What’s The Big Deal About Having A Non-Human Identity, Anyway?

What’s wrong with being just human? Sometimes, I get the feeling that it’s more important for some people in our fringe communities to PUBLICLY  declare their personal identity than it is to focus on using that identity to self-direct one’s self in healthy and nurturing ways.

To my understanding, self-identity can be a sort of shorthand–a way of summarizing what I understand about my traits and characteristics, what is deep-rooted in my personality, what is true for me in this moment of self-analysis. It is a way of saying “THIS IS WHAT I AM, RIGHT NOW”…so that I can take that understanding of what is true for me as a navigational system to decide what is healthy and supportive for myself, based on my interpretation of those needs.

When we are dealing with Sanguine Vampirism, it is a much more straightforward observation of which physical effects drinking blood has on one’s system. It is questioning one’s motivations and [as part of the evaluation process] possibly asking if one WANTS to simply self-identify as a Blood Drinker, [Modern/Living/Real] Vampire or any other label that we use to classify a Sanguivore. An intelligent member of the GVC would notice their personal needs and benefits to ingesting blood, then apply the most relevant classification/label to themselves as a blood drinker, for purposes of guiding future activities and interactions to share information pertaining to blood ingestion.


When we are dealing with Psychic Vampirism, we are in a shakier territory. Here, the tools by which we measure our experience are even less objective than our physical senses.  (Physical senses that usually are filtered through subjective interpretative filters, to begin with.) In the realm of the Energy Vampire, we are beyond the use of physical tools to measure energetic activity. And the non-physical senses are even more subject to error, depending on the individual perceiver and each individual circumstance being perceived.

In my sincere opinion, understanding psychic vampirism comes with a certain level of the understanding of the metaphysics that explains energy and energy movement. To observe psychic vampirism, one needs to be sensitive to a certain degree to be accurate in one’s observations. One can fairly say that this means that one is psychic enough to perceive energy and strives to be constantly accurate in their psychic observations. [Technically, this concept would also apply in the case of being a Magician, Energy Worker, and any kind of Otherkin/Therian. All activities of these three categories involve perception of psychic and spiritual reality levels.]

To accurately gather information regarding to the non-physical levels where energy vampirism occurs, one must constantly refine one’s psychic senses–whether it is one or multiple of the senses, including clairsentience or claircognizance….just sensing or “knowing” when there is movement on an energy level is as good as a guide as the more glamorous senses of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

As part of the process of refining the senses is the ongoing vigilance against “wishful thinking”–the constant evaluation, questioning and re-evaluation of the information that comes through the clairvoyant senses. With constant practice, this becomes quicker and almost instantaneous when using these non-physical senses.

Part of accurately forming the self-identity of being a Psychic Vampire is the accurate collection of that information which leads to the conclusion that one is having the specific non-physical experience that we can summarize as being a Psychic Vampire.

When one identifies with one label or another, it is because the description of the qualities and activities that are associated with that label describe one’s personal experience. When we observe the activities of the Psychic Vampire, we need to question and refine the senses that we use to do so…again, to preserve and enhance our accuracy.


I define myself as a Psychic Vampire because of the observation of the deep-rooted trends in my non-physical (extra-dimensional or “spiritual”) experience, as I have come to understand and observe them. I self-identify as a Psychic Vampire because of how I would summarize someone who has these same experiences on the non-physical level….metaphysically speaking.

Because of my metaphysical leanings and what I think of as my spiritual goals, part of the way that I keep a higher level of accuracy in clairvoyant sensing and observation of my non-physical experience is that I constantly check my reasoning and context for sharing my self-identity as a Psychic Vampire. Personally holding my self-identification in my mind gives me reference points to check against. Am I taking in enough energy on a conscious level, resisting energy, or taking in too much? Mentally working with the self-identification gives me a framework to check in with, to navigate my human life in a healthy and comfortable way.

Sharing our self-identities can be helpful. Using labels can open a dialog, as long as they are not used as buzzwords or for shock value. Within the GVC, self-identifying as a Psychic Vampire can immediately narrow and widen [define] the parameters of conversation. It immediately differentiates one from being a Sanguivore, so that the conversation is automatically directed to a metaphysical lens…or is at least, directed away from a materialist-only lens. Using the label of Psychic Vampire generally lets the audience know that the identifier believes in the non-physical/psychic sensing of the activity of the energetic levels and that they have had particular experiences on those levels.

Other general associations that we can make with Modern/Living/Real Vampires is that we believe in a history (or lineage) associated with others of our kind that have existed before us. What we believe about those M/L/R Vampires is varied and individually validated (or justified) through personal conviction, accounts and literature.

I identify as a Psychic Vampire within particular contexts, mainly for purposes of information sharing. However, I observe that other people declare their self-identity for reasons which I find counter-productive–or at least, indirect. Of course, people can do whatever they want (within reasonable and socially acceptable limits). I am only sharing my opinion, within the framework of what I find productive.

In my perception, it makes for a calmer, easier life to separate my ego motivations from my accurate perception of my psychic/spiritual nature and the motivating drives that come from that nature. It is most clarifying to question if my perception of non-physical activity is accurate or if my thought process is driven by the psychological needs of my emotional insecurities.

The need to be considered a Vampire by others or by the self  (for purposes of emotional satisfaction) can color one’s mind to perceive [and create] psychic activity on an imaginal level which actually has no benefits to one’s etheric, astral or energy bodies’ health or wellbeing.

The need for others to perceive one as a Vampire [or any special category, actually] can spring from the thoughtform that one cannot be emotionally satisfied until one gets a particular response from the world around them.  In this case, one has anchored one’s future response and emotional satisfaction into the perception of other’s EXPRESSING a particular set of actions that would indicate that they accept that one is a Vampire.  Mentally hinging one’s internal reaction/satisfaction on other’s actions is a common, yet useless and victim-oriented concept.  Yes, it is definitely the popular way to live–but, for the Psychic Vampire living as a Spiritually evolving creature, it is another way to twist ourselves further into the illusions and limitations of this world…and a good way to further cloud our psychic clarity.

There is immense value in constantly questioning the possibility of any emotional need for external validation.  To weed this out will eliminate this possible obstruction to clear perception.

Also, this must be applied to one’s personal perception of the self.  Is there any underlying insecurity or other feeling that fuels the NEED to think of one’s self as something more special than “just human”?  Along this line of thinking, does thinking of one’s self as a Vampire help one focus on actions that make life easier and healthier?  Or is there a deep emotional need to be special, because that guarantees you other things?

Here’s a thought experiment to gauge your ego-driven limitations–in meditation space, confront the “worst case scenario”.  Meditate on this concept–What if you are just human?  Nothing non-human.  Given, you still have access to all of the psychic and magickal faculties that are available to all other humans–but, what if you did not classify as any other extrahuman being [Vampire, Otherkin, etc.]?  Are you completely okay with that?  Observe your internal reaction when you contemplate that question.  Are you okay with just being considered human?

Can you be completely happy with just being human?


Why Some Role Players Won’t Give Up Role Playing: The Metaphysical Benefits of Role Playing

My working definition of Modern Vampires are those people who experience observable benefits from ingesting blood (physical level) or energy (metaphysical level) and/or experience detriments from not ingesting blood or energy on a regular basis.  There are those people who do ingest blood or energy from other humans without experiencing any observable benefits and do not experience any observable detriment when they withhold from ingesting blood or energy.

Within the Vampire Community, Role Players are literally those that LARP or otherwise play at being a modern vampire. As an extension of this definition, “role player” is also used to designate those people that claim to be modern vampires, but are deluded or mistaken in their self -diagnosis or self-identification.  Meaning, there are people who do drink blood, but who do not receive any physical benefits from it.  There might also be those people who metaphysically draw on other people’s energy systems, but do not have the need to do so and/or do not process this consumed energy in any way which benefits their system.  Then, of course, there are those role players who just talk about performing either form of feeding, but do not actually even go through the basic motions of either form.

At one point, I assumed that just by pointing out how role playing interferes with clear and precise data collection and information sharing….that would be enough to deter non-vampires from playing the part.  I assumed that once role players understood that their pretending interfered with our information exchange, the respectful thing to do would be to stay within clearly-delineated areas of roleplay which would not interfere with our discussion groups.

The easiest excuse for justifying role players continuing to interact with actual modern vampires is that some role players assume that we are ALL role playing or otherwise deluded.  There is not any physical test using technology to measure the clear-cut validity of either blood or energy vampirism.  Self-perception of modern vampirism is based on a complex thought process–in the case of sanguine vampirism, it is an extended observation of how blood affects the physical system, whether in consumption or in the absence of consumption.  This includes abstinence, as well as the substitution of other substances.  In the case of energy vampirism, the observation is based on metaphysical theory, including the validity of non-physical sensing.  A decent metaphysician will refine one’s observation process, including experimentation on ingestion of non-human energies.

The main difference between someone who thinks of themselves as a Metaphysician and someone who does not self-identify as such is that Metaphysicians strive to be conscious of the process of cause and effect, within the framework of metaphysical principles and concepts. Even though non-metaphysicians are not working with the terminology, Metaphysicians recognize the same energetic and mental-level processes manifesting with the non-metaphysicians.  Magick and metaphysics is the study and conscious application of the processes that happen on energetic and non-physical levels in the manifest world.

In the case of Role Players–some of them are haphazardly deriving secondary benefits from the role playing, itself.  Ritual drama, thoughtform-assumption and god-assumption involve consciously taking on the energies of a chosen archetype and the characteristics associated with that image.  For the magician, it is a conscious attempt to “become” that archetype on a psychological level to a certain degree, to mentally tap into the characteristics attributed to the archetype–and therefore, make an identification with those traits.

[“Vampires are powerful.  I am a Vampire.  Therefore, I am powerful.”]

When Role Players pretend, depending on how much they “believe” or do whatever it takes to make themselves believable to any outside audience, there might be that possible mental shift in which energy is invested into that personal identification with the Vampire archetype.  In the process of role playing, the Role Player might mentally shift into the strong conviction that they are the Fictional Vampire, however they might conceptualize that figure.  Depending on how strongly they identify as that figure, their psyche might take on the characteristics of that–strong, stately, powerful, unstoppable, mystical, confident…the specifics being personal to the Role Player’s interpretation.

This might be a developed thoughtform, depending on how much the Role Player has fleshed out the backstory and description of their vampire character.  At any rate, taking on the persona of their Fictional Vampire might allow the Role Player to take on personality traits that they might not access in their day-to-day life.

This is partially what makes acting, impersonation…even such role play as found in Ren Faires and LARPing….very attractive.  This process allows one to mentally and energetically shift into personality traits at least temporarily, as a sort of relief from everyday life.  At very best, with enough practice, this will make those desirable personality traits easier to access in the normal day…in real-life scenarios, away from play-acting and role playing.

There are benefits to Role Playing, if performed with conscious direction.  Even if performed haphazardly, some benefits might manifest.  As someone who is invested in information exchange, the only thing I ask for is precise categorization of experience.




Witches, Vampires, Analogies, Degrees, Overlap and Levels…Oh, My!

Because I am a magician, metaphysician and an energy worker–I tend to use those models when I consider aspects within vampirism and how they all come together in the Vampire Subculture. I often find it helpful to explore the concepts and analogies found within the Magicians Communities and apply them to the Vampire Subculture–


Keeping in mind that spirituality is not the same as magick, I’ve found that I’ve strayed away from a lot of witchcraft and pagan groups that tend to focus on rituals and spellworking [practical magick] as opposed to activities that affect the personal evolution of consciousness and perception.  Low Magick vs. High Magick.

When I was new to the Pagan Community, I had very strong ideas about what “real” or authentic Witches were. I was biased towards particular traditions, beliefs and practices being true Witchcraft.  I had an emotional investment in the “other” traditions and practitioners NOT being authentic Witches, because I was the one REALLY practicing real Witchcraft.

As time went along, I realized that it didn’t matter how “authentic” any tradition was or how accurately some tradition was reconstructed from the “original” version.  It was more a matter of my personal journey.  For myself, my criteria for the usefulness of techniques and practices was based on the value of bringing me more peace, more silence, and the sense of spiritual connection.  And in the calm, if I can bring more love and joy into my awareness, then the practice has value to me.  In the silence, if I can relax into that feeling of expansion or connectedness/oneness, then the practice is something that I am going to keep and repeat.  I might explore a particular tradition only for the purposes of cultivating its practical parts for my own private routines.

As I’ve evolved my personal practices, I’ve left behind some techniques that no longer fulfilled my needs.  I wouldn’t say that I’ve “outgrown” them so much, because I wouldn’t want to imply that they are basic or inferior to where I am now.  As a child, I needed clothes in children’s sizes and my dietary needs (and tastes) were very different from what they are now.  I’m not better because my clothes are bigger or because my menu has changed.  I just need a different “fit.”

I’ve noticed that many magickal practitioners forget about grounding, centering and cleansing–almost as if they are basic-level techniques meant to be replaced or left behind, at some point.  Some seem to think that when you no longer use “basic” techniques, it means that you are obviously at an advanced level.

When I speak to someone within the Pagan, Witchcraft or Magickal Communities, I like to gauge where they are coming from.  Rather than show off what I know (or think I know), I think it is more useful to realize what it is that they can RELATE TO on an intellectual level.  While I might think a single-focused Eastern meditation might be a great solution for me, if I were in a similar situation to whatever it we happen to be discussing–someone who is just starting to perform grounding and working with the elements might not relate to a more Eastern-style of focusing on the emanations of Divine Energy.  Also, if someone has been practicing spirit evocation from Bardon’s work or summoning Goetic Spirits, my suggestion of astral projection to the Faery Queen’s realm might not ring as effective as a working method for them.

Simply put–the effectiveness of a technique or information relates to the degree to which we can relate to or identify with that information on a personal level.  Universal truth, historical accuracy or group agreement means very little to nothing, if the observer cannot relate to the information in a personal way.

Efficacy of any new techniques or information might not have as much to do with the source of the information as much as how well it fits into the Magician’s framework of reference.  In the Spirit Model of magick, there is the working assumption that all of the entities that we work with have an existence that is independent and predates the life of the summoner. This is one of the models of magick that makes sense to me.

However, there is also the Psychological Model of Magick. The basic idea echoes the concept that the world of experience (the world of the senses) is a reflection of the internally held thoughts, feelings and convictions of the observer.  The magician uses the ideas of gods, spirits and entities in symbolic ways…while the mage goes through the motions of ritual action, it is meant to move the internal psychological aspects that are symbolized by the mythology and the archetypes found within sorcery.

[Sharing my personal filter is important, so that others can understand where I am coming from and what my choices in perception are based in.  Personally, I am not so convinced that practices in metaphysical, magickal or spiritual activities is based on a continuum.  From my perspective, the human personality/experience is based on necessary limitation–filtering out awareness and identification with omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence in order to be able to identify with human likes, wants, preference and seeming obstacles.  The pathway to enlightenment is not formulaic…an exact pathway with the same guidelines, guideposts or process for everyone.  While systems of magick might have traditions that are standard, enlightenment is something almost accidental…it happens when one creates the conditions most conducive for the event, but not on anything resembling a set schedule.]

Although it is popular to believe that we are on a continuum throughout our series of lifetimes–that each life holds learning that is accumulative over the reincarnation of the soul, a Zen moment would release the individual consciousness from the limitations of the human personality.  There might not be “stages” in the necessary sense, like school grades that we have to pass through.  Awareness of the intellectual/philosophical “place” where an individual is at might be necessary to see what they can relate to at any given moment.

Even though I enjoy systems of magick and metaphysics, I am very aware that the conditions for enlightenment (spirituality) could as easily be found in a ritual meditation or in contemplating the beauty of my morning coffee.  So, following that mindset, I interact with others depending on what I perceive their framework to be, at that moment.  Again, I wouldn’t say that I see people on a continuum.  An individual could be practicing a particular religion their entire life, but still not clearly identify with Divine Love, even at the end of their life.  Whereas someone might be more eclectic and because they have spent more time contemplating Divine Love through various images from many different cultures, they might end their life having touched much higher spiritual planes.

I enjoy earth magick.  I love the physical tools of candles, stones crystals, ritual oils and all the arts and crafts of modern magick.  However, while I enjoy spellcrafting and everyday, practical magick…I am aware that it is not the same as spirituality, including evolution of spiritual awareness.

Not everyone online or in real life has an interest in personal and spiritual evolution.  Some of us only have an interest in occasional spellcrafting for practical purposes, to move objects and events in our everyday lives.  I will not criticize or disparage that.  I have my moments when I do the same.  So, when I am offering magickal/metaphysical information, I will gauge which framework the individual is currently working with and hopefully offer them the most liberating technique, tool or piece of information that I can give them…depending on how I intuitively discern their most immediate need.

Translating all of this to the Vampire Subculture–we have so many perceptions of what vampirism is…but, because I identify with metaphysics as the principle part of my framework, I will be addressing Energy Vampirism, more specifically.  (Respectfully, leaving the subject of sanguinism to others, at this point.)

Among the many variations, we have obligate vampirism on the level of nourishment-only.  We have some feeders who are primarily concerned with feeding for purposes of health, only.  There is very little concern for any other application beyond the basic health level.  That, or the vampire’s more spiritual metaphysical interests are independent of one’s energy vampirism.

There are some energy feeders who will go through their entire lives, feeding and being aware of their self-identification as a vampire as an occasional mental reference or superficial-level reference in group settings.

To give a context to my personal identification as a Vampire–I have my ideas about what is historically accurate and what I consider real vampirism. However, I am also aware of what the many other definitions of vampirism and Real Living Vampires are, as they are considered by the many members of the GVC.  Personally, I don’t care where the original “vampire” came from–whether it was a creature of mythos that energy feeders and/or blood feeders LATER became associated with…OR if it was the exaggerated/poetic retellings of actual feeders that became the mythology.  From my perspective, we are gathered under the umbrella of “Vampire” right here, right now as the loose subculture that we currently experience.  Whether or not there was a “true Vampire” at some point in history, I am looking at practical energy feeders and spiritually-oriented energy feeders as two distinct psychic creatures, identified by their natural tendencies.  As naturally occurring as clairvoyants or other types of magickally-tended creatures.

Some Vampires are very metaphysically-oriented and spiritually-propelled.  They are intuitively geared to keep expanding and climbing in terms of consciousness. Their spirituality is tied into their concepts of vampirism.

However, there are also some feeders who are geared to remain in the more practical, nourishment-only-focused aspects of vampirism.  For whatever reasons, their emotional and mental bodies are set up with so many justifications to stay focused on nourishment-only vampirism because it makes sense for their personality in this particular lifetime.  Not everyone is meant to become enlightened at the same time as everyone else in the same particular lifetime.  Just as with other lifetimes, the individual has chosen (or is “meant” to, according the individual soul’s purpose) to focus on a particular limitation or focus in terms of life’s passion or obstacles.  There might be value for some of us staying nourish-only in our lifetimes.

There might be secondary value or reasoning to NOT being spiritually-oriented that will be personally revealed at a later time.


When talking to other Witches and Metaphysicians, I share whichever series of meditations I’m working with…which one-pointed meditations I enjoy.  However, I know when to keep the references limited to rocks and herbs and candles…because that’s all that some audiences can understand and relate to.  Trying to “educate” too far beyond the student’s reach creates a separation between the would-be teacher and the intended audience.  Reminding the student of techniques already within their repertoire, we can still also offer newer information…but only when that information is relatively close enough to the student’s framework to seem like it could possibly make sense.

While I may go on to explore other definitions of vampirism to see if they are a better fit and DESCRIBE my experience as a better working definition–I will more than likely still acknowledge and offer information to the feed-only obligate faction of vampirism.

Tradition–Keeping It Old School or The Evolution of Our Rules and Practices?

What are our traditions in the Vampire Subculture? What exactly are these Old Ways and Teachings?

We use these terms much the same way that we use them in the Pagan and Magickal Communities. They refer to practices that we repeat within a particular context…or beliefs that we profess, as part of a particular group.

Because common usage sometimes veers off from formal definition–new “traditions” can be declared on the spot, with the intention or promise to repeat the practice again, in the future.

When traditions are upheld in the Vampire Subculture, there is no guarantee that the practices and beliefs are ancient ones or even very old.

I’ve heard references to “tradition” and “old ways” in ways that infer that the beliefs and practices are old, they are automatically beyond question and therefore indisputable. It’s a trick of language to label something as “old” to infer that it is long-standing because it must have intrinsic and time-proven value.

On one hand, if something is claimed as part of a long-standing tradition, it is fair for someone to be curious about the documentation or research which traces this practice or belief, over time.  There is nothing wrong with practices and beliefs being associated with a modern mythos or legend, as a storytelling technique–but, claiming an imaginary history to validate the value of a tradition is a bit misleading.

On the other hand, more modern traditions have no need of a long history if they have value in and of themselves.  Practices can have practical value–they can be a way of performing a metaphysical or physical activity that is useful.  They might not be traceable far back into history, but they might be the recommended practice within that group, because they work.

As far as practices which are not necessarily the most practical or effective, they might have more value on a symbolic level. Perhaps these practices are repeated because the founding or early members of the group practiced in such a manner. Repeating the same activity is a way of honoring the lineage and keeping connected to the group mind of the House.

As far as beliefs within a tradition go, they might sometimes be presented as fact or historical account that is passed down to later generations. While this might be the case at times–in other cases, there might only be validation for the belief in question because there is the false presentation of the belief as fact. We can think of this as a purely mental process–meaning that we are observing only the information that confirms our expectations–or as a metaphysical process–meaning that we are manifesting the thoughtforms of the beliefs in these traditions.

There is nothing wrong with having a standard set of practices and beliefs in one’s particular group, house or lineage. However, we should be aware and careful where language can be misleading. In paganism, we refer to “Traditions” when we refer to particular bodies [sets] of information–practices, mythos, deities, symbols and beliefs.  For the most part, pagans understand that it is a package of information that the individual adopts because it makes sense to them in their philosophical navigation through this world.  Traditions in paganism are optional and consciously chosen.

In contrast, many Modern Vampires often see themselves as born into vampirism–some of us see us as something more equivalent to a “sub-race” within humanity.  Vampirism is not chosen, not optional.  The “traditions” within the world of Vampirism could be mistakenly seen as being more obligatory, belonging to our heritage.  It is not like choosing between religions, where one has the option of changing between churches, as their understanding changes and grows.  Some people might feel that this is more like discovering that you are part of an “ethnicity”–you already belong and this is what your people have been doing for centuries. Many newbies find it believable that there might be long-standing lineages, with hidden wisdom–the most efficient practices and “beliefs” (which are implied to be “facts) are passed down in the form of traditions.

When pledging into groups, respect the ways of their organization. Discretely gauge which parts of their particular Tradition are negotiable, if you want the option of modifying the information. If non-negotiable aspects don’t mesh with your perception or experience, gracefully excuse yourself from the group and find another which nourishes your growth.



Some People Just Love To Argue…And Other Factors That We Ignore When Communicating With Each Other In The Vampire Community


[TRIGGER WARNING: It can be so easy to get defensive when reading about traits that some of us normally think of as negative. I am not accusing YOU, the reader. I am merely trying to point out that regardless of our best intentions and the best intentions of our companions, we can and do run across those personality types that seem uncooperative for their own reasons. I am not even referring to the entirety of any particular group. My references are to the possibilities of certain individual types within our groups. To be able to get through my thoughts on the subject, please read the majority of this article as if I am talking about “THEM,” not “YOU.”]


I think it might be fair to say that it is all about agenda. As individuals, we have our perceptions about what we would each like the Vampire Community to be–how we would like for it to operate. Whether or not we each take those actions to create the Community the way we want it, we all seem to have ideas.

There are two principal factors involved in our personal ideals. There is the end result–the form that we each want The Vampire Community to eventually take or how we envision it should be–and the steps that we are convinced must be taken to form the Community into what it should be.

In life, we tend to follow our personal agendas to create the situations and conditions that we think are best. We often work with others who have the same vision or similar goals or compatible goals in a cooperative effort to get our dreams fulfilled.  (A general exception to this rule is when we allow or help loved ones fulfill their ideals, even if they have nothing to do with our plans or our bigger picture.) This desire to help others fulfill their dreams might be subject to how much it interferes with our personal goals–unless helping this other person fulfill their goals IS one of our personal goals.

As humans, we tend to not help others who have goals that directly conflict, block or interfere with our own projects. Sometimes, we can even actively try to block others whose actions interfere with our personal goals.

In the Vampire Community, there are smaller networks of members whose projects work well with each other’s in our webs of contact, work and communication. When we have similar goals, ideals and projections of “how the VC should function”….we find harmony and cooperation. What gives the appearance that we might be able to work together harmoniously in all aspects of our community is the fact that some of us belong to more than one faction. Some Writers/Teachers attend Vampire Balls, are Life Stylers or LARP vampire-based role play games. There can be more than one faction of the Vampire Subculture enjoyed by the same Vampire. However, when one has a vested interest in one faction of the Community more than another faction, there might be a conflict of interest when our individual projects are brought up in community discussion or debate.

HYPOTHETICALLY–Someone from the Information/Support aspect of the Community might find it most important to share the practical feeding information that obligate energy/blood feeders need to live productive and healthy lives. To those of this faction, a secondary agenda might be disputing misinformation about real modern vampirism. We might want to spread factual information in very down-to-earth, practical terms. It is reasonable that from the perspective of the Information/Support group, some of us see Role Players, Life Stylers, and large Vampire events as perpetuating the public image of the Vampire as an overly-dramatic, fantasy-based figure rather than just someone who needs to ingest blood or perform particular metaphysical actions to live a healthy, normal life.

Someone from the Information/Support faction might have an attachment to the idea of shaping a public image of the Modern Vampire that is more “friendly”– divorced from the fiction of the movie, television or novel versions of the super-powered, undead, romantic character. If someone has an emotional investment, they might be in opposition to those that publicly portray themselves in a way that they might see resembling the Fictional Vampire.

HYPOTHETICALY–Someone from the Events/Business faction of the Community might be entirely focused on the sales factor or purely social aspect, to the point where they have a completely different agenda. If they have an investment in getting as many paying customers as they can get into an event (ball)….then, as far as they are concerned, everyone is a Vampire…as long as they pay entry price. The focus is not on passing accurate information, as much as it is in selling tickets and filling a room. Something similar can be found in selling fangs, contacts or costumes–making a sale is the bottom line. Community politics, public awareness might not have any importance, relatively speaking–beyond the community interactions necessary to build up numbers for advertising and ticket sales. The agendas of the Information/Support factions might not be important, at all–because they are not really relevant to sales.

HYPOTHETICALLY–There might be Materialist, Science-only, Physically-oriented Sangs that have a strong disbelief in the metaphysical. [These are not all Med Sangs. Some Med Sangs are very respectful. Some Med Sangs are metaphysically-oriented in other venues, outside of the study and exploration of the science-only approach towards sanguinism.] There are some science-only Sangs that want to focus on a practical exploration of the need to ingest blood, the benefits that derive from blood drinking, and the detriments that come from obligate blood feeders not ingesting enough blood over time. It is possible that the agenda of SOME of these Science-only Sangs is to want to be divorced from ALL metaphysical interpretation of vampirism, energy-feeding, role play and lifestyle–which could be considered all extraneous to their need for blood. While there are some Science-only Sangs that are very cooperative to other factions and individuals within the Subculture, there are also some that begrudgingly stay in the community because they wish to meet other Obligate Blood Feeders who might not find them otherwise and/or Donors. The less-cooperative Science-only Sangs might not willingly or pleasantly interact beyond the need to fulfill this agenda.

HYPOTHETICALLY–You might also run into those Psychic Feeders, Energy Feeders and/or Dual Feeders (energy and blood) who are militant in their stance that every Vampire in the Vampire World is really feeding off of energy. Those who have this absolute worldview insist that there is no such thing as the materialist perception that blood works like vitamins or medicine (food). To these Militant Metaphysicians, even those Vampires who feed off of blood are actually getting their nourishment from the energy behind the blood. Those people who do not agree with the metaphysical/energy interpretation are WRONG and need to be educated. For the Militant Metaphysicians, this is not a point of compromise. Their agenda is to have everyone agree with them. And if you don’t, this type might simply refuse to cooperate or be agreeable.

When we come across disagreeable types in the Community, sometimes there is very little that we can do to get their cooperation. This is simply a fact of life. In my humble opinion, it becomes more productive to stick to the smaller scale of working with those people who are willing to work on the relatively smaller (and possibly, more local) projects. A lot of little completed projects can offer more than constantly failing at making large projects work.

Besides these specific types that we find in the Community, there are also those people in the world who disagree with us just for the sake of being contrary. There are some personalities who simply enjoy conflict–whether that is because of a technique of feeding (Chaos Eaters) or because it simply natural for them to be conflictive or combative.


While we can’t control other people who find being contrary, conflictive or combative natural–if you find these qualities in yourself, there are some simple meditations to do to help alleviate them.

Prepare meditative space in any way which seems appropriate–For a more spiritual experience, cleanse the area with sage or salt water.  Create sacred space by casting circle or invoking guardians.  For a more casual working, make yourself some tea and simply get comfortable.

Meditate or contemplate in whichever manner seems correct for you.  Free associate, journal or meditate on your ability to get along with people in a more harmonious way. If you wish to work with imagery, perhaps imagine the energy of working and being with others in the GVC as a sort of colored light…or use some other image which represents your interaction with others.  Imagine, feel, sense the energy of working with others becoming more pleasant, flowing easier and more harmoniously to create mutually beneficial outcomes.  As images come and go, make them more positive in any way which that makes sense to your imagination.  Be creative with light, color, feeling and sound.

If you choose to work with meditative prompts in the form of questions, work with any of the following in meditation–What are the benefits to working with others?  How comfortable am I working in positive ways with others?  Am I okay getting along with others?  Are there more positive ways to interact with others, that is to benefit all involved?  Can I fulfill my goals in the easiest, smoothest way possible?

We don’t need everyone to agree with us.  Share your perspective in the Community. But do not be attached to everyone seeing the world through your eyes.



My Approach; My Perspective; Why I Get Confused In The GVC; And Why I’m Glad When I Just Don’t Take It As Seriously As I Used To


My perception of reality has changed quite a bit since I began my conscious spiritual journey as a teenager. I have explored what beautiful and dark places that there were in my psyche and my conscious personality. When I write, I do it with the intention that I am merely talking about my personal experience and my analysis of that experience. I do not believe that I am the norm or the typical version of anything. What I write about are my observations of what I see inside myself, my reactions and how I understand all of those concepts. I explore ideas and techniques and working conclusions. If some idea seems to fit better as a relative truth that I can relate to, then I adopt it.

I approach concepts like a chaos magician. If they seem practical in the sense that they provide more of a payoff or a benefit than one that I previously used, then I will adjust and let go of the older idea that was not as beneficial. If I cannot see very many benefits to an idea or technique OR if the detriments are glaringly outweighing any possible benefits, I might not explore the new idea in any great depth to begin with.

In the GVC, I have come across a range of personalities who have expressed their ideas through blogs, Facebook posts and direct communication with me. I’ve bought a few of their books and I’ve watched a few documentaries.  I’ve read articles.  Lots and lots of articles.

Despite any and all attempts to unify the “real vampires” of the GVC, I have come to understand that “vampire” is an umbrella term for the various human beings who have self-identified as one or another of the various interpretations of what a “vampire” is. As much as MY definition of what a Vampire is makes sense to ME, I have to admit that there are also many other definitions that I do not agree with. But, I respect that these are the self-definitions of the members of the GVC that share the community with me.

Personally, I don’t adhere to the “if you think you’re a vampire, you’re a vampire” concept. It makes more sense to me to work with the idea of a specific type of being that I think of as a Modern Vampire, so that I can distill and work with the information relevant to that self-conception in practical ways….for my personal well-being and evolution, as well as having relevant information to pass on to others like myself.

Admittedly, I also have my limitations as to where I will be comfortable sharing the Vampire “classification” with those other definitions and interpretations that lie outside of my own. When I first joined the community, I felt that I needed to defend the standard interpretation of The Vampire, as held by the groups that I was in. Now, I see our various interpretations of “The Vampire” as a grouping of various descriptions of blood- and/or energy-feeders.  Whether it was ORIGINALLY one or multiple of these kinds of creatures which were first classified as the Vampires of history–it is not as important to me to figure that out as is helping these types live and flourish NOW in our modern world.

Even when someone speaks of or writes about one “type” of Vampire being the true type or speaks about what are supposed to be our rules of conduct–I automatically interpret that as the speaker/writer talking about their personal perspective…what is important or relevant information to them.  (And their best guesses.) There is no one religion, religious book or philosophy which could possibly apply to Universal human experience. When the members of the Vampire Community speak about their experiences, interpretations and guidelines for rules of conduct–there is no way that I can take each commentary as Universal or absolute, even when the individual tries to represent it as such.

If I do not agree with someone else’s advice or analysis, I will probably be prompted to give my own ideas on the theme. I offer it as an alternative. Even if I do not mean it to be prescriptive in any way, I offer a variation to open the space for others to also have their variations in the same areas.

When we dismiss or argue that someone else’s conduct or information is wrong–we are SOMETIMES implying that their perception, interpretation, observation or analysis of their own experience is incorrect.  This idea might be underlying the additional idea that what they are saying is dangerous or unethical.  (I am not saying that there should be a free-for-all or that we should accept any and all claims of experience.  I think it might be more productive to keep in mind that sometimes SOME people are completely sincere in their estimation of their personal experience.  When we come up aggressively against that, we just end up arguing and don’t get anything productive accomplished.)

As far as dangerous activity goes, we find two levels on which we can encounter harm–physical and non-physical.  Common sense and common courtesy should be standards for everyone’s behavior before they ever enter the Vampire Community.  A standard of knowing what one can do with one’s body and system before any physical donation is involved, just seems like it should be a given.  My parents told me not to eat soap when I was a toddler.  I didn’t need to be reminded as a teenager, or anytime after that.

Working with the energetic/spiritual level is a little more subjective–as far as energy vampirism goes, I tend to find that I am on the edge of what I believe is safe behavior for a spiritual/energetic being.  Keeping that in mind, I don’t always contradict others’ interpretation of their experiences as wrong, as much as I keep in mind that their reference points and framework might be different than mine.

Besides our internal community arguments about what is the correct way to view and share our interpretations of Vampirism, and which information we should pass along to the newbies….we seem to argue quite a bit about how we should present ourselves [i.e., how we must look] to the amorphous society outside of our Community.

At the beginning of my stay in the GVC, I was very much concerned with how I thought that Vampires must look to the “outside world.”  Given, treatment of Vampires and those suspected of being Vampires will vary depending on region, culture and subculture.  Of course, I would recommend that anyone in any area or circumstance in which they would be in any sort of physical danger or threat of discrimination, should stay in the coffin.  But, here in my world, I am more likely to view the dangers of disclosure on a sliding scale.

In my case, I’m referring to my personal experience, again.  I am referring to my particular social environment.  I move within Chicano, as well as more Latin American cliques.  As a gay man in the particular latino subculture that I move in, we are sometimes referred to as brujas and vampiros, if only in a superstitious way….possibly because we are “otherworldly” to the larger heteronormative culture.  Within my local pagan community, I can come out as an energy feeder.  I have access to both a local Goth scene and a BDSM community that I can freely come out to as a blood drinker.  Considering the many venues in which I can openly self-identify, I find it hard to relate so much to the absolute warnings against how carefully I must present myself.  As absolute warnings, they don’t necessarily apply to MY personal experience–and because of my social conditions, might even limit my freedom of expression.

On that same note, there seems to be an admonishment to many figures [I keep watching people point at each other] of the GVC representing us in bad light.  I’ve belonged to other groups where we were thought to be “all the same” by the “society” outside of those groups…so I’ve recently burned out on the idea.  As a Chicano, I never thought of myself as “typical,” so I knew I was never representative of all Mexicans or Mexican-Americans, even when I saw the stereotypical Cholo or token Hispanic on television or movies.  As a gay man, I am missing the standard superpowers of being able to cook, clean, dress nicely and arrange objects at 90-degree angles to each other.  Even as a Witch, I became quickly drawn to energy work, so I missed out on memorizing a lot of planetary correspondences of the props and tools that we are associated with.

By the time that I got to the Vampire Community, I quickly got over the idea that there is a standard image of the Modern Vampire, so I’ve come to understand that there could never really be a good representative to the nonVampiric world.  To understand what a Vampire is, there needs to be the frame of reference in which Vampirism makes sense.  Vampirism is kooky to so many personal belief systems and philosophies outside of the GVC.  How seriously can I take our internal complaints, when I’m aware that not only that we can’t agree on how we should present ourselves to nonvampiric society….but, also when I am aware that SOME PEOPLE are prone to pick out the “bad behavior” in all walks of life and take those to represent our groups, races, religions and types, anyway?

We’ll never have the perfect representative that we can all agree on.  And the argument that so-and-so is a bad representation rarely goes anywhere beyond a bunch of arguing, until it’s time to complain about the next person.  Talking about how we should stick to the shadows is a dead complaint.  Someone took the lid off of Pandora’s Jar and it’s too late to put us back in.  It might be more productive for those complaining to provide a “better” representation of the GVC, as they define it.  Even if we have many different representations of the Vampire, then at least we could make it clear that we are as varied as any other group or community–with our serious, well-spoken, sincere members as well as all the others.

Venting about a problem or situation is useful, if it is part of the process to coming up with possible solutions.  Complaining about something, without resultant action, is a waste of time that could have spent on other things.

I think that our debates and discussions are good, even if we do not agree on particular interpretations being the correct ones.  It keeps those ideas in the air.  It keeps information moving.  It gives newbies and searchers the impression that there are that many concepts floating around and that they would benefit from exploring them rather than just accepting the first ones they encounter as gospel truth.


Edumucating The Masses: A Golden Apple For The Teachers


I love being part of the information network of the Vampire Community.

We share practical information about feeding, along with other material, to help Modern Living Vampires live healthy, fruitful lives. Another part of our function is that we educate the non-vampiric masses about the reality of what it is to live with vampirism–what it constitutes and what it does not.

Much of our information is readily available on our blogs, websites, online groups…a lot of it for free. But, how much good are we actually doing? Are we actually making a difference to anyone?

The amount of negative response seems almost overwhelming, at times.  It often makes me question whether I am offering accurate, helpful or positive information. For the most part, I am sharing my perspective as a completely personal one. I am going by my own experience and sometimes those of my friends, who also share their original content online.  I often reiterate that I am not any sort of spokesperson for the modern Community.  I am not a textbook Modern Vampire.  I also make it clear that while I have my ideas about what I consider Vampirism–there are many others who hold their contrasting and varying opinions and interpretations.

As part of an unofficial collective of writers, I am aware of the large amount of written and spoken material available on Sanguinism, Energy Vampirism and a variety of other vampire-related topics. It would seem that with all that information so easily accessible, one might think that we should have a lot more smoother interactions in our online and in-person groups.

I suspect that because I am so focused on information-sharing, on the groups that share information and the teachers and speakers…it seems almost odd to me that other people would come into the community and not want to focus on taking in as much information as they possibly could on vampirism, weighing it out and coming to their own working interpretation of the spectrum of experience.

As it currently stands, The Vampire Community and The Online Vampire Community are not carefully and rigidly structured–regardless of what they were ORIGINALLY intended to be. The Community is a loosely connected web of groups (virtual and in-person), people and events.

On the part of the teachers/educators and every other person that enjoys sharing information–my interpretation is that we share that information which we sincerely feel brings a benefit to other Modern Vampires’ lives.  The hazard is when we look for positive feedback to let us know that we are sharing relevant and helpful information.  We can make the mistake in assuming that the people who need our information the most, who benefit from it (immediately or in the future) are also able to articulate themselves or simply are not too shy to speak up.  It is difficult to speak through and hear through the larger amount of negative feedback, response and drama that floods the communication lines…simply because Modern Vampires are still human….and most humans are negative.

At risk of sounding cynical–it seems that there is a lot more negativity in this world than there is positive energy and encouragement.  Just by virtue of people tending to express more of this negative energy, we will run into more discouragement than encouragement from others.  This negativity seems to outweigh (and sometimes drown out) the positive reinforcement and encouragement that we also receive for our efforts.

When I share my observations and my perceptions, I speak from my personal experience.  I share what makes sense to me on an intellectual level.  I share which experiments I perform on a magickal, energetic level and which working conclusions I have thusfar come to.  When I come up against criticism and/or contrary views or information–I give myself time to process whatever my initial reaction/response is….then, I question and analyze everything.

On my side–I question whether what I share might be helpful to someone in a practical way.  By this, I question whether it might be some piece of information that someone could apply to their life in some way (on a mental, emotional or physical level) or that it might simply be something inspirational, affecting their mood in a positive way.

With any criticism that I receive for my articles, I do consider if there might be any truth behind that critique.  Before I consider those words, I look back at what I’ve written.  Is what I wrote relatively true, according to my interpretation of my personal experience and analysis of that experience?  Even if this personal account or interpretation is not common among the masses, is it possible that my account or perception might validate or be helpful to someone else in the world?  If the answers to my set of questions are that I was being true to myself and that I can honestly perceive that my information will find the right person that needs it at the right time for them, then I am at peace with my sharing.

How practical is it to reiterate the guidelines of common sense, disclaimers of safety and responsibility (physical and/or energetic) with each of my articles?  What about the idea that anything that I have to say could be “dangerous” or “unethical” to the reader or student?  My answer to that is that I won’t ever share anything that any reasonable adult would endanger themselves doing.  I am not responsible for any other adult not having common sense or using their ability to research any activity and its safety parameters before they engage in that activity.  I cannot be responsible for anyone’s recklessness or for someone who is not of their right mind.

If I had the responsibility to keep someone safe, I would be able to control what sort of information they had access to and what sort of activity they engaged in.  I cannot be responsible for someone that I don’t have control over.  Give me absolute control over someone, then I would be happy to be responsible for them.

As a teacher (someone who offers information), I will act in a way that is respectful and true to what I feel is right, at all times.  I do not need to perform in any way, with the intention of gaining approval…nor am I going to perform in a way of trying to gain someone’s disapproval, as a stealth act of rebellion.

Here’s where I admit that it gets tricky.  On one hand, I want the freedom for all Living Modern Vampires to be able to live freely in a way in which we can easily share information relevant to our real-life scenarios.  This includes being able to speak of, find and engage with willing donors and the uneducated/unenlightened vampires in a much easier fashion.  This would be the ideal.

However, while we are still working towards these ideals of safe/practical networking in the world, we need to be aware of what we are currently working in and with in the present moment.  What we are working with is a society of varying personalities, belief systems and prejudices.  In terms of the non-vampires, we need a certain degree of normalization of Vampire activity–to where we can reveal ourselves as necessary for purposes of practical function in the world and to make ourselves available to awakened/unawakened kindred, when we see it as fit, on a case by case basis.

As long as we educate with sincerity and constantly weigh the value of revealing and sharing information against any possible desire to shock our audience, we might be outweighing the negative feedback with benefits in the world.



The Power and Problem of Sarcasm In The Vampire Community


Here’s the problem–I can be a very sarcastic person.

(No matter which community I’m participating in.)

And here’s the good thing–my sarcasm is part of my humor and creativity.

I’ll admit that I’m not the most consistent person. I might fluctuate on my behavior, depending on circumstance, personal mood, what I’ve had to eat physically and otherwise.  And I’ll also admit that I will let friends and closer associates get away with more bad behavior than people that I might know more casually or not at all.

Here’s the situation–I have many moments when I care about being helpful to others. As a self-identified Psychic Vampire, I care about my fellow Energy Feeders and Blood Feeders. As a metaphysician and energy healer, I care in general about all people being healthy, happy and growing into their spiritual awareness.

AND…because I am not completely enlightened (yet), have a human personality and a dry sense of humor…I am not always completely altruistic. I have a wicked sense of humor. I believe that I can be helpful and caring, when it seems the most appropriate. But, some of my more sarcastic reactions are saved for my private walls–sometimes out of context, without revealing the prompting scenario.

Speaking for my own experience, it seems that even though I do want to be helpful and give useful information to fellow Modern Vampires and help spread factual/relevant information about modern understanding of blood/energy vampirism–receptive and intelligent audiences are not always uniform throughout the internet and in-person worlds. Even with the best of my intentions, sometimes the simple truth is that people DO NOT WANT my information, as I understand and offer it.

In the Vampire Community–“aspirants” ask to be “turned,” others want validation that they are born special, and still others simply want confirmation that they are Vampire–even if their working definition is different than mine. Others just want to be accepted as part of a Community. My general intention is to provide the actual blood/energy feeders with appropriate and practical feeding information, to offer alternatives to non-vampires (when they “want to be” vampires) and educate the public with my particular interpretation and understanding of modern vampirism. Those are my working ideals.

However–I’ve noticed that not everyone wants to be told that they are wrong with their self-identification.  Sometimes, members want to argue when I don’t give them a “quick solution” by turning them. Upon disagreeing with my interpretation, I’ve had people drop the conversation, repeatedly insist that they are vampires, insist that I turn them or just not follow through on the alternative suggestions I give them. At some point, it started to feel like a timed game for me–how can I give this person the most useful information in the smallest amount of time, with the expectation that this is the only time that they will ever talk to me?

I eventually got burned out on that idea. My observation of people in-person (offline) and online is that people can be way more complicated than what their surface actions and conversation shows. They can have heavy emotional investments in their ideas–what they WANT to be true. They might not have the conscious recognition of what the motivating factors are in their convictions, only the surface NEED to have their beliefs be true. Not everyone is reasonable or completely conscious in their interactions with those of us in the Community.

So….let’s bring this all back to the SARCASM in our online Vampire Community. There is no rule that everyone has to be welcoming, warm and kind to everyone that wanders into the Community. We have our individual rules in our individual online groups and houses–so, we have our range of responses to the comments and statements that come up in our online forums. There are some members that I tend to avoid in the OVC–I’ve blocked a few. There are other members who I tend to avoid responding to, because they just seem so abrasive. Then, there are some of my friends who can be a little abrasive, when presented with apparent trolling–but, will respond kindly to more believable newcomer questions and remarks. Personal interactions on our Facebook walls aside, I’ve noticed that the sarcasm tends to come out in two types of threads, in general.

The first type of discussion that comes up is that within a heated debate–sarcasm usually comes up in the form of “how can you possible think that?”-spirit of response. During a heated discussion, we are usually arguing among intellectual equals or, at least, between those of us who have strong backbones and thick skins. In this context, the fighting ground is relatively fair–the bigger boys and girls who can serve it, as well as take it. Sarcasm can be served both ways by people who can hold their own.

The second kind of scenario where sarcasm is used in our groups is in response to a single poster’s comment or question–in which the poster says something which is considered outlandish…or seemingly a statement that a troll or role player would say. A popular activity that I’ve seen is when a post will be answered by a lot of eye-rolling and “oh, this again”-kind of responses. The first problem I tend to notice with this is that there is an almost instant camaraderie that people try to form by ganging up on the original poster. Given, some of these claims, questions and comments might seem outlandish–but, I tend to be cautious of those that jump on the sarcasm thread to gain instant credit in a sort of “mob mentality.”

The system is not a perfect one–there are trolls, people who know perfectly well how self-identified Modern Vampires define terms and understand ourselves.  Trolls provoke by asking ridiculous questions, even though they might know perfectly well how we use definitions and how we understand concepts.  Then we have the people who genuinely do not know how we define terms and concepts, have a fantastical (fictional) view of vampires and vampirism….and are mistaken in their self-identification or want to be transformed into a Fictional Vampire.  Those two groups alone make legitimate members of the GVC defensive and sometimes combative, when we perceive someone who is trying to deceive our community.

The problem with this is that we sometimes make assumptions about how real Obligate Sanguivores and Obligate Psychic Feeders are supposed to behave and respond.

Although this is not a universal understanding, my personal interpretation is that obligation to feed does not guarantee any other personality or intuitive traits.  In my experience, I am an obligate energy feeder, so I am using my personal history as a gauge for what is possible (though, not an absolute) in the psychic vampire personality.  I perceive that I have always had a need to feed on energy.  I personally have not always had the same degrees of the same knowledge and information that can be found in a seasoned member of the Community.  However, I wouldn’t ask such outlandish questions in public forums, like some members do.

As part of the Magickal/Pagan Community, we would explore the limits of possibility in a methodical manner.  Claims of the paranormal and metaphysical were put to the test through reasonable amounts of time preparing and executing magickal technique.  Part of this framework for discernment translates fairly neatly over to the topics, claims and beliefs of the Vampire World.

While I tend to lean over towards giving people the benefit of the doubt, I actually rely on my harsher and less forgiving counterparts in the Community.  In the bigger picture, it seems that we very much perform the good cop/bad cop scenario.  The aggressive and abrasive of us call out those of us who might not be the most sincere.  And then there are those of us who are more gentle in our approach–we are the ones that will take in those that want the important teachings of the Modern Vampire.  Hopefully, those who really are obligate feeders have the instinct to find like-minded kindred and continue searching in the Community.  Maybe the push and pull of interaction in the Community is like the push and pull of washing the soil out of a dirty cloth–eventually, in all the motion, something will come out clean.



Why I Think It’s A Good Idea For Me To Keep Talking About Vampire Types–


[Original title: Why I Think It’s A Good Idea For Me To Keep Talking About Vampire Types, Even Though It Seems To Irritate Some of My Colleagues]

[…but the entire title wouldn’t fit on the t-shirt.]

In the time that I’ve been actively participating in the Vampire Subculture, I’ve seen strong reaction from members that have a problem with using vampire type subcategories. While I have my reasons why I think it is a good idea to be specific about particular subdivisions, I have to make some assumptions about why others have a problem with breaking down Modern Vampires into subcategories.

One argument that some members have for not using subcategories (and for leaving all Modern Vampires to be considered as “Vampires,” without any subdivisions) is that it supposedly creates a division in the community. My disagreement with this concept is that divisiveness is a personality technique that many people use anyway–even if the rest of us stick to describing everything and everyone in the most general, unifying terms possible. These divisive personalities will find some other reason to break up the subculture into camps and sides, for some other reasons, if they really want to.

I have an analytical approach to looking at other peoples’ experiences. Personally, I want to understand and acknowledge the individual’s experience, including their personal interpretation and understanding of that experience. I can perceive the different aspects that make up a person’s reality and honor them, without using the excuse of differences as a reason to distance myself from them. The details of a person’s life are the tones and shades of the colors in the tapestry of their reality. Some of us can enjoy the differences between people, and not use those differences as an excuse to judge, villanize or distance ourselves from those that are different.

I can look at the particular details of someone else’s story, still have my own preferences, AND still not judge them for their interpretation and perceptions. If I have a personal dislike for any individual’s experience, it is because they are doing something which I find negative. I might not agree with a particular activity, or it is not to my taste.  It is not simply because I need to be in opposition to anyone else.

Let us be honest about our individual experience under the collective term of Modern Vampirism–accepting at face value that everyone who calls themselves a “vampire” is a “vampire” is only useful for the party and role player scene. We need to use subcategories to focus on meeting needs for the subgroups that our needs naturally put us into.  Some of us focus on the information network that we’ve built–sharing articles on research and ongoing theories, as well as the social web necessary for personal support.  There are two very distinct aspects to the Vampire subculture–the information network and the social events scene.

Obviously, sang feeders need to know very technical aspects of sang feeding for practical reasons. In the realm of energy feeding, the reasons for needing to know whether one really has a need for feeding on an energetic level are a little more complicated. Let us define our terms and clarify what is energy vampirism–

On spiritual, psychic and astral levels–humans take and exchange energy all the time. This is a normal non-physical experience. In some metaphysical schools, we use the term “energy vampire” to describe those people who need a higher amount of energy than normal; who fare better by feeding directly from the energy of fellow human’s energy systems; AND who often have energy systems that automatically feed from the energy systems of those around them, when they are in need of that energy.

There are some schools of metaphysics which view the condition of vampirism as a sort of illness, a defect in the energy system. In this context, the concept of “temporary vampirism” is something that can be cured. The need for an auric system to automatically drain those around themselves would indicate a temporary condition which could be fixed. However, if after repeated attempts at curing energy vampirism does not take care of the condition, one has to make room for the possibility that the Energy Vampire (or Psychic Vampire) is just simply another type of human on the spiritual spectrum.

To the advanced practitioner of metaphysics, we make room for the idea that while we can definitely (and should) make use of the practical information and spiritually-theoretical information that we have–as humans, it is arrogant to assume that if we do not understand something completely or cannot yet measure it, it surely must not exist. Not that we should also take everything at face value, but that some things in life are on a sliding scale….and are valuable to work with on a conceptual level….in some cases….for some people.

There are some members of the Vampire Community who assume that there are non-Vampiric humans and “Vampires”.  To lump all “Vampires” into the same category with all of the same needs is just as unhelpful as lumping non-Vampires into the same category and ignoring that their needs might vary, depending on their individual history and current physical and psychological makeup.

If we see energy feeding as an activity in all humans, on the spiritual level–we can use another psychic activity as an analogy.  While any human can see clairvoyantly, if they have the conviction that they are able to do so and are able to remove those mental and emotional obstacles which are contrary to their success in seeing–there are humans who consider themselves Clairvoyants because this talent seemed to be inherently accessible without having practiced it before any of their seemingly SPONTANEOUS clairvoyant experiences. The same goes for those people who consider themselves “natural Witches”, healers or anything else which falls within the realm of the supernatural, psychic, magickal or energetic phenomena that is experienced by humans. In metaphysical teachings, everything is a choice on higher levels of consciousness….but, relative to how we describe “choice,” “conscious choice,” and “karmic obligation”; some conditions of physical life seem to be unchangeable while we are still in our physical lifetime.

There are some people who are born into this reality with the predisposition to feed energetically on their fellow humans. There is still a discrepancy in the description of “vampires” beyond this basic qualifying condition–which is open for debate in other venues–but for now….I will focus on the trait of “necessary feeding,” as understood in metaphysical terms.

One of the biggest arguments is whether we should categorize Modern Vampires under subgroups. What seems to be one of the most common counter-arguments is that it creates a divisiveness in the subculture. Again, my response to that is that it is possible for me to know everything about another person that is different from myself, but to respect those differences and still find the common ground between us. I am not that extraordinary, so this indicates that this is a possible capacity for response in most of my fellow humans. Also, I’ve found others who are part of my same “groups” (racial, sexual orientation, gender…) that still go out of their way to focus on the differences between us and create that sense of separation because of those differences–this is a technique of a particular personality type.

To be fair, I am the type that is more concerned with the needs of the individual that is interacting with me in the moment.  I am not so much concerned with the needs of presenting a unified front as a gathering of “Vampires.,” if that means completely sacrificing the needs of the individual in the moment of communication.  My personal interpretation of myself as a “Modern Vampire” is that I have been drawn to this umbrella group and will function in that group in a way that is honoring my interpretation of what a Modern Vampire is….or should be. With the assumption that there are many interpretations, just as there are many justifications, for being a participating member of this subculture….I will be completely clear about my personal perspective in being part of this community.

Regardless of what brought me to the community, I find myself in it, at this moment. The Modern version of our global community might have started with a particular vision, but we find ourselves in this current version with the mix of personalities, groups and agendas as it currently stands. Some of us draw on a history or mythos older than our modern subculture. We have our mix of serious scholars and historians, philosophers, thinking members….and our lifestylers, role players and plain-out deluded. There are some of us who interpret and re-interpret Modern Vampirism with little or no reference to the historical, fictional or traditional Vampire.

According to the definitions of some members of the GVC, I might not be a Vampire/Modern Vampire, at all. This is actually okay, with me. I did not come into the community learning about what a Vampire/Modern Vampire was and trying to fit myself into the description. I came in through the metaphysical hallway, putting together an understanding of my experience, and coming into the GVC–being told that there were others like me…Energy Feeders…gathering under the umbrella name of Psychic Vampires or Vampires.

I came in from my experience as an energy worker. In my paradigm, we want to know as much as information as we can, so that we can specifically target issues and offer specific remedies. In magick, we learn about specific correspondences in order to work with energies which correspond to specific manifestations. While it is completely legitimate to pray to Jesus and use Reiki….for some of us, it makes more sense to use blue prana to cool down pain and Venus on a Friday to manifest a more heart-oriented love relationship. Specifics matter for purposes of communication, focus and need.  We work with recipes, dealing with specific ingredients and how they interact with each other.



Bringing this back to our original topic of Vampirism, we use specific types of qualifiers when we want to share specific details about feeding or to discuss issues specific to that particular type of feeder. Regardless of some opinions, everyone who gravitates to the Vampire Subculture might not all be the same kind of spiritual/energetic/psychic creature.

From the viewpoint of the metaphysician, someone who needs to energetically feed (an Energy Vampire) and someone who does not, relies on different energy structures. When viewed clairvoyantly, psychically or through other means….not everyone has the same psychic structure. Whether considering the energy bodies, the chakra system, the meridian system or any other non-physical spiritual/psychic system…the energy system of an Energy Vampire or Psychic Vampire will have some issue or be structured very differently than that of someone who is not an Energy Vampire.

In terms of energy structures and healing issues, we are born into this world with different focuses, issues that need to be healed, disorders and so on. One person might be born with a throat chakra issue or a karmic need to learn to be more outspoken–this person will have more energy directed to and moving through their throat chakra until the issue is resolved. Another person could come in to this incarnation with issues with sexual expression–this being will need to direct more energy and deal with life situations which involve sexual energy, possibly issues of control or validation. Depending on the life lessons, karmic debts and thoughtforms….each individual’s energy system will be set up with trends and tendencies which affect what kind of energy one works with in this lifetime and how they are specifically working with it.

To target, heal and possibly relieve each person of their karmic/healing issues, it is extremely important to know the actual conditions and possible causes to create a healing plan. Even if we do not necessarily think of Energy Vampirism as any sort of disorder that needs to be healed, there might be needs that are very specific to the individual’s energy system that need to be considered.  Another way to think of it is as an analogous to a physical body needing a specific type of diet–not that it is an illness or disorder, so much as it is a situation or condition not standard to the majority of the people.

Someone might be in this incarnation to work with their sexual chakra, sexual issues or sexual energy more than the average person. This might set up their energy system to need to work more in one area of life, with one particular energy much more than any of the others.  The situation of the particular “Vampire” might be more specific than being incarnated as a general “feeder”….but that their particular “dietary needs” might be geared towards a specific life area, some sort of cosmic metaphor or need to focus on a particular part of reality that their vampirism brings their attention to.

Personally–when I am talking to others in the Vampire subculture, I am not interested in celebrating the fictional vampire, partying in vampire costumes and flashing fangs, or role playing. That’s just me. I am interested in living as functional and productive a life as I can, under the description of myself as an Energy Vampire, as I understand that. This is the area of information that I have the most to offer. To help other Energy Vampires and Sang Vampires, I need to discern what they need from me.

My focus is on service through communication, not partying.

And just as I need to collect information when performing energy healing, to discern what kind of information I need to share–I focus on the needs of the Feeder in front of me. This might include discerning which specific feeding needs that they have–beyond discerning the specific needs for their type, I have no other need to divide us into any subcategories for any other reason.


How To Get Your Needs Met In The Vampire Community

Welcome to the Vampire Community.
Please excuse the mess. We are currently under the process of reconstruction….uh, renovations…uhm, no, no…some areas are being reconstructed, but then we have some wonderful sitting areas that are just fine. Have you seen our libraries? We have a variety of libraries to choose from. Some even serve alcohol.
To make your stay in the Vampire Community as productive and pleasant as possible, we recommend that you spend a few minutes deciding on what it is that you need and want from the Community, at large. No need to be shy. The only right answer is the honest one.  The more clear you are about which areas you need to be educated in, the quicker you can be directed to the appropriate sources. 
Regardless of how the Modern Vampire Community started…regardless of how mythology defines what a “real vampire” is…regardless of how society understands or misunderstands us….we find ourselves drawn the umbrella group of the GVC, under the various ways of what Vampires, Modern Living Vampires and Real Living Vampires are currently defined as.
We find ourselves gathered on one common ground. The most productive way to spend our time as a group is to respect our various needs and fulfill them to the best of our abilities in ourselves and the newer members that enter our Community. That being said, being perfectly honest about one’s needs comes under the assumption that one has the ability to know, understand and accept what one’s real needs are….and to separate those real needs from one’s wishes and desires.
In this case, the possible problems are that not everyone has the ability to know what is their real needs are….how to communicate them properly to others…and that the other members will accept their communication of those needs, at face value.  Keeping this in mind might help the newcomer take care to express their needs more clearly and to not take any disagreement so personally.
Another mistake that many people make is that they assume that everyone else has the insight and the emotional clarity to understand their own internal psychological processes. Along with this is the additional mistake that some people assume that everyone is respectful of other people’s interpretations of their needs and experience.  Do not assume that EVERY member of the GVC is self-aware, accepting of other’s experience, an expert in any or all fields, or even necessarily helpful.  Allow each person to reveal their best qualities, while not holding it against them that they are still human, with possible human shortcomings. 
The GVC is more of a jungle–OVC and in-person VC, alike. We have our pockets and islands of civilization, but not every area is friendly and cooperative. (This just sounds like the rest of the world to me.) I don’t recommend developing a “thicker skin” to any newcomer.  Either you have one or you don’t. People who try to fake having a thicker skin, when they have actually have a “thin” one….are those sensitive types who are going to pretend that they are not reacting to every little stimulus–when they are actually overreacting internally, until they finally explode (or implode).
If other people’s words trigger your internal reactions, the best thing that you can do is explore which INTERNAL associations you have with those words and concepts and how they are linked to EARLIER events and memories, in your personal history. Strong emotional reactions might be linked to pre-existing mental and emotional thought processes….the associations between current words, images and events and what they remind you of in your personal history.
Kind and helpful people are where you find them. There is a mix of intense personalities in the GVC. Some are cooperative. Some are hostile. Just like the mix of people in the world outside of the GVC. If you don’t find what you need in a particular group–online or in-person–separate yourself from those people and keep looking. On the flipside to that, keep in mind that most of us in the Vampire Community are not being paid to interact with others, so any time/attention/information that is being shared is based on the generosity of those members sharing. Be gracious and appreciative for anything that another member of the GVC shares with you.
And finally, be aware of your personal need for feeling special.  We are navigating through life, together. Give up the need to try to make others validate you or make you feel special. Regardless of what some of us make it look like, this is not the contest to find the next Dracula.  Stop competing.  Stop posing.  Stop flexing–hoping that someone will recognize your amazing powers, that you are descended from vampire royalty, that you’re an old soul, that you’re on a mission from Lilith.  We are all equal as feeders, although we might have different dietary needs. If there is a subconscious, unconscious, unspoken need to feel special….keep in mind, that there are probably PLENTY of other members of the GVC who are at the same level of emotional need to feel the same thing. I won’t tell someone to give up the need to FEEL special–feeling special is completely and more directly fulfilled through private, internal methods.  Feeling special through the validation of others only fulfills one, temporarily.
We have plenty of members in the GVC; but keep in mind that true Elders, Teachers and Leaders are few and far between.  Just because one runs a group, a House or sets themselves up in any position with any title does not mean that they have anything of substance to offer.  As a newcomer, be courteous and respectful….if only because you are entering their territory….and allow each teacher to show you what they have to offer.  If you need to take your leave from them, do it with grace and dignity.  What you need might not all be found in one place, but rather stitched together from different places.