Etheric Feeding, Daytime Travel, Light Trance and Other OBE fun

I tend to be the type that will over-read and not practice nearly as much metaphysical technique as I study.  This is fine, but when talking about Psychic Vampires, less activity can be a bad thing.  When I first started to study magick, I would hold off performing meditative practices because the conditions were not ideal.  When we consider that energy vampirism is more of a need than a optional activity, non-action might be harmful to the over-thinking Psychic Vampire.

The goal is to keep energetically fed as often and as safely, as needed.  When Psychic Vampires are allowed to become energetically hungry, we tend to auto-feed and/or our sense of personal ethics might be temporarily discarded.

When I am unable to feed ambiently or directly from a donor, because of physical constraints–such as my work schedule does not allow me the freedom to leave and physically go to places that are full of people, my donors and I can’t seem to coincide visits, or I otherwise physically cannot be in places that are best for feeding–I will use other methods of energy feeding.  Overthinking Psy Vampires or new metaphysical practitioners might sometimes have this idea of what astral feeding is–that it can only be effectively performed as Dreamwalking or that one must have a very vivid, intense astral projection in order for it to be a real and legitimate experience.

Energy can be moved (or magick can be performed) in a very light trance.  Changing focus and intention can happen at any time, even when we are still taking in the sensory details of the physical room that we are in.  When I am at work and realize that I need to feed, I will try a variety of things in order to take in the energy that I am lacking.  Using questions to consciously guide my attention, I will wonder/ask if there is any residual energy in the room that will be of any benefit to me.  I will “reach out” with my feeding tendrils and sweep the energy of the room with them.  I will do this with the intention of taking in any energy which will be compatible with my system.  From there, I will see how far I can reach out with my energy to sense and take in any other nearby ambient energy.

Another technique that I use is to call energy in to myself.  This borders on the technique of invocation.  I center myself in light trance and simply call for the nearest ambient energy to come to me.  I do not use any special words or prayer.  This is more of a call than anything formal.  I have the expectation and the intention that the energy I need will come to me.

I might have more time at night, when I am alone, to use slightly different techniques.  I can project my awareness in a visualization.  I do not need to have a full-on astral projection, where I have no awareness of the physical details of the room that my body is in.  Whether I choose to describe it as a light trance, etheric travel, or projecting my consciousness….the point is that I am projecting an energy body of sorts out into another level, with the intention that it is safely drawn to an energy food source.  When I find that source, the experience itself can include a visual impression that is weak or strong–along with any other sensory information, intense and vivid or with a sense that they are almost “imaginary”.  It is not the strength of the sensory details that matter as much as my overtly stated intention of what I want to find, with the intention that I will be fed.

Do not spend a lot of time visualizing/sensing/creating an astral vehicle or energy body for this process.  Simply focus on the intention that you are now in the process of encountering and consuming the energy that you need.  Return your attention fully to the senses of your physical form in the room that you are in, when you are done feeding.


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