Psychic Vampirism As Description Of Conditions Vs. Fictional Vampirism As Delusional Thinking


I sometimes wonder if my life would have been easier if I had been born to parents who had similar philosophies and beliefs. My metaphysical ideas and convictions about reality make sense to me–more so, because I’ve questioned their validity and practicality in my life. Whichever metaphors and paradigms I use, I do so because they make my life easier to understand and navigate. Whichever concepts that do not serve me on a practical basis eventually get weeded out and changed for other ways of perceiving and working with the world.  I’ve built up my framework of reference over time.

And this is all on a mental level.

In the terms of the Modern Vampire Community (Subculture), I think of myself as a Psychic Vampire or a Vampire, when I refer to the particular concepts and details that I understand as belonging to either “label.” This reference comes up in conversation with others or when I am mentally recalling concepts such as energy feeding…or any other topics which are directly connected to energy health or work.

When those of us come to the GVC from or through the metaphysical communities, we come in with a particular perception, a particular way of viewing things.  We often recognized pre-existent conditions and behaviors (that relate to energy) before we even hear of the term “Psychic Vampire.” We might have noticed the particular conditions of low personal energy, automatic feeding and such as individual factors….but, come to identify as modern Psychic Vampires, once we find the subculture of people who unite under this general label–because we have similar energy structures, conditions and behaviors. We have these conditions in mind and unite because we have them in common.  Ideally speaking, what we are doing is clarifying what are our general behaviors and, in turn, suggesting more productive activities.

In metaphysical terms, we are not TRYING to be Psychic Vampires. We notice similar or exact behaviors and are NOTICING that we are generally the same.  We gather under a community that, for particular reasons, call our kind “Psychic Vampires,” at this time.

In our terms, we acknowledge that any being can move energy and utilize energy for specifically intended purposes. However, “Psychic Vampire” describes that type of energetic human which has the specific need to feed on the vital energies of other humans. We derive benefits from doing so, benefits that do not come from feeding on other types of spiritual/psychic energy. We experience detriment when we fail to do so.

Any human being can and does move spiritual and psychic energy. We use the term “psychic vampire” to describe a being that incarnates with the need and drive to do so, with built-in impetus to perform this activity.

From my time in the Modern Vampire Community, I have come across many people who appear to be role-playing because of their request to be turned into Vampires–as they assume Vampires to be. However, these people who request to be transformed are not role-playing in the sense that they know that they are lying, kidding or playing a part. For the most part, while they are unrealistic in their expectations of what Modern Vampires are, they are sincere in their desire to be transformed into the creature that they want to be transformed into, that they HOPE is real.

Many (if not most) Psychic Vampires are familiar with metaphysical and magickal laws. As mages, psychics and occultists–many Psychic Vampires strive to be as realistic as possible with what we can do in this world. In the Pagan/Magickal/Energy Worker communities, we do have our unrealistic members who expect manifestations to occur in ways which defy physical laws of reality….but, these people are not counted among the serious students of metaphysics and the occult teachings.

When we perform magick and other energy workings, we experiment and take note of how we ACTUALLY affect reality on the physical, energetic and objective levels. Sometimes, we need to stretch beyond the current personal limitations of our mental and emotional convictions in order to manifest something that we previously DID NOT BELIEVE IN. However, we understand that we incarnated into a manifest reality with particular physical laws. Even if we hear about yogis and saints which seem to bend and break the laws of Nature, we are realistic about how much time we can practically spend in meditation and practice to perform our own versions of “miracles.” If we accept that we can’t spend three years meditating in a cave, we do not expect to physically transform matter in unrealistic ways.

From my time spent in the Modern Vampire Community, I’ve come across many people who have requested to be transformed into “real vampires.” These people seem to be convinced that the fictional vampires of television, movies and literature are what exist. Being as I’ve never run across any of these super-powered mythical creatures, I have to say that….for all practical intents and purposes….they do not exist.

In my combined time in the Pagan/Magickal Communities, the Energy Workers/Healers Communities and the Vampire Communities….what phenomena that can be considered paranormal or metaphysical has impressed me, but falls far short of the special effects of vampire stories and movies. Our paranormal/magickal effects fall within the high range of skill of any well-trained psychic, magician or manifestor.

That is what we are concerned with–practical manifestations that make one’s human life better or more enjoyable in some way. As Psychic Vampires, we help each other work with energy to become healthy, highly functional beings. We do not encourage wasted effort or expenditures of energy which do not result in some very real payoff.

Those people who petition to be transformed into vampires are often not concerned with making real-life change. Most of the people who have asked me to turn them are interested in a very quick, VERY EASY solution to whatever they think being a (fictional, super-powered) vampire will get them. I’ve offered to teach them magick or metaphysical technique. Some of these people initially took me up on my offer, but every one of them soon dropped the lessons–after every one of them indicated that the metaphysical lessons were taking too long and not giving real-world results quickly enough. For the most part, more people were not interested in learning magick, psionics or metaphysics. They were insistent that they wanted to be “turned” into vampires.

I’ve tried to determine WHY the “aspiring vampire” wanted to be changed into their fictional version of the vampire. With every intention of being as helpful as I could, I felt like I had a very limited amount of time to give the aspirant the best piece of advice before they cut me off, because my perception of help was not what they had in mind. Although it is not my responsibility to do anything for anyone, much less give them something practical when they outright reject it….I have come to the working conclusion that that is the response that is the most natural for me.

The unrealistic fall in love with fantasies of being transformed into otherworldly, ultrapowerful creatures with the idea that once they are transformed, they will be able to make very real-world changes in their own lives. It is unreasonable and illogical thinking. I have to make my most intuitive guesses about the reasons that the aspirants want to be transformed, since I get very little feedback from them, even when asked directly.

Again, as an energy healer, my personal intention is that I want to be as helpful as possible. Even if I only have a small window of opportunity to give a concise and quick bit of feedback, this scenario happens often enough that I find value in refining my response for the next “vampire aspirant” that finds me.

As a metaphysician, I have to assume that if the aspirant were serious about empowering themselves and finding practical solutions, they would be more willing to take me up on my metaphysical advice.  However, because almost everyone who asks does not follow through on my instructions or “alternatives” to being turned into an instantly super-powered being….my working conclusion is that these people are not actually interested in solving or resolving any personal situations.

Chasing after solutions which lie outside the current realm of possibility can serve to stretch one beyond one’s current boundaries and limitations.  This is the purpose of reaching beyond what is currently real–to force one’s self to evolve and discover untapped personal resources.  If an aspirant became strengthened or personally transformed in their pursuit of personal power, then the metaphor of the Fictional/Mythological Vampire was a useful one.  If nothing but wasted effort and frustration came out of asking multiple people (of the Modern Vampire Community) to be turned or to point one in the direction of “real vampires,” then the subconscious intention of the aspirant might be to keep frozen in place, to allow the problematic life-situations to stay in their position, and to actually keep experiencing any negativity or negative effects that those original life-situations represented or justified.

When viewed through the eyes of the metaphysically-oriented Vampire, the bottom line of the Modern Vampire Community is that, at the core, we are here to offer support and information, and to make life easier for all of us.  The majority of those that ask to be turned are at a level of understanding which is mainly belief in the fantasy of what Vampires are.  The emotional attachment to a quick solution (at surface level awareness) and the deeper emotional identification with their problems which prompt their fantasy of wanting to be turned are way more real to them than the interest in wanting to investigate the truth of what Modern Vampires really are.  The time and effort spent in arguing with these “aspirants” is useless–they are not in the mindset to be “educated” when their emotional investment is so high in their fantasy.  Focusing on their personal issues is at the same time, much more practical because it helps them face their real issues and is a deterrent from them asking for the impossible.

“Why do you want to be a Vampire?” is a lot more useful than focusing on why they can’t be.