Why I Think It’s A Good Idea For Me To Keep Talking About Vampire Types–


[Original title: Why I Think It’s A Good Idea For Me To Keep Talking About Vampire Types, Even Though It Seems To Irritate Some of My Colleagues]

[…but the entire title wouldn’t fit on the t-shirt.]

In the time that I’ve been actively participating in the Vampire Subculture, I’ve seen strong reaction from members that have a problem with using vampire type subcategories. While I have my reasons why I think it is a good idea to be specific about particular subdivisions, I have to make some assumptions about why others have a problem with breaking down Modern Vampires into subcategories.

One argument that some members have for not using subcategories (and for leaving all Modern Vampires to be considered as “Vampires,” without any subdivisions) is that it supposedly creates a division in the community. My disagreement with this concept is that divisiveness is a personality technique that many people use anyway–even if the rest of us stick to describing everything and everyone in the most general, unifying terms possible. These divisive personalities will find some other reason to break up the subculture into camps and sides, for some other reasons, if they really want to.

I have an analytical approach to looking at other peoples’ experiences. Personally, I want to understand and acknowledge the individual’s experience, including their personal interpretation and understanding of that experience. I can perceive the different aspects that make up a person’s reality and honor them, without using the excuse of differences as a reason to distance myself from them. The details of a person’s life are the tones and shades of the colors in the tapestry of their reality. Some of us can enjoy the differences between people, and not use those differences as an excuse to judge, villanize or distance ourselves from those that are different.

I can look at the particular details of someone else’s story, still have my own preferences, AND still not judge them for their interpretation and perceptions. If I have a personal dislike for any individual’s experience, it is because they are doing something which I find negative. I might not agree with a particular activity, or it is not to my taste.  It is not simply because I need to be in opposition to anyone else.

Let us be honest about our individual experience under the collective term of Modern Vampirism–accepting at face value that everyone who calls themselves a “vampire” is a “vampire” is only useful for the party and role player scene. We need to use subcategories to focus on meeting needs for the subgroups that our needs naturally put us into.  Some of us focus on the information network that we’ve built–sharing articles on research and ongoing theories, as well as the social web necessary for personal support.  There are two very distinct aspects to the Vampire subculture–the information network and the social events scene.

Obviously, sang feeders need to know very technical aspects of sang feeding for practical reasons. In the realm of energy feeding, the reasons for needing to know whether one really has a need for feeding on an energetic level are a little more complicated. Let us define our terms and clarify what is energy vampirism–

On spiritual, psychic and astral levels–humans take and exchange energy all the time. This is a normal non-physical experience. In some metaphysical schools, we use the term “energy vampire” to describe those people who need a higher amount of energy than normal; who fare better by feeding directly from the energy of fellow human’s energy systems; AND who often have energy systems that automatically feed from the energy systems of those around them, when they are in need of that energy.

There are some schools of metaphysics which view the condition of vampirism as a sort of illness, a defect in the energy system. In this context, the concept of “temporary vampirism” is something that can be cured. The need for an auric system to automatically drain those around themselves would indicate a temporary condition which could be fixed. However, if after repeated attempts at curing energy vampirism does not take care of the condition, one has to make room for the possibility that the Energy Vampire (or Psychic Vampire) is just simply another type of human on the spiritual spectrum.

To the advanced practitioner of metaphysics, we make room for the idea that while we can definitely (and should) make use of the practical information and spiritually-theoretical information that we have–as humans, it is arrogant to assume that if we do not understand something completely or cannot yet measure it, it surely must not exist. Not that we should also take everything at face value, but that some things in life are on a sliding scale….and are valuable to work with on a conceptual level….in some cases….for some people.

There are some members of the Vampire Community who assume that there are non-Vampiric humans and “Vampires”.  To lump all “Vampires” into the same category with all of the same needs is just as unhelpful as lumping non-Vampires into the same category and ignoring that their needs might vary, depending on their individual history and current physical and psychological makeup.

If we see energy feeding as an activity in all humans, on the spiritual level–we can use another psychic activity as an analogy.  While any human can see clairvoyantly, if they have the conviction that they are able to do so and are able to remove those mental and emotional obstacles which are contrary to their success in seeing–there are humans who consider themselves Clairvoyants because this talent seemed to be inherently accessible without having practiced it before any of their seemingly SPONTANEOUS clairvoyant experiences. The same goes for those people who consider themselves “natural Witches”, healers or anything else which falls within the realm of the supernatural, psychic, magickal or energetic phenomena that is experienced by humans. In metaphysical teachings, everything is a choice on higher levels of consciousness….but, relative to how we describe “choice,” “conscious choice,” and “karmic obligation”; some conditions of physical life seem to be unchangeable while we are still in our physical lifetime.

There are some people who are born into this reality with the predisposition to feed energetically on their fellow humans. There is still a discrepancy in the description of “vampires” beyond this basic qualifying condition–which is open for debate in other venues–but for now….I will focus on the trait of “necessary feeding,” as understood in metaphysical terms.

One of the biggest arguments is whether we should categorize Modern Vampires under subgroups. What seems to be one of the most common counter-arguments is that it creates a divisiveness in the subculture. Again, my response to that is that it is possible for me to know everything about another person that is different from myself, but to respect those differences and still find the common ground between us. I am not that extraordinary, so this indicates that this is a possible capacity for response in most of my fellow humans. Also, I’ve found others who are part of my same “groups” (racial, sexual orientation, gender…) that still go out of their way to focus on the differences between us and create that sense of separation because of those differences–this is a technique of a particular personality type.

To be fair, I am the type that is more concerned with the needs of the individual that is interacting with me in the moment.  I am not so much concerned with the needs of presenting a unified front as a gathering of “Vampires.,” if that means completely sacrificing the needs of the individual in the moment of communication.  My personal interpretation of myself as a “Modern Vampire” is that I have been drawn to this umbrella group and will function in that group in a way that is honoring my interpretation of what a Modern Vampire is….or should be. With the assumption that there are many interpretations, just as there are many justifications, for being a participating member of this subculture….I will be completely clear about my personal perspective in being part of this community.

Regardless of what brought me to the community, I find myself in it, at this moment. The Modern version of our global community might have started with a particular vision, but we find ourselves in this current version with the mix of personalities, groups and agendas as it currently stands. Some of us draw on a history or mythos older than our modern subculture. We have our mix of serious scholars and historians, philosophers, thinking members….and our lifestylers, role players and plain-out deluded. There are some of us who interpret and re-interpret Modern Vampirism with little or no reference to the historical, fictional or traditional Vampire.

According to the definitions of some members of the GVC, I might not be a Vampire/Modern Vampire, at all. This is actually okay, with me. I did not come into the community learning about what a Vampire/Modern Vampire was and trying to fit myself into the description. I came in through the metaphysical hallway, putting together an understanding of my experience, and coming into the GVC–being told that there were others like me…Energy Feeders…gathering under the umbrella name of Psychic Vampires or Vampires.

I came in from my experience as an energy worker. In my paradigm, we want to know as much as information as we can, so that we can specifically target issues and offer specific remedies. In magick, we learn about specific correspondences in order to work with energies which correspond to specific manifestations. While it is completely legitimate to pray to Jesus and use Reiki….for some of us, it makes more sense to use blue prana to cool down pain and Venus on a Friday to manifest a more heart-oriented love relationship. Specifics matter for purposes of communication, focus and need.  We work with recipes, dealing with specific ingredients and how they interact with each other.



Bringing this back to our original topic of Vampirism, we use specific types of qualifiers when we want to share specific details about feeding or to discuss issues specific to that particular type of feeder. Regardless of some opinions, everyone who gravitates to the Vampire Subculture might not all be the same kind of spiritual/energetic/psychic creature.

From the viewpoint of the metaphysician, someone who needs to energetically feed (an Energy Vampire) and someone who does not, relies on different energy structures. When viewed clairvoyantly, psychically or through other means….not everyone has the same psychic structure. Whether considering the energy bodies, the chakra system, the meridian system or any other non-physical spiritual/psychic system…the energy system of an Energy Vampire or Psychic Vampire will have some issue or be structured very differently than that of someone who is not an Energy Vampire.

In terms of energy structures and healing issues, we are born into this world with different focuses, issues that need to be healed, disorders and so on. One person might be born with a throat chakra issue or a karmic need to learn to be more outspoken–this person will have more energy directed to and moving through their throat chakra until the issue is resolved. Another person could come in to this incarnation with issues with sexual expression–this being will need to direct more energy and deal with life situations which involve sexual energy, possibly issues of control or validation. Depending on the life lessons, karmic debts and thoughtforms….each individual’s energy system will be set up with trends and tendencies which affect what kind of energy one works with in this lifetime and how they are specifically working with it.

To target, heal and possibly relieve each person of their karmic/healing issues, it is extremely important to know the actual conditions and possible causes to create a healing plan. Even if we do not necessarily think of Energy Vampirism as any sort of disorder that needs to be healed, there might be needs that are very specific to the individual’s energy system that need to be considered.  Another way to think of it is as an analogous to a physical body needing a specific type of diet–not that it is an illness or disorder, so much as it is a situation or condition not standard to the majority of the people.

Someone might be in this incarnation to work with their sexual chakra, sexual issues or sexual energy more than the average person. This might set up their energy system to need to work more in one area of life, with one particular energy much more than any of the others.  The situation of the particular “Vampire” might be more specific than being incarnated as a general “feeder”….but that their particular “dietary needs” might be geared towards a specific life area, some sort of cosmic metaphor or need to focus on a particular part of reality that their vampirism brings their attention to.

Personally–when I am talking to others in the Vampire subculture, I am not interested in celebrating the fictional vampire, partying in vampire costumes and flashing fangs, or role playing. That’s just me. I am interested in living as functional and productive a life as I can, under the description of myself as an Energy Vampire, as I understand that. This is the area of information that I have the most to offer. To help other Energy Vampires and Sang Vampires, I need to discern what they need from me.

My focus is on service through communication, not partying.

And just as I need to collect information when performing energy healing, to discern what kind of information I need to share–I focus on the needs of the Feeder in front of me. This might include discerning which specific feeding needs that they have–beyond discerning the specific needs for their type, I have no other need to divide us into any subcategories for any other reason.