The Vampire Personality, Emotions and Playing Nice With Others

The Vampire Personality, Emotions and Playing Nice With Others

When I think of the biggest obstacle to everyone getting along in the OVC/VC, it is the abrasive personalities that come to mind. Particular topics or even disagreements of philosophy aren’t the first things that come up….I’ve seen members discuss subjects, without the need to be argumentative.

One of the ideas that newcomers are not introduced to is the concept that there are actually benefits to getting along with everyone else in the larger community. There is some overlap between the VC and the Pagan Communities. In the Pagan Communities, self-responsibility for one’s internal reactions [*the causes for one’s external behavior*] is emphasized in the better teaching groups, covens and circles. In the Vampire groups which have a spiritual/metaphysical/religious slant, the idea of self-responsibility for one’s emotions….which drive one’s external behavior….is pointed out.

In Nature, the human seems to be one of the only animals who is not taught how to be an adult, how to survive completely in the world when they are grown. As humans, we will have to deal with other humans who have their own complex systems of reactions and responses–some of which are highly illogical and/or highly emotional. Quite a few vampires forget that we are still human….and even if they don’t want to think of themselves as humans, that they live with their own ego/mind with it’s emotional triggers and flaws….much as other humans do. And even for those Vampires that do not identify with THAT concept, we need to keep in mind that we still interact with other people who are still moved by their emotional reactions and personal thought processes.

Most of us are not taught how to get along in groups. The earliest structures many of us have are our families. Here, we could have learned the idea that one person has supreme control or authority over everyone else. Perhaps, there is another under them who is second in command, having authority over the rest of the group, but still subservient to the primary ruler. Whether there are older siblings or relatives, or those with stronger personalities, we might learn that we have to fight or get loud to be heard or to get our way. Some of us might pick up peaceful, efficient ways of communicating with others….but in some situations, those argumentative habits might still come in. They worked at some points….sometimes, they still seem to work, in the short term.

The validation for confrontation, aggressive or passive-aggressive behavior is reinforced in the outside world. This, coupled with other factors, makes it seem that abrasiveness can often be a valid response by the time one comes into the OVC. Sometimes, we confuse hostility or aggression for Power. When we were small, we often felt powerless in the face of an angry, aggressive figure–they seemed dangerous. On some level, we equate that aggressiveness with having power over others. If we can intimidate others, then we have Power over them….and therefore, we are more Powerful.

In folk tales and stories, we hear of the Vampire as the predator. For the most part, the Vampire is a monster. He hunts, he attacks, he eats. There is nothing redeeming or kind about the traditional, mythological figure. In modern fiction, the Vampire has become a beautiful monster….he could kill and destroy, when he chooses to. He is not always a danger, but he is always a threat. It is the fear of the possibility of him turning on the others that makes him powerful. His scariness translates into power.

Whether a new, incoming member of the OVC/VC actually needs to consume blood or energy, mistakenly believes that they are a Vampire (and they actually do not have the need to feed vampirically), or are a role player….as soon as they interact with others in the community, they are–for all intents and purposes–members of the OVC. For better or worse, they are in the network and are interacting with non-Vampires and Vampires, alike. It is impossible to completely weed out or separate the non-Vampires from the Vampires, the Sanguines from the Hybrids and Psy Vampires….so, to be as functional a network as possible, it might be helpful to address that which keeps the individual member from interacting as peacefully and calmly as possible in the group.

We act out of emotion….the stronger the negative emotion, sometimes the more (seemingly) uncontrollable our abrasive responses are towards others. Because our minds are so good at trying to justify our personal behavior, we sometimes think of our anger or aggressiveness as our Vampire “Beast”. While Vampires can legitimately experience The Beast, at times….it has become almost fashionable to excuse any and all aggressive behavior as “The Beast” of some other manifestation of the Vampire personality.

When one is hungry, from having ignored the call to feed, the Vampire needs to take care of themselves and feed on the appropriate substance. Get offline, collect yourself as best as you can, and ambient feed (psy) or find a donor or blood substitute (sang). Attempting to interact with others in a reasonable manner for purposes of discussion, when you are hungry, is as bad as food shopping when you missed lunch or going into a singles’ bar when you are horny. Just don’t do it.

Be aware of why you want to interact with others in the Vampire Community. What is your motivation? What is your intention? What do you need to receive–support? information? donors and contacts? The more that you can get along with others, the higher the chances are that you can get what you need from the VC. Acting out of your emotional issues will only turn people off from you….and you are left with nothing but a bunch of drama.

For those of us who are born Vampires….I would love to believe that there is something inherently noble and magickal about us. There might be. There could be. And then again, it might be something that we need to cultivate, something that blossoms after we clear out our personality flaws and emotional wounds. It could very well be that we have the potential to be something bigger than human, if we consciously work on it. I won’t take it for granted that since I am aware of my vampirism that I don’t need to also work on my personal growth….to become a better vampire, a consciously spiritual person, an enlightened being.


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What Would It Be Like If There Were No Vampire Community?

What Would It Be Like If There Were No Vampire Community?

The first concept I consciously had of the Vampire was Bela Lugosi’s Dracula. This was back when I watched the black-and-white movie on television, with my Mother. The earliest images I had to work with were of the Fictional variety. I had no idea about real Sanguines and Psychic Vampires, at the time. I heard of brujas in Mexico who sucked the life-force out of plants. My Grandma gave me a vague idea of energy transference, when she would tell me to give her my “sickness”, whenever I was ill. But, the word “Vampire” was never attached to either activity.

I don’t remember a time in my childhood when I was not low energy. I was constantly sick and almost always tired. The doctor never found anything extremely wrong with me, beyond allergies and asthma. I was just told to eat and exercise more. I always had some occasional psychic impressions….but, because there were no clues that would lead me anywhere towards psychic vampirism, I started to explore metaphysics to give my conditions a context and possibly heal them.

Sci fi and Fantasy fiction had plenty of Vampire figures–but they were so beyond human, so beyond the capacity of possibility, that it was only within the realm of my daydreaming to be one of them. In real life, an “emotional vampire” was someone who kept your attention engaged with their stories of how badly they felt or how dramatic their life-situations were, that you were taken on an emotional roller coaster ride….and left feeling emotionally drained by the end of their visit. An “energy vampire” was very similar, in that they took up your time and attention with their neediness, until again, you were left devoid of resources and physically tired by the end of their visit. Neither of these variations of the “vampire” were mystical or metaphysical, and neither one was appealing to emulate.    Various people have told me that I was an empath, over my lifetime. People said that they could tell that I absorbed emotions and negative energy. Someone described it as they felt that when we hugged, I was taking energy that they no longer needed from their chakras, as a sort of automatic and instinctive healing.

The only references I had for my lack of energy came from the systems of energy work and energy healing. So, I followed the directions for regular energetic nutrition, doing what all humans can do to stay energetically healthy. I worked with running energy through my system–solar prana, earth prana, air prana…the various rays of different systems. But, I seemed to want a lot more than what seemed usual. Within the systems of energy healing, it seemed that I required more healing than what seemed normal. I came to see myself as mostly damaged, but I couldn’t quite figure out how I had gotten damaged or how to fix it.

Within the metaphysical community (energy healers, lightworkers, pagans, magicians), there was something wrong with me since all the energy work and healing work didn’t fix my poor health, lack of energy and desire to want more psychic/spiritual/magickal energy on a regular basis. Over time, I became a fairly experienced energy healer. I’ve worked on other people with the variety of healing modalities that I exposed myself to….and I had seen many people heal and get considerably better, because of these workings.

Without a Vampire Community, I would have continued to see myself as simply damaged and needing to be fixed. Without knowledge of how Psychic Vampires function, I would never have allowed myself to fully open up to consciously feed….and finally feel full.

In energy work and magick, we have the concepts of cleansing and removing energy. But, it’s energy that we move from one place to another….or banish away from one place into nothingness. It is never addressed that one ever takes energy into one’s self from another living being. However, the opposite concept is part of healing itself. We rarely are shown that healers move energy and infuse it into the subject, without passing through the healer, first. We either use our personal energy (now, falling out of fashion in the energy workers communities) or more popularly, we channel energy through ourselves, into the healing subject. When moving energy OUT of a healing subject, we are not taught to take that energy into our self. There is a place within psychic healing for a generator and a channeler…..but not an eater or absorber.

Within the metaphysical community, I would have remained someone damaged. Because I would never fully heal within the context of the energy healing systems, I would be forever stuck. There is no place for an energy-eater, as of yet. For whatever imperfect mix of friendly members, supportive members, argumentative members and helpful members….Real Vampires, Poseurs, Allies and Friends….I found more validation for being a Psychic Vampire than I would have gotten from the metaphysical community for not having a universally positive definition for us, yet.


Psychic Vampires and Rare Steaks

I have thoughts about Vampirism, Sanguine and Psychic. I’m not the most well-read, intellectual, well-spoken individual. As a matter of fact, I have mentally thrown up my hands while reading discussions and arguments in the OVC and thought, “….who gives a fuck?”

That is part of my mental context.

My reference points are that I identify as an Energy Feeder, I have yet to try someone else’s blood. My main references in life come out of my time spent in the metaphysical/magickal/energy workers communities. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything–no particular subject. I seem to know some things about some things. The way that I think of it is that I just tend to share my observations and perceptions.

That being said, I have been thinking about Sanguinism, lately. Well, that and contemplating all forms of Vampirism in general. I think it’s interesting how one of the ongoing themes in our OVC is that some of us want to come up with A Theory of Everything, concerning Vampirism. Some camps are so dead set on coming up with one good explanation that summarizes the singular cause of becoming a Vampire….which by extension, would settle once and for all, which form is that of “The Real Vampire”.

I am coming at Psychic Vampirism from the angle of understanding the Universe (including The Manifest World) in terms of energy and metaphysics. My background is mostly in metaphysics and Witchcraft. That is simply my reference point for the Universe, based on what I spent the most time studying. Even if I explain others philosophies and viewpoints TO MYSELF, it does not mean that I do not take others viewpoints at face value—I understand my Atheists’ friends perceptions and have no need to contradict them, argue with them or invalidate their viewpoint, in any way.

I don’t see the need to put all Sanguines, all Psychic Vampires or both under the same formula. It seems that the fact that we are all feeders, with legitimate needs to feed (and consequences when we don’t)….would be enough to unify us. It doesn’t seem strange to me that even all Psy Vamps don’t have the same causal factor. You need to feed on energy? Okay. You have bad results when you don’t? That’s enough for me.
Our discussions on causation are interesting….but do we really need to prove that there is a difference (or similarity) between the two main types of Vampires? As an intellectual exercise, it’s fun. But is it as important as other practical things? Like information sharing?

I have been thinking about consuming blood, lately. (That could be Lady Gaga’s fault.) It’s not a hardcore need or desire. I have been considering the possibility. It’s just something I’m tossing around in my head. I remember one mentor telling me her theory that there are no Sanguines or Psychic Vampires….that Real Modern Vampires are feeders and that we tend to identify with our favorite food sources. From that perspective, we can gain nourishment from any sort of resource. I find no problem in that concept applying to SOME of us, even if there are some of us who are Sanguinarian-only or Psy-only. At this point, who can prove that there isn’t a variety of us (a sort of Hybrid) who can flourish on multiple types of feeding….while, there might still be types who can only digest one or the other type of nourishment. Trying to fit us all into one category reminds me of trying to place all human beings under one category of the Kinsey Scale.

As a bad analogy–Bisexuality/Pansexuality might be the largest grouping for sexual behavior, but even then that encompasses all categories 1 through 5….and beyond that, people might argue about how much incidental behavior “counts” as regular behavior. But, there is still the two categories of purely heterosexual and purely homosexual at the far ends of the spectrum. So much variation in behavior and so many possible ways to express it. Trying to explain attraction and how that relates to the individual gender in some way, is still inconclusive. The most honest conclusion that we can fairly come to in this arena is that people simply have attraction to others….we can try to explain it or understand it, but they still have sex, for specific reasons, with specific people, under specific circumstances….even if we can’t intellectually explain why we become attracted to what we do.

Back in the Vampire World–We have blood drinkers, we have energy drinkers….we have vampires that consume one more than the other, some that prefer one more than the other to varying degrees. There might not be a single cause for any, either or both forms of vampirism. Any select group of Vampires could have multiple, different causes for each one being what we are–biological reasons, being Otherkin, different energy structure, Nature made us that way, damaged energy structure….who knows what is the exact cause for each Real Modern Vampire? These are interesting mysteries to ponder and maybe try to unravel for ourselves. But, let us not forget to spend time living as healthy and happy an existence as possible, while we are contemplating our personal mysteries in healthy, well-fed bodies.


Air, Earth and Sun Prana

In Pranic Healing, prana is pulled in from three major sources–the Air, the Earth and the Sun. As Psy Vampires, it might be beneficial to get our fill of these energies as supplements or temporary substitutes between feedings of other energies more appropriate to our individual systems.

Devote a few weeks to this daily routine. Using the Tendril method, spend some time reaching up into the “empty” Air and feeding off of the Air Prana, there. After you feel full of Air Prana, reach your energy tendrils (or grounding cord) into the Earth and get your fill of Earth Prana. Because the Sun is such a strong source of energy and most of our kind are very sensitive to strong energies, perhaps reach your tendrils into the sunlight closest to ground level….as opposed to visualizing reaching as far up towards the Sun as you can. Start slowly with solar energy. Small amounts, taking it in slowly….then work up to larger amounts, if it is agreeable with your system.

If you are more of a Touch Feeder, physically reach your hands into the Air….or for more of a stealth feeding, leave your hands where they naturally rest. In either position, feel or imagine feeling what it is like to pull Air Prana in through your skin. Get your fill of Air Prana. From there, place your hands on the Earth. For a more stealth feeding, sit or lie on the ground in a natural pose, with your hands making contact with the ground in a more natural-appearing position. Again, feel your body pulling in Prana from the Earth. With Sun Prana, you may keep most of your body in the shade while only your upwards-facing palms or fingertips rest in direct sunlight. If this is too direct, feel free to experiment by facing your palms/hands/fingers towards any sunlight, while you rest safely in the shade. Drink solar energy in slowly….if it is agreeable, work your way up to larger amounts.

Using the Breathing Method, intend that Air Prana will enter your system on the in-breath, using any imagery or symbolism that seems appropriate. Drink your fill. Go on to breathing in Earth Prana….and from there, drink whatever amount of solar prana is comfortable for you.

Take note if this makes any difference in your general health and well-being.


Psychic Vampires At The Coffee Shop

  • A Sanguine, A Psy Vamp and A Priest Walk Into A Bar….

    Well, actually….it was probably a coffee shop. And there was no Sang….or a priest. It was just me. The Psy Vamp. This is the extent of my social life for the most part. I have a pretty regular routine. I get up in the morning….sometimes at home…sometimes at the motel where I work, every other week. I go to breakfast at the same local restaurant. Then, depending on my schedule….I more often than not go to the local coffee shop, right after breakfast.

    For the most part, I don’t feel any need to come out of the coffin. There is no need to. I have no need to announce that I am a Vampire, of any sort.  I do not need to look for any Donors–I ambient feed, just fine. I do not need a Blood Donor. The subject of Vampirism does not come come up, in everyday conversation. Do I need to bring it up?

    Maybe, not directly.

    I don’t feel the need to attract attention to myself in any way, but I will hold conversations about the unusual topics when it is appropriate. The need to educate someone only serves when someone is sincerely open to the information. Education doesn’t work when the listener is closed off or otherwise not receptive to what is being said.  I don’t bring up any particular topics–it is more likely that I respond, when particular subjects are broached.

    How can Psy Vamps be of service in the world? For the most part, if we feel the need to “come out” before the time is the most conducive for a productive discussion with the intended audience, then we are being counterproductive….we are working against our intended cause. In the meantime, we can offer a wealth of information that not can be useful for others to hear…but also lays the groundwork for talking about Psychic Vampirism, at a later date.

    We have practical experience in the energetic realms. Often, as Psychic Vampires, we study and become self-taught in energy systems–chakras, spiritual bodies, energy meridians, astral dimensions. At some point, we are well-versed in so many energy systems that we use as our main framework-references for reality….and also familiar with those theories beyond the ones we relate to. Many of us become so familiar with energy healing modalities that we can carry on conversations about metaphysical and paranormal occurrences, in many areas.

    Even if we are not discussing our psychic vampirism directly, we can help bring the awareness of the unseen, the spiritual, and the energetic realities into everyday conversation. Rather than just repeating the common dogmatic references that churches leave us with, we can offer the practical and personal understanding of our energetic and spiritual beings beyond the physical plane.

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Coliseum Vs. Community

By The Amador Vampyre

I was recently booted out of a couple of online groups. While this might not be that big of a deal for me now, I can see where it might be a cause of alarm for the newcomer or more sensitive personality. In this community, it is almost expected that someone has a problem with me for my current associations, opinions or feeding-type.
As a group, there are no guarantees that everyone automatically feels that sense of instant camaraderie with every member of the online Vampire Community. Just because two people agree to the self-definition of Vampire, there is nothing that promises that anyone will have any of the same traits or qualities that make us friends….or even supportive of each other.

As far as what I would like to find in the Vampire Community, I would like a circulation of information on feeding and the health of the Sanguine and Psychic Vampire. Useful information for the newly awakened and reinforcement of healthy habits for the seasoned Vampire. That’s it. Plain and simple. I find that to be the most important and useful element of the VC.

It makes me wonder why more members aren’t concerned with that. We have some members who are much more concerned with picking their daily fight (those Vampires who are always in the middle of a heated argument or “war”) and those who are more concerned with creating large groups….with huge numbers on the counter, even though many of those “members” are inactive or dead accounts. It becomes difficult to hear the quieter, more peaceful members (and groups) with all the big personalities vying for attention of who can be more dramatic or most aggressive.

At times, the VC seems more like a coliseum than a community. What can we do to make it more helpful and more supportive of our members? At this point, the only thing that I can think of doing on my part is keeping to my own groups…..making them available as information centers and places of support, as best as I can. I might not have nearly the same numbers as some groups that I’ve been booted out of…..but, I’m there for the Real Living Vampires who need me, with real information.

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Vampyres Who Like Non-Vampyres Who Like Non-Vampyres Who Like Vampyres

Sometimes, I find the Vampire Community to be a huge waste of time.
With all the infighting, back-stabbing, rudeness….it sometimes seems like there is very little that is helpful or positive. We have our notorious figures who are argumentative or attack in other ways. And then we have so many comments and posts which have nothing to do with feeding, vampire health or anything educational about what applies to us as Modern Vampyres. Some days, it feels like so much effort to wade through the comments to find some practical advice or something even resembling an inspiring word.
Some day this week, I was walking from our flower shop to the local bakery, carrying a vase of flowers. The delivery was so close, that I thought it would be faster if I went on foot. I was very engaged with the sensory experience of my walk. I felt the cool, hard vase in my hand. The scent of the dirt in the vacant lot. The warmth of the noonday Sun on my skin. The feel of my feet pushing into my sandals, pushing against the sidewalk. The movement of the muscles in my legs and upper body, as I made my way down the street. I could see and otherwise sense the people moving around and beside me. I became aware of something like psychically taking in the scent of their energies and feeling those same wisps of energy brushing against me.
This was my life. The psychic and sensory world that was personal to me. The energy, the essence of others is something that I consciously interact with, now that I conceptualize myself as a Modern/Real Living Vampire. As I walked, I wondered what it would have been like had I never come across other vampires. The Magickal/Pagan/Witchcraft Community has some holes regarding their philosophy towards Real Vampyres. Without the information of the VC, I would still be someone who was just energetically damaged and deficient, despite repeated energy healing efforts. I would still be feeling guilty about conscious and deliberate feeding….which means that I would only feed automatically–just enough to keep from starving. And, as it stands with automatic-only feeding, there is no prediction as to who it comes from or under which circumstances we automatically drain others’ energies.
In the VC, we have our fill of our villains and role players. We have our lifestylers and our glampires. We have Real Living Vampires who are also part of the glampire, role player, lifestyler…..and flat-out bat-crazy categories. Non-Vampyres, Real Vampyres AND Real Vampyres who are part of the Non-Vampyric Vampyre groups. At times, the Vampire Community seems like a hot, sticky mess.
Despite our online and in-person group descriptions as teaching circles, Houses, Families or Communities…..we can’t seem to keep out all of the people who interfere with the prescribed group agendas, goals or focuses. There seem to always be those people who are posers (who don’t really meet the criteria or definition of the “type” of Vampire for that particular group), the confused (who are sincere, but mistaken about their self-identification), trolls and trouble-makers who sneak past the watchful administrative eyes to create or focus more on issues/topics/dramas which do not help the Newly Awakened or Aware Vampire.
What is the most important thing for Real Vampires? What seems to be the most important for me is Information….this has helped me become a more functional being. Practical information. Articles. Advice. Suggestions. It’s so easy to get caught up in the politics and personal drama of and within the VC, because despite what some of us claim….we’re all still human–with a human emotional body and emotional history with all of it’s issues.
I have no more delusions about joining a homogeneous group, where all the members are on the same page, at all times. That’s not realistic. I never found that in the Pagan Communities….it doesn’t exist in biological families or any other kind of grouping in real life. It’s not supposed to….not when it has never shown up in this reality, before. It’s an ideal that we should strive to….but, not at the cost of not taking the time to constantly circulate practical, immediately Vampyre-useful information.
It’s wonderful to have personal ideals about what kind of person we want to grow into, including how we want to be treated. It’s nice to work towards ideal communities that we want to create. But, because of the nature of this reality, many people are not interested (or able) to remain centered, group-oriented individuals….and chaos seems to be the natural setting that is created in our groups, when it is not already present.
So, I don’t look for big group numbers to fulfill me. Instead, my agenda is to make myself available to my fellow Kindred who need me, whether for education or emotional support. It is the individual who the universe aligns me with in the moment that concerns me. Despite the flaws of some outspoken chaos-makers, there are a scattering of wonderful Vampyres, Swans and Allies who are here in this Community to help and serve….so, I will do my part, too

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