects.  And not always EXACTLY in the way that we request–only because there are so many factors involved in the manifestation of one’s personal physical universe–there are so many energies already involved in life situations, as they already appear.  Real magick and energy work is actually very complicated, once we are aware of how many factors are involved.

In metaphysical terms, our beliefs and experiences are so interconnected that we might not always know which came first.  While some schools of thought say that beliefs….even subconscious beliefs….cause perception, which shapes reality….it is sometimes safer to not express that openly to everyone, at all times.  It might be safer to refer to correspondences, rather than causation, within metaphysical discussion.  Within this context, many metaphysicians hold that beliefs are voluntary on some level.  The change of a belief is possible, depending on the desire to change out a perception on the mental level.  Some might require more effort and detailed attention than others, but it is a possibility, if one has the deep rooted desire to do so.

In this sense, beliefs about self-identification can sometimes be a matter of choice.  There are some life situations which are so deeply rooted into the psyche and personality, that it wouldn’t ever occur to us to want to change them….they are who we identify “as”.  There are also other deep-rooted ideas in the being that, despite efforts, they are simply unchangeable.  (I’ve tried to heal from what I didn’t know was my Psychic Vampirism.  It seems as unchangeable as my being male or tan-skinned.)   In other cases, we can change some life-beliefs that we do not identify with as strongly or that we do not want to continue to identify as “ourselves”.  (I once had the idea that I was unlovable.  It makes my life easier that I no longer believe that.)

There are ideas that I come across in my metaphysical studies, in the GVC and within other groups.  Some of these concepts can be exciting.  Some people would love to have unwavering belief that they are one of those special races/types/species/people….that by virtue of being born or incarnating, they don’t have to put out any more effort to be special.  With being special, one would feel special….and I’m sure there would be other lovely, complimentary prizes that come with that.  In metaphysical thought, incarnation of any sort is temporary.  The details change or can change out, over various lifetimes. (I’m a Psy Vamp, this lifetime….a Sang, next life….a Dual Feeder, after that….a non-Vampire, next.)  Any “specialness” during a physical incarnation is still temporary–even if it spans over a few lifetimes.  The soul is beyond any sort of limitation.  I respect the needs that I have in this lifetime.  I respect my individual details–but, I have trouble being impressed by any special conditions that appear in any incarnation.  Who’s to say I’ll have them next lifetime, if I reincarnate again?

It’s all just temporary.

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Psy Vamps: Damaged Goods or Vampirus Superior?

  • Damaged Goods or Vampirus Superior?

    There are two ideas that have floated around for quite some time. The first theory is that Psy Vampires exist because there is something inherently damaged about our energy systems in some way. Individual causes vary, but among the causes are that we might have an energy leak of sorts, a missing or damaged chakra…or that, because of other circumstances, we simply have a higher need for more energy to fuel our energetic systems and bodies.

    Many of us that enter the world of energy workers and energy healing attempt to fix our problems. It is only in  those cases when they are irreparable, that we eventually identify as Psychic Vampires and simply accept that we must take in more energy than others to live a relatively normal life.

    In metaphysical terms, it can be fair to think of ourselves as damaged in some way. This could be our “sacred wound” in shamanic terms. Because of our need to consume more energy than other beings, Psy Vamps can become proficient in sensing and working with magickal, spiritual, non-physical forms of energy. The amount of time we automatically put into working with these energies is equivalent to a non-Psy Vamp simply putting time into practicing magick or the psychic arts. With so many hours clocked in, we develop secondary talents such as increased sensitivity or proficiency in magick and manifestation.

    By the time we find our way to formal covens and lodges, we seem to have a natural inclination for the occult arts….without having had any formal training.  It could be something equivalent to someone having a disability, accident or illness….and then pulling a blessing out of the situation. Looking at the divine picture, we could consider that we were incarnated on earth with these energetic wounds….so that we would be prompted to become adept at moving and working with energy. In this case, we were given an opportunity to become stronger energy workers because of the situations that we were born into.  We set the trends through our life circumstances.

    Searching for healing, we become familiar…and often adept….at multiple systems of healing. In this way, we often become databanks of information for our fellow metaphysicians and those in need of that metaphysical information.

    In discussions about non-physical/spiritual evolution, it is sometimes mentioned that we are the evolved version of humanity. Looking at the whole of the Psy Vampire population in general, I would have to say that I see the mix of us who are just here to eat in this world….and others who have taken those natural spiritual inclinations and propelled themselves into personal growth and self-evolution.

    Are some of us the evolved version of humanity? Every being can move energy, consume it and use it for other purposes–given enough practice. It’s not a skill that is special to just Psychic Vampires. Are some of us superior to others? It depends on how you define that.

    To specify, what is “superior”? When Psy Vamps consume energy, are we just filling a need because of a deficit in some other area? When we consume, we are just feeding. I haven’t seen anything consistent in the whole of the Psy Vamp population that convinces me that someone is on the fast track to evolution, just because of our feeding nature. Some of us are definitely good people, some of us are spiritually-inclined….but it is not an absolute that everyone who energetically feeds is on their way to ascending through the dimensions like new age saints.

    On the spiritual side of things, being a better person or a more spiritually-evolved being needs to be a conscious intention. Simply calling yourself anything in the metaphysical world has no guarantees on human personality, spiritual perceptions or anything else that deals with human interaction or being in this world. Being a Psy Vamp has no guarantees on internal psychological makeup or how we express that. We vary in beliefs and behavior.

    As far as what we consider practical applications, we take in external energy to make up for missing energy in our systems. This can be a useful skill in the field of energy work–we tend to be quicker, more efficient energy healers–and as magicians, because of the ease we have in moving magickal/spiritual energy. In the metaphysical world, we might become superior mages…because of the amount of time we put into practice.

    To be “superior” beings, it is possible–but not just because we are Psy Vampires. It can be a conscious choice to follow ideals that are personal to us. I can strive to be a kinder, generous, helpful being….in that way, I am being superior to who I used to once be. I can even use the image of the ideal, spiritually-evolved Psychic Vampire as my archetype, my Role Model.

    (What Would Lilith Do?) For my purposes, it would not matter what the fictional or historical character did or was recorded to have done. I am consciously picking and working with an image to which I can attribute those qualities of an evolved being (my ideal Psychic Vampire). From there, I can model myself after those qualities, until I can identify those qualities as part of my own personality. In this way, I am allowing myself to express the essence of the superior Vampire….as I define it.


Why Are Those Pesky Med Sangs Around, Anyways?

  • Why Are Those Pesky Med Sangs Around, Anyways?

    Just for the record, I am not a Sanguine Vampire, of any kind. I have not ingested anyone else’s blood.

    Looking back at my personal experiences, taking into account my present experiences and weighing that against my current understanding of terms and definitions….I would have to say that I identify myself as a Psychic Vampire. I have never tried anyone else’s blood. I could eventually find that blood has some benefits for me or that I can use blood as a focus to draw on the energy that is connected to it. Depending on my eventual experience with blood, I could identify as a Spiritual Sang or a Hybrid/Dual Feeder. I have had too many experiences with energy and viewing the world through my metaphysical lens makes too much sense to me.

    I could be a Physical Sanguine if larger amounts of blood make significant changes in my physical health, but because I definitely have a metaphysically-oriented outlook, I would not be able to self-identify as a Med Sang. I was clairvoyant and sensitive as a child. I noticed that “thoughts are things” pretty early on, which led to my exploration of Witchcraft. As far as religious affiliations, I was initiated into the Anderson Feri Tradition….and practically speaking, I would say that my practices lean heavily into modern Chaos Magick.

    My dream job was that year and a half that I worked at the local occult shop. Like many other magicians, I’ve easily spent thousands of dollars on books, crystals, incense, workshops and courses over my lifetime. Despite my ongoing struggle with anxiety and my panic disorder, I’ve managed to co-teach classes on Elemental Witchcraft, Tarot Meditation, Psychic Shielding and other magickal topics. I’ve been part of covens and I am still a part of my local area’s pagan community.

    Honestly, it is my guess that if the Vampire Community were entirely made up of Psy Vamps and Hybrids/Dual Feeders, I would fit right in. I wouldn’t question anything if everyone of the Vampire Community were Energy Feeders in part or exclusively. That is my personal experience and the lens through which I view the world.

    As a metaphysical practitioner, I see the world through signs and portents. To me, I am having a constant dialog not only with other people, but also with the Universe, Higher Selves, subpersonalities, aspects, powers and the beyond. But, when I communicate with others, I do not assume that the person in front of me uses the same language, because I do not assume that we are having the same experience.

    When I speak to others, I keep in mind that if I do not use language that is friendly to them, then my intended message might not get across. So, I modify. If there is a concept that I want to communicate, I keep in mind that their framework, their reference points, their lenses might not be the same as mine. Specifically, I keep this in mind when I am speaking to people with a strong standard religious affiliation….I make my points, using christian terminology and concepts.

    If someone is not metaphysically or religiously oriented, I speak in terms that they are more likely to understand. I speak in terms of feelings, emotions, relationships….whatever is, seems to be, could be common ground and is relevant to our interaction. I’m not a strict materialist, but I understand enough and can relate to viewing things on a purely physical basis, at times.

    In general, Physical Sangs ingest larger amounts of blood than other types of Sangs. Med Sangs are those Physical Sangs that view and endeavor to understand their Sang condition through the lens of strict materialism. While I am not a Sanguine, I understand enough of the Med Sang perspective that I can appreciate their discussions and article shares.

    Why would a metaphysically-oriented, non-Sang Psychic Vampire care about the Med Sang voice? I understand that there is more than one pathway to the Vampire Community. Some of those pathways have nothing to do with each other. It is easy to see how anyone with the need or even the desire to drink blood found their way to the VAMPIRE community. It’s right there in the association between the fictional vampire and blood-drinking, itself.

    Any sort of genuine Sanguine (someone who derives benefits from ingesting blood of any amount) is easily going to associate their practice/habit/activity with vampirism. In this day and age, stumbling into the Vampire Community is the next logical step, after realizing that there is a personal need to feed on blood. We look to the internet for most of our answers, a place to start our personal journey for explanations and solutions. Facebook has many groups. There are online forums. It is basically a gamble that any type of Modern Vampire will find their way into the groups that will give them the basic feeding information that they need, the special information on health for their type and validation that their experience, up to the current date, has been normal for them.

    Looking back, I always had the life of a Psychic Vampire. Before I entered, I specifically did not relate to the Vampire Community, because I associated vampirism with the Fictional Vampire and Goth culture. I was perfectly happy among the Pagans and Energy Workers. I was brought into the Vampire Community through the insight of an online friend. As a friend of the Vampires, I observed the various discussions until something went “click” and fell into place.

    It has been recently stated that the Med Sang faction is growing in the Vampire Community. This could be because before the representation of the Med Sang perspective, Physical Sangs felt as if they had to adopt more metaphysical approaches….or be silent about their more personally-held materialist-viewpoint. There was no safe place to express these ideas, much less explore them. Now that a platform exists, there might be more Sangs coming forward to focus on the purely medical explanations of their body’s needs.

    And….why would a Psychic Vampire care about any of this? Good neighbor policy. We found our way to the same Community, albeit for different reasons. Even if we have different needs to fill, we came to the same general meeting area, known as The Greater Vampire Community (among its other names). We can keep debating about who started the community, who has taken over the community and who more closely resembles our mascot of the Fictional Vampire….or we can do more practical things like information share. Myself, I like the idea of being informed as to what the different types of Vampires (Blood and Energy Feeders) need, so that I can direct any and all newcomers to the information that fulfills their needs and makes their lives easier.

    And I love the idea of any of the newly awakened Psychic Vampires being directed to me by the Med Sangs that I know because we are good neighbors.


Guilt, Blood and Prana: A Modern Vampire’s Diet

  • Some members of the Vampire world still feel guilty about needing to feed from other beings. Whether Psy or Sang, many of us attach some form of negative feelings towards the need to feed or the act thereof. As humans, we learn to justify feelings of guiltiness and shame by attaching them to the outside acts of our world. As Modern Vampires, there really is no reason to feel any negativity, when most of us can and do follow very humane practices of feeding and donation.

        Nowadays, most of us Psy Vamps know to keep ourselves monitored so that we do not become hungry enough to auto-feed, indiscriminately. We avoid feeding on the young, the old and the ill. Energetically feeding on the young, old and infirm can lead to a weakening of their energetic systems….which could manifest in physical sickness. Worst case scenario if a Psy Vamp feeds on the energy systems of a healthy human adult is that it leads to a temporary drop in the personal vitality–but because they are normally healthy, they usually recover in a timely manner. The amount of time and concentration that it takes to drain a normal, healthy adult of enough vital energy to debilitate them is equivalent to that needed in any sort of psychic attack. This cannot happen accidentally. Anyone who would take that much energy intentionally is not likely to feel guilty about it, otherwise. Most educated and well-informed Modern Psychic Vampires will most likely also explore other possible sources of energetic nourishment, before they start draining those around them.
        Educated Psy Vamps often look for other resources of energy to supplement our higher need to feed from outside of ourselves. Between that and our knowledge of ambient feeding, we pose relatively little danger to others.
       Regardless of any and all practices of the past, the Sanguines of today have so many modern advantages which lead to ethical feeding. With all of the advances of technology, Blood Donors can control the amount of blood that they can donate. Likewise, Sangs can store blood for longer periods of time, rather than having to eat it fresh every feeding.
       On the side of the Swans, there is much less fear regarding donation of either blood or energy. As a matter of fact, we have many Swans who are not only willing, but are happy to share what they offer to us.  Because of the openness in our present community, we have a much better network for aligning our Swans and the Vampires who need them.
       In speaking with Sangs and Psy Vamps, I found that some of us feel guilty over their thoughts and fantasies of feeding by force, excessively and without permission. There is a world of difference between having thoughts and acting out on them. It is one’s actions which count a lot more in the world. Many people have a parade of negative thoughts and fantasies that they NEVER act on.


    I’ve talked to my fellow Sangs & Psys that feel guilty for simply having thoughts of gorging themselves on blood or energy, without having to ask for permission, beforehand. As I’ve shared in discussion with Alexia Ashford (Sang writer for sanguinarians.com and The Red Cellar), it seems to be the rough equivalent to being on a strict diet and fantasizing about eating cake or having more food than your points or diet portions allow. It is not always easy to get enough of the nourishment that our particular systems need, at all times.  I mentioned an ideal future where Soccer Moms and Construction Workers could head to that special Starbucks and order a Venti Red….Sanguine Special. In a future world that accommodated every Sangs’ specific needs, there would no longer be such a thing as a vampire’s hunger.

    How moody would a Blood Feeder be if they could get blood on demand?  (Maybe with a shot of hazelnut or vanilla?)   With hunger not being a factor, how much more mellow would any Vampire be? Someone being denied anything is going to think about getting it more often–and while they are currently being denied something so necessary, they might daydream of taking it by force.  When someone is denied something that they need to make them feel normal (and no longer sick and weak), they are often more emotional about that something that they are being denied. Hunger of any sort can make anyone crazy. As long as we don’t act out on it, it’s a perfectly normal response.  As long as we support each other, we can help each other through the rough patches, until we can get decent feeds.


    In our Modern Age, we have much more potential for very safe, very humane versions of feeding. Everything can be voluntarily donated.  What is generously shared, can be harvested relatively painlessly and safely.  There is very little reason for guilt under those circumstances.

    Frustrated Man

We Might Not All Be The Same Kind of Creature

  • Who has the right to decide what Vampirism is? I entered the GVC through what was the Ronin Community, at the time. The viewpoint of the leaders of the group was that Vampires have the need to feed on energy and/or blood….and that we could feed on any resource. From the understanding of my current definitions, it made it sound like we were all Dual Feeders, using “Hybrid” in those groups, at the time. The standard perception was that we are a “type” of human–not “non-human”–that we were born the way that we are. In a sense, we were born to be Vampires in this lifetime, because there was something about our soul-destiny that made us be born as Vampiric Humans, in this lifetime.

    Reality is very strange. People who are metaphysically-oriented might see it as that we “were born with–“….while people who are more materialistically-oriented might see it as that we “have developed–“…philosophies and pet theories/beliefs as to what a Vampire is. The metaphysicians have their various definitions on what it is that makes a Vampire–extremely low (non-physical) energy levels or leakages, ability or propensity to draw on energy from others, reincarnational memories or specific memories of vampiric associations and so on. The materialists will cite specific physical disorders which will alleviate with the physical intake of blood into their systems.

    In the GVC, we gather under the umbrella term of Vampires. We are borrowing the name from the general term which describes a wide variety of mythological creatures, which feed on blood or energy of some sort. Some have even applied the term “Vampire” to creatures which fall under their own specific categories, such as Succubi, Incubi or various forms of Demons and Monsters. We each have our own favorite references, but there is no guarantee as to which was the original “true” Vampire….and whether this creature was a completely fictionalized being born out of folk tales….an exaggerated account of actual Pre-Modern Human Vampires (which could be ancestors of sorts to any or all of our types of Modern Living Vampires)….or something in between the two concepts.

    The Eros Vampire seems to function extremely well when they are feeding on sexual energy or feeding through sexual activity. They might not be as well nourished if they avoid their favorite form of eating, thinking that they can function just as well without focusing on what they are naturally drawn to. Likewise, there are Chaos Eaters who flourish when they consume negative energy….and there are plenty of natural resources for negative energy, in this world. We have no guarantee that all Energy Feeders can flourish from any and all forms of energy, in general. From the metaphysical perspective, one could argue that someone who is psychically sensitive intuitively knows what is most nourishing on the energy level and is naturally drawn to it.

    What is the harm in prescribing the same diet to everyone who comes to the Vampire Community? Probably very little, if they fall under the classification of a Dual-Feeder and can gain nourishment from blood and most general forms of energy. As Energy Feeders, the majority of us do seem to be able to pull nourishment from most sources that we encounter. Some of us have our favorites that we seem to thrive on. However, who is to guarantee that every creature that comes to the GVC is exactly like us, the Energy Feeders?

  •  In metaphysical thought, we hold that all psychic and magickal feats are capable by all humans. However, we do not force out beliefs onto others outside of self-identified psychics, metaphysicians and magicians. In general, we do not tell people that they should follow our practices. If someone is not an energy worker and healer, we do not tell them to avoid ibuprofen and to work with blue prana for pain and swelling. We only share information with those who ask for our viewpoint and who are open to receiving what we have to share, when they can use that information in a practical way. We do not share many, or any, details of our metaphysical practices with those who are traditionally against going outside of their standard philosophies and their own practices….such as non-mystical Christians or Atheists, for example.
    It seems that some of us that wish to dictate our energy-working practices on others, without being asked for our advice beforehand, are taking everyone’s presence in the GVC as permission to decide what they need, what kind of Vampire (or creature/feeder) that they are, and that our way is the correct way.  Some of us are also making the assumption that, by virtue of anyone’s presence in the Community, they must logically be the same creature as we are.  This might not be the case.
  • dragaica