Obligate Feeding Vs. The Vampire As A Spiritual Creature: A Metaphysical Exploration

The common interpretation of the Psychic Vampire (in the Modern Vampire Subculture) is someone that needs to take in external human-sourced vital energy to maintain their personal health. The justification for this process can range from the Psychic Vampire having a faulty energy system to simply not being able to generate enough personal energy to maintain personal health.

In this model, one might view the Psychic Vampire as being in a state of unhealth or illness. However, within the same model of “eating for health,” it could also be argued that all humans take energy from external resources for a variety of reasons. And judging Psychic Vampires for taking in larger amounts from other humans is arbitrary, judgemental and hypocritical–in light of humans taking energy from other life forms (including humans) and also consuming animal flesh without permission.


On that note, unawakened Psychic Vampires could arguably not be aware of any psychic, astral or etheric levels of reality…but still auto-feed or intuitively feed (and not possess the language to explain or understand it). At base level, a Psychic Vampire could have a passing understanding of the metaphysics involved, but function at the level of “feed to live” or “feed for health”—meaning that they are perfectly satisfied with not expanding beyond the functional level of psychic vampirism or the need to understand metaphysics beyond a very base level.

On the other hand, we have those who perceive the Modern Vampire as a more evolved psychic and spiritual being. To them, this creature does not “eat for health” to affect the physical, etheric or emotional bodies. To the more spiritual interpretation of the Modern Vampire, it is the NATURE of the Modern Vampire to take in blood and/or energy–but, not necessarily because of the need to maintain physical health.

The Modern Vampire As A Spiritual Creature takes in blood and/or vital energy and energetically transforms it into higher spiritual energy. This spiritual energy is then used to help the Vampire open up to newer levels of personal spiritual understanding or evolution. This is comparable to the psychic process of transforming sacral/sexual energy and cycling it up for the higher spiritual centers to use–transforming base energy into spiritual energy.


[Here, we are exploring the use of energy by the metaphysically-oriented Vampires. Treatment of blood-only Sangs and Med Sangs is not covered in this discussion, as they are analyzed outside of the realm of metaphysical interpretation. Spiritual Sanguinism, as it is the metaphysical perception of blood-ingestion, is included–but, only when the Modern Vampire uses the metaphysical interpretation of Modern Vampirism…not the materialist interpretation of the blood-only Sanguinism. Also, we are excluding those energy workers who have no need/detriment associated with vampiric feeding, but still practice predatory energy feeding for magickal use.]

When comparing Obligate Feeders against the idea of the Modern Vampire as a Spiritual Being–the main difference is that an Obligate Feeder needs to feed in order to maintain minimal basic physical health; whereas the Modern Vampire as a Spiritual Being does not need to feed to maintain basic physical health, but instead is driven to feed as part of their nature….and transforms that energy into spiritual fuel for personal evolution.

From personal observation, the Modern Vampires who perceive themselves as Obligate Feeders seem to outnumber those of us who perceive that they are born Vampiric Spiritual Beings. It might be the more popular stance for the Obligate Feeders to defend that they are working at an energy deficit or are somehow irrevocably damaged in their energy systems, so that their main focus NEEDS to be on feeding–THEREFORE, also holding the idea that all of that vital energy must go towards maintaining that physical system that will never be healed, healthy or self-reliant.

From a metaphysical standpoint, is this accurate? Are there some energy systems that are and must stay in this “unhealable” state for the entirety of one’s current personal physical incarnation?

Metaphysicians and magicians aim for the perfect state of wholeness, while acknowledging and working through the human limitations that temporarily keep them from realizing that state of perfection. Arguably, we can consider the need to feed on other’s vital energies as comparable to an allergy or need to take a particular supplement, because the physical body doesn’t process it very well. A sort of “special diet” on a non-physical level.

Within the framework of Metaphysical philosophy, an illness or some other peculiarity can SOMETIMES be seen to be caused by the need for a lesson of some sort–perhaps there is something to be learned directly by said conditions or the conditions create some secondary effect that wouldn’t be present, otherwise. [Possible questions to ask yourself as a Modern Vampire are–What are the benefits to me being a Modern Vampire? What am I doing as a Vampire that I would not do if I were not a Vampire? Who else am I benefitting by being a Vampire? Which positive actions am I contributing as a Vampire?]

Seeing the Energy Vampire as an Obligate Feeder only, infers that there is little to no interest in spiritual evolution–or perhaps there is nothing more than being a psychic entity who just ingests (takes). If this is the case, working within this framework, I advise making sure that the particular causation for the particular energy vampirism is not fixable. If it turns out that it is a case of Temporary Vampirism because of an energy body issue [leak, damage, deficiency, etc.], exhaust all healing possibilities through exploring every aspect of energy healing that is available. Engage in every modality that you can practice. Receive every healing treatment that is available, within financial capability.

If, after every healing system has been exhausted, then it might be practical to assume that the vampiric condition exists at a level that is non-negotiable for the soul’s purpose or growth….and needs to keep in place for deeper reasons in the Vampire’s current incarnation.


On the other hand, we have those of us who perceive vampirism not as the need to take in external energy for physical health, but as the tendency to take in external energy for the purposes of converting it into a sort of psychic and spiritual energy for the higher centers. This more Spiritual version of a Vampire does not suffer from a hunger per se, but instead finds it more comparable to a “drive” or “instinct” to take in energy in order to transform it.

Here is where we have yet another difference of opinion. There are some Obligate Feeders who insist that it is the need to consume that defines them as Modern Vampires. The need to feed (for actual health or sense of wellness) makes their vampirism a non-negotiable part of their being. Because it is not so much a necessity to feed for vitality or health, some Obligate Vampires view the Spiritual Vampire as not having a necessity to engage in energy vampirism, in the first place–and therefore, vampirism is not being a necessary part of the latter group’s system. Because it seems to be more optional, some critics see the Spiritual Vampire as something more of a non-vampiric energy worker, able to drop the practice of energy work because it is not a driving necessity for health.

In other words, it might be seen as more of a learned and optional practice that is applied consciously, not an instinctive/inherent part of one’s self–in the case of the Spiritual Vampire.

Arguably, one of the biggest clues that one is an Obligate Energy Vampire is that one auto-feeds. Usually, the evidence for this is that others visibly react to the Energy Vampire’s auto-feed or will remark on it, if they are energetically aware enough to sense it.

In the case of one being the more “spiritual” version of the Vampire, it is not that one is experiencing a physical or energy deficit that prompts one to feed. It is more of a matter that after feeding [ambient, touch, eros or blood], one instinctively transforms that energy and immediately finds their consciousness propelling into higher intuitive and psychic realms of consciousness. The more spiritual version of the Vampire tends to shift their consciousness into higher realms, using the fuel of other’s energy to propel them. We can think of this process as something comparable to raising energy from non-human sources to fuel a spell or some other act of magick…taking energy from an external source to manifest a result or shift circumstances, in some way.


Regardless of which appeared first in history or which was first labeled a “Vampire,” we have two types of psychic/energetic creatures which appear in the GVC.  One which feeds on other human-based sources to supplement one’s physical/etheric well-being.  [In a way, this is comparable to the physical ingestion of animals or plant matter–eating for health.]  The other psychic creature feeds on human-based energy sources to fuel one’s spiritual propulsion….in a way which is comparable to magicians pulling on external energy sources to fuel magick or manifestation.

My immediate response to determining whether one belongs to one group, the other or neither is basically the same that I have in determining other qualities or classifications in the metaphysical realm.  I question whether some concept can possibly apply to me by exploring its potential applications retroactively.  [Of course keeping in mind that false memory and the presumptive search factor of the brain could be fabricating evidence, based on how I pose any questions in meditation.]

From there, I explore the possibilities that the categorization in mind might not be the best explanation after all–and explore alternative explanations, as well as entertaining the possibility that I could be completely mistaken, misidentifying or trying to “stack the evidence” to make myself “fit into the category.”

In the context of my personal spiritual evolution, I take particular categories of such spiritual classifications and work with them to see if they add value to my life as a spiritual being.  Being an energy vampire can be seen as classifying one’s energy system in a particular way, so that we can then work with it in a more conscious manner. This can be compared to classifying one’s self as a clairvoyant, clairsentient, psychic generator or such.  Any concept which helps one focus on energetic tendencies and needs of a particular energetic or psychic type, in order to keep healthy and balanced.

That aside, is it possible to be both “types” of psychic/energetic creatures? Both “types” of Vampires?  Is it possible to be one, then be the other?  Arguably, it would be possible to grow out of being an Obligate Feeder, if one’s energy vampirism is temporary.  If one’s causation for energy vampirism is healed or alleviated, then obligatory feeding can cease.  Within the principles of metaphysical healing, this is not unheard of.  Rather than a more straightforward repair of energetic structure [damaged chakra, meridian or energy body], it could be a karmic reason for energy vampirism that is finally relieved.

Just as with any and all illnesses and conditions viewed through the metaphysical lens, there is probably not a singular cause for energy vampirism which accounts for all Energy Vampires.  I am merely bringing up the possibility that this might be the case in some instances.  On the note of raising one’s consciousness, it is a working concept in metaphysics that the more that one works with higher Divine energies, healing can occur as a side-effect of dwelling in and channeling the more positive vibrations.

In the case of Energy Vampirism being a temporary vampirism, it is possible because of the higher spiritual work of the Vampire that enough of the right kinds of energy come in and heal any temporary vampirism.  In this scenario, the activities of the more Spiritual Vampirism heals obligatory temporary vampirism.  Just some food for thought.

Time tunnel


Witches, Vampires, Analogies, Degrees, Overlap and Levels…Oh, My!

Because I am a magician, metaphysician and an energy worker–I tend to use those models when I consider aspects within vampirism and how they all come together in the Vampire Subculture. I often find it helpful to explore the concepts and analogies found within the Magicians Communities and apply them to the Vampire Subculture–


Keeping in mind that spirituality is not the same as magick, I’ve found that I’ve strayed away from a lot of witchcraft and pagan groups that tend to focus on rituals and spellworking [practical magick] as opposed to activities that affect the personal evolution of consciousness and perception.  Low Magick vs. High Magick.

When I was new to the Pagan Community, I had very strong ideas about what “real” or authentic Witches were. I was biased towards particular traditions, beliefs and practices being true Witchcraft.  I had an emotional investment in the “other” traditions and practitioners NOT being authentic Witches, because I was the one REALLY practicing real Witchcraft.

As time went along, I realized that it didn’t matter how “authentic” any tradition was or how accurately some tradition was reconstructed from the “original” version.  It was more a matter of my personal journey.  For myself, my criteria for the usefulness of techniques and practices was based on the value of bringing me more peace, more silence, and the sense of spiritual connection.  And in the calm, if I can bring more love and joy into my awareness, then the practice has value to me.  In the silence, if I can relax into that feeling of expansion or connectedness/oneness, then the practice is something that I am going to keep and repeat.  I might explore a particular tradition only for the purposes of cultivating its practical parts for my own private routines.

As I’ve evolved my personal practices, I’ve left behind some techniques that no longer fulfilled my needs.  I wouldn’t say that I’ve “outgrown” them so much, because I wouldn’t want to imply that they are basic or inferior to where I am now.  As a child, I needed clothes in children’s sizes and my dietary needs (and tastes) were very different from what they are now.  I’m not better because my clothes are bigger or because my menu has changed.  I just need a different “fit.”

I’ve noticed that many magickal practitioners forget about grounding, centering and cleansing–almost as if they are basic-level techniques meant to be replaced or left behind, at some point.  Some seem to think that when you no longer use “basic” techniques, it means that you are obviously at an advanced level.

When I speak to someone within the Pagan, Witchcraft or Magickal Communities, I like to gauge where they are coming from.  Rather than show off what I know (or think I know), I think it is more useful to realize what it is that they can RELATE TO on an intellectual level.  While I might think a single-focused Eastern meditation might be a great solution for me, if I were in a similar situation to whatever it we happen to be discussing–someone who is just starting to perform grounding and working with the elements might not relate to a more Eastern-style of focusing on the emanations of Divine Energy.  Also, if someone has been practicing spirit evocation from Bardon’s work or summoning Goetic Spirits, my suggestion of astral projection to the Faery Queen’s realm might not ring as effective as a working method for them.

Simply put–the effectiveness of a technique or information relates to the degree to which we can relate to or identify with that information on a personal level.  Universal truth, historical accuracy or group agreement means very little to nothing, if the observer cannot relate to the information in a personal way.

Efficacy of any new techniques or information might not have as much to do with the source of the information as much as how well it fits into the Magician’s framework of reference.  In the Spirit Model of magick, there is the working assumption that all of the entities that we work with have an existence that is independent and predates the life of the summoner. This is one of the models of magick that makes sense to me.

However, there is also the Psychological Model of Magick. The basic idea echoes the concept that the world of experience (the world of the senses) is a reflection of the internally held thoughts, feelings and convictions of the observer.  The magician uses the ideas of gods, spirits and entities in symbolic ways…while the mage goes through the motions of ritual action, it is meant to move the internal psychological aspects that are symbolized by the mythology and the archetypes found within sorcery.

[Sharing my personal filter is important, so that others can understand where I am coming from and what my choices in perception are based in.  Personally, I am not so convinced that practices in metaphysical, magickal or spiritual activities is based on a continuum.  From my perspective, the human personality/experience is based on necessary limitation–filtering out awareness and identification with omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence in order to be able to identify with human likes, wants, preference and seeming obstacles.  The pathway to enlightenment is not formulaic…an exact pathway with the same guidelines, guideposts or process for everyone.  While systems of magick might have traditions that are standard, enlightenment is something almost accidental…it happens when one creates the conditions most conducive for the event, but not on anything resembling a set schedule.]

Although it is popular to believe that we are on a continuum throughout our series of lifetimes–that each life holds learning that is accumulative over the reincarnation of the soul, a Zen moment would release the individual consciousness from the limitations of the human personality.  There might not be “stages” in the necessary sense, like school grades that we have to pass through.  Awareness of the intellectual/philosophical “place” where an individual is at might be necessary to see what they can relate to at any given moment.

Even though I enjoy systems of magick and metaphysics, I am very aware that the conditions for enlightenment (spirituality) could as easily be found in a ritual meditation or in contemplating the beauty of my morning coffee.  So, following that mindset, I interact with others depending on what I perceive their framework to be, at that moment.  Again, I wouldn’t say that I see people on a continuum.  An individual could be practicing a particular religion their entire life, but still not clearly identify with Divine Love, even at the end of their life.  Whereas someone might be more eclectic and because they have spent more time contemplating Divine Love through various images from many different cultures, they might end their life having touched much higher spiritual planes.

I enjoy earth magick.  I love the physical tools of candles, stones crystals, ritual oils and all the arts and crafts of modern magick.  However, while I enjoy spellcrafting and everyday, practical magick…I am aware that it is not the same as spirituality, including evolution of spiritual awareness.

Not everyone online or in real life has an interest in personal and spiritual evolution.  Some of us only have an interest in occasional spellcrafting for practical purposes, to move objects and events in our everyday lives.  I will not criticize or disparage that.  I have my moments when I do the same.  So, when I am offering magickal/metaphysical information, I will gauge which framework the individual is currently working with and hopefully offer them the most liberating technique, tool or piece of information that I can give them…depending on how I intuitively discern their most immediate need.

Translating all of this to the Vampire Subculture–we have so many perceptions of what vampirism is…but, because I identify with metaphysics as the principle part of my framework, I will be addressing Energy Vampirism, more specifically.  (Respectfully, leaving the subject of sanguinism to others, at this point.)

Among the many variations, we have obligate vampirism on the level of nourishment-only.  We have some feeders who are primarily concerned with feeding for purposes of health, only.  There is very little concern for any other application beyond the basic health level.  That, or the vampire’s more spiritual metaphysical interests are independent of one’s energy vampirism.

There are some energy feeders who will go through their entire lives, feeding and being aware of their self-identification as a vampire as an occasional mental reference or superficial-level reference in group settings.

To give a context to my personal identification as a Vampire–I have my ideas about what is historically accurate and what I consider real vampirism. However, I am also aware of what the many other definitions of vampirism and Real Living Vampires are, as they are considered by the many members of the GVC.  Personally, I don’t care where the original “vampire” came from–whether it was a creature of mythos that energy feeders and/or blood feeders LATER became associated with…OR if it was the exaggerated/poetic retellings of actual feeders that became the mythology.  From my perspective, we are gathered under the umbrella of “Vampire” right here, right now as the loose subculture that we currently experience.  Whether or not there was a “true Vampire” at some point in history, I am looking at practical energy feeders and spiritually-oriented energy feeders as two distinct psychic creatures, identified by their natural tendencies.  As naturally occurring as clairvoyants or other types of magickally-tended creatures.

Some Vampires are very metaphysically-oriented and spiritually-propelled.  They are intuitively geared to keep expanding and climbing in terms of consciousness. Their spirituality is tied into their concepts of vampirism.

However, there are also some feeders who are geared to remain in the more practical, nourishment-only-focused aspects of vampirism.  For whatever reasons, their emotional and mental bodies are set up with so many justifications to stay focused on nourishment-only vampirism because it makes sense for their personality in this particular lifetime.  Not everyone is meant to become enlightened at the same time as everyone else in the same particular lifetime.  Just as with other lifetimes, the individual has chosen (or is “meant” to, according the individual soul’s purpose) to focus on a particular limitation or focus in terms of life’s passion or obstacles.  There might be value for some of us staying nourish-only in our lifetimes.

There might be secondary value or reasoning to NOT being spiritually-oriented that will be personally revealed at a later time.


When talking to other Witches and Metaphysicians, I share whichever series of meditations I’m working with…which one-pointed meditations I enjoy.  However, I know when to keep the references limited to rocks and herbs and candles…because that’s all that some audiences can understand and relate to.  Trying to “educate” too far beyond the student’s reach creates a separation between the would-be teacher and the intended audience.  Reminding the student of techniques already within their repertoire, we can still also offer newer information…but only when that information is relatively close enough to the student’s framework to seem like it could possibly make sense.

While I may go on to explore other definitions of vampirism to see if they are a better fit and DESCRIBE my experience as a better working definition–I will more than likely still acknowledge and offer information to the feed-only obligate faction of vampirism.

Non-Vampiric Feeding vs. Vampiric Feeding

There was a time when I energy-fed–before I thought of myself as an Energy Vampire.  It was more that I didn’t think of it as “feeding” in the way that I think of vampiric energy feeding, now.  I did use the word “nourishment,” thinking in terms of “spiritual nourishment”–the energies that each of us need, as spiritual/energetic beings with spiritual/energetic bodies.

Before I self-identified as a Vampire and used the reference points that I use now, I thought of myself as a mage and an energy worker.  I moved energy and thought of this process as more of “channeling.”  One of the first concepts I was introduced to in Feri Witchcraft was that of the “The Tree” visualization–thinking of ourselves as rooted in the Earth, with our branches reaching into the skies and space.  Energetically connected to the energy system of the Earth and the Planetary bodies.  As a Witch, we were taught that we were spiritually nourished by taking in energies from the Earth and the Sky.  Within the context of paganism, we were also taught that our personal energy systems needed the feminine, Goddess, Earth energies from below and the masculine, God, solar, Sky energies from above.  With both, we were complete.

While I didn’t use the word “feeding” extensively at the time, I meditated on both types of natural energy filling my personal system and nourishing my chakras, energy bodies and any other metaphor/image that I thought of as my “self.”  At the time, my mental concept was not that I was anything special or unique because I practiced in this way.  My perception was that all beings benefited from performing this practice consciously, because it represented full communion with all spiritual energies.  Anything with a spirit (i.e., humans) became complete with this conscious practice.

Eventually, whether it was an intuitive understanding or a logical conclusion based on an analysis of these metaphysical concepts [or even, simply a psychological technique, working as some kind of emotional placebo], I found value in taking in other classes of energies.  Pretty much any other type of energy that I could conceptualize.

As a Witch, I pretty much figured out that every magickal system that we used represented the wholeness of reality by breaking it down into smaller symbolic parts that we could mentally relate to.  The signs of the Zodiac, Planetary Magick, Elemental Magick, Pantheons…with each exploration of every magickal construct, my main practice was channeling those energies into and through my self.  Earth, Water, Fire, Air.  Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars.  Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer.  Ra, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Sekhmet, Bast.  For whatever other technique I practiced or information I studied, I constantly pulled energy into myself.  The benefits were observable.  While, I wasn’t “healed” in the way that I conceptualized (and expected) to be, I did notice differences and improvements.  I felt emotionally calmer.  My physical body felt better.  I was healthier on those two levels.

I felt a satisfaction that I didn’t have before.  To me, these were spiritual and magickal practices that ANY spiritually-oriented person could choose to do.  These were beneficial, but not obligatory.  To my understanding, I was drawn to these practices, these states because it was natural to my being…but, I was still human.  There was nothing about my BEING that made me different from any other human, magician or non-magician.  These trends to want to explore spirituality, energy work and magick were things that I saw as part of my personality or consciousness–but, they did not set me apart as a different TYPE of human being.

My magickal practices didn’t fix everything in my life, but they certainly made them MUCH better.  By the time I stumbled into the Vampire Community, I was already pretty content with my personal system.  And because it was such a personal and living system, I adjusted and adopted the concepts that I discovered within energy vampirism.  The explanations that I discovered in the Vampire Community filled in the holes that my previous system had.  Looking back, I realized that I had auto-fed on other humans quite a bit of the time.  People also told me that I pulled on their negative energy in ways that I know I didn’t do consciously–again, automatically.  Friends and acquaintances told me that they felt better around me, because I would relieve them of their heavy, negative energies, simply by being in their presence.

Even though I had a comfortable background in the Pagan and Magickal Communities…or maybe BECAUSE I knew the value of considering myself a student in new territory…I was open to listening to the input from the various members of the Vampire Community.  They were obviously aware of their vampirism much longer than I had been.  Even though no one had expressly communicated this to me–from observing the focus of many Energy Feeders, I eventually considered “vampiric feeding” as the taking in of energy from other human energy systems.  I had a long history of taking in energy from non-human sources…and because I didn’t call it “feeding,” I never thought of that as vampiric.

Taking in energy from human sources was “vampiric.”  This was part of the reason that I quietly disbelieved that elemental feeders were really vampires, if their energetic diet was exclusive to that non-human energy.  Feeding on Nature’s energies was something that I had done for years–it was part of a magician’s routine.  Many spiritual people did it and everyone could benefit from it.

At some vague point, within some grey area, I started to think of myself as more of a Psychic Vampire/Energy Vampire/Vampire rather than as a Witch.  Not that I gave up on my old practices completely, but working with non-human energies happened less frequently.  I had created a distinction between Magicians/Witches and Vampires in my mind.  Even though no one else told me that I had to give up my old energy work, I had also accidentally created an association between solar/stellar energies and the powers of Nature.  Lunar and Nocturnal energies were in a separate category.  Vampires seemed to have a preference for nighttime imagery.

While I didn’t think in terms of Light/Good and Dark/Bad, I did use particular terms and images in my pre-Vampire Community days.  I thought of energy as Light…Diane Stein had introduced me to the concept of Black Light, so even working with Darkness wasn’t a problem in the modality I had been using.  While I did work with Lunar and Nocturnal energies/images, I thought of Light as being a strong part of this framework.

I thought of the principles of Energy Vampirism as rounding out my practices, so I adopted them.  However, I perceived that there is much more of a Nocturnal focus in many of the members…so, I eventually lost focus on the entirety of my old energy work, as I was used to practicing it.  It seems that many of the Energy Feeders focus on Lunar energies and Dark energies, if any energy work is done at all, besides feeding on human-sourced prana.  I hadn’t realized that I had narrowed in my focus in the same way in my personal practice.  Looking back, I realized that it was an eventual progression.

I hadn’t thought of my early energy work as Feeding, because that is not a term that we worked with.  We did use concepts like “spiritual nourishment,” though.  “Feeding” sounds like something predatory, while “nourishment” reminds me of something healthy and  nurturing.  Even though we often work with willing donation and ambient energy, “feeding” brings to mind something other than “eating”….it’s a more aggressive word choice.  When I thought of being “nourished” by the Earth’s energy, there was definitely something softer, caring, more loving about the concept.

I was taking in energy either way, but there was distinctions in my frame of reference.  I’ve recently found MORE wonderful, well-rounded, spiritually-oriented Vampires who embrace the value of working with non-human sources of energy, as well as acknowledging that it is part of our nature to feed on human-source prana.  Is it natural for some of us–Vampiric Energy Feeders–to focus only on Nocturnal energies…or is it another part of The Vampire Mystique to only focus on the Night?  Is it fashionable to keep only to the dark or do some of us keep to the shadows because we’ve associated the Light and Sunlight to the (unenlightened) society that we wish to separate ourselves from?




VWA: Vampires With Anxiety

One of the reasons that I didn’t initially relate to being a Modern Vampire is that I had high levels of anxiety.  In my mind, a vampire was a cool, calm, collected, and centered being who either had their feelings totally in check or didn’t feel any strong emotion at all.

As I became familiar with the members of the modern Vampire Community, I became acutely aware that anxiety–as well as all of the other psychological and emotional disorders–are just as common in modern Sanguivores and Psychic Vampires, as they are in any other special group.  However–role players, aspirants and outsiders seem to play into the idea of the Fictional Vampire being emotionally cold or overly controlling of their emotions.  Despite evidence of legitimate Sanguinism or the need to energetically feed, sometimes the presence of anxiety is taken as an indication that one CANNOT be a Modern Vampire.  There is the idea that a “real” Vampire is perfect and not subject to any of the human illnesses or disorders.

Looking at the defining characteristics for Modern Vampires, there is the obligatory need for a Sanguivore to ingest blood and for a Psychic Vampire to feed on energy from a donor.  Beyond that–the human history, psychological health, and physical health of the individual can vary.  There is no guarantee that the vampire in question will be free from any particular emotional or physical disorder.

Speaking for myself, when my physical health is off, I feel my anxiety levels rise.  I suffer from generalized anxiety and have panic attacks, with less provocation than usual needed for an attack when I am physically unwell.  Since my body seems to be more delicate than the people around me, I’ve noticed that just letting my physical body get too hungry, I will feel more anxious…when only a snack will help me feel better.

As in the case of many Psychic Vampires, there is a notable decline in physical health because of the correspondingly low amount of vital energy being available in the subtle bodies.  An energetically-hungry Psychic Vampire is more prone to anxiety because of the imbalance on the subtler levels.

An emotional imbalance in the Energy Vampire might make it a bit harder for the vampire to interact with possible donors.  Ambient feeding is most easily done when the feeder is not drawing attention to themselves–when they are not nervous in any way and can blend into the crowd.

Direct feeding involves gaining permission from the donor.  To get express permission from a Donor, one needs to first interact with said Donor.  Being anxious is most likely to scare or put off others.  Especially if the Donor is not intimately familiar with the possible human flaws (including, anxiety) of Psychic Vampires, the idea that the feeding vampire does not fit the cliché of the supernaturally-healthy creature of myth, might prevent a feeding.

If you are experiencing anxiety, by all means perform all of the practical remedies.  And, if you are an obligate energy feeder, perform feeding in which you do not have to interact with other humans, to see if this anxiety is primarily hunger-induced.  Ambient feed from locations and groups that have large amounts of excess vital and psychic energy.  Also, engage in astral feeding and pull in energy from as many natural sources as possible (solar prana, earth prana, air prana).  Keeping energetically nourished might help prevent hunger-induced anxiety and nervousness.


Why The Sinister Approach Might Not Be The Best For All Personality Types

Energy feeders come into the GVC from all directions.  Some come in from the Pagan groups.  Some from the Magickal groups or the Energy Workers groups.  Others come straight into the world of vampirism, without passing through any other structure, tradition or school of thought.  For those of us that are ethical in their feeding practices, who follow some sort of code of conduct, we might be applying aspects of what we initially learned in other metaphysical practices.  Some of our ethics might be in place simply from what makes sense to our personality types, our individual sense of compassion or empathy.

Many members come into the world of Energy Feeding with very little background in the occult….sometimes, also new to the worlds of magick, Satanism, LHP or other traditions which do not have a strong emphasis on behaving in an “ethical” manner.  While the Sinister pathways are not for every new beginner, neither are any of the darker or LHPathways appropriate for every personality type.

This is not a commentary on the validity or legitimacy of sinister practices or darker traditions, in any way.  They are simply more destructive for those who come into these pathways with a self-destructive mindset.  Keeping in mind that while not everyone consciously craves self-evolution, it might be safe to say that the majority of our human personalities want self-satisfaction.  Not everyone is in the correct mindspace to manifest self-satisfaction and could bring about more self-frustration on the darker paths, accidentally….because they just don’t know any better.

Energy vampires who believe in ethically feeding do so for a multitude of reasons.  Some of us are following rules of karma–the straightforward idea that whatever we do comes back to us in some form or another.  If we are fair and careful with our feeding, we will be treated fairly in all other aspects of life.  There are others who are guided by their feelings of love and compassion towards their fellow human.  There are those of us who are ethical in our feeding, just as there are some of us who consciously follow our particular senses of ethics in eating animal products.

Some new Feeders justify drawing unethically, because they are very much in love with thinking of themselves as Predators.

One of the concepts that is often….misused? misconstrued? misunderstood?…is that of the Vampire as a predatory creature.  It’s just cool to throw that word out there.  “Predator” has become as much of a buzzword as “Vampire”, itself.  Newly awakened Energy Feeders and those that are new to the GVC often fall in love with the idea of being a predator–it implies strength and being beyond the limitations of any rules.  Predators are powerful.

The problem with wanting to identify as a Predator is that some of us are actually the exact opposite.  One of the factors missing in the GVC, the Pagan Community (and the Otherkin Community, as well) is that self-empowerment is not emphasized as a general rule.  If one is lucky, one falls in with a coven, house or group that helps shape one’s healthy sense of self through honest self-evaluation, exploration and healing.

The Communities are full of bullies, posers and otherwise loud members.  It is easy to express one’s self as a Predator, while simultaneously harboring A LOT of unexplored wounds.  This is the worst kind of “predator”–someone who snaps, bites and barks out of long-standing pain, weakness and the constant paranoia that comes with a strong sense of vulnerability.  Anyone who does not acknowledge their mental and emotional weaknesses, but poses as a powerful creature, is building a stone fortress on quicksand.

Energy feeders (and really, any kind of creature that finds their self drawn to the Vampire Community) are still born with a human personality.  Regardless of specific feeding needs and other qualities special to one’s type, we each find ourselves with an emotional body….with all of the wounds and issues special to each one of our personal histories.  Our levels of victimization could be one of the most important factors that affect our experience as a predator.

It would be helpful to evaluate what is in our psyches. In meditation or journaling, ask yourself–What is the nature of the world that we live in?  How much fear do I have….how vulnerable am I?  How safe am I?  Can I protect, defend against or simply avoid all other predatory creatures in the first place?  Even if I view myself as being predatory….what is my relationship to all of the other Things that eat in this world?  Simply put, how does the world work….and how do I best navigate in it?

Anyone who practices energy work (feeding) is still subject to the rules and laws of metaphysics and manifestation.  If they are pulling in large amounts of energy….especially without the need to use it for health on a physical or emotional level….they are adding energy to the states of mind/emotion and to the thoughtforms that they carry within their psyches–conscious and subconscious.  Anyone who is pulling in large amounts of psychic energy, without putting it into fueling their physical and emotional health, is automatically energizing whatever thoughtforms that exist in their energy bodies, negative or positive.

Most newcomers to any metaphysical practice, including energy work, often have intense emotions.  Unless they get control of their emotional body, including healing old issues, these wounds keep getting energized and manifesting as uncomfortable and very negative life situations and events.  One can banish them or any of their effects–but unless one pulls out these issues by the root, they will continue to manifest.


Some Random Notes For People Who Are Sincerely Wondering If They Are Vampires…Or A Little Something About Our Version of Realistic Expectations

I do not claim to be any sort of elder or teacher.  I do not claim to be any sort of expert.  I’m just someone that is having their own experience, that I try to understand as best as I can.  My general trend is that I try to be as helpful as I can, in whichever way makes sense to me at the time.

As an energy healer, I try to help people be as functional as they can be, in whichever area that I can help them in.  As I understand it–to be healthy is to be as functional a human being, as possible.  Physically healthy, emotionally healthy, mentally healthy.  My helpfulness sometimes comes in the form of energy work, but more often than not, it comes in the form of the information that I share.

There are many people who come into the GVC with unrealistic expectations, only to be disappointed or frustrated.  Some of these unrealistic expectations come from misidentifying as a Vampire OR misunderstanding what a Modern Vampire is…and expecting particular experiences that are never going to come.

Before you self-identify as a Vampire, the most basic question to ask yourself is “Why?”….what would be the benefits of why you would want to identify as a Modern Living Vampire?  In my experience, I was not trying to prove that I was a MLV.  On the other hand, I was looking for other reasons to explain what my health problems were, so that I could fix them.  Somehow, somewhere….many people have this idea that once they absolutely confirm “what” they are, they will magickally feel complete.

One reason that people want to self-identify as some part of a group is that they want to feel like they belong to a Community, with the unspoken expectation that the Community will provide emotional support (satisfaction)….and possibly, the unspoken promise of physical security, as well.  Within the existing Vampire Community, there is strife between Energy Feeders and Blood Feeders, even among members of the same type-group.  We are a group, still full of people that do not get along with each other, at times….because we are all still completely human.

Being born into a human personality, comes with some limitations, false expectations and boundaries.  Loneliness, not feeling special, needing external validation and feeling unloved are all incentives to want to self-identify as Otherkin, Vampires or otherwise some special creature.  Some personality work, self-empowerment and meditation will help heal these personal misconceptions.  Even if one is legitimately an Energy or Blood Feeder, it would be extremely helpful to take care of these personality flaws so that one does not continue to act out of these insecurities.  Even if one can legitimately defined as a Modern Vampire, one can still have these personality issues.

One can feel the need to feel special–often with the underlying understanding that once one feels special, all emotional and physical needs will be met by the surrounding environment.  This is an amorphous concept for most.  Many of us have this need to feel special, but not really know which experiences we need to cement this realization into our psyches.  Before you call yourself a Vampire, ask yourself if you want to be one, because you want to be perceived as special.  Would you still be a Vampire, if NO ONE ELSE knew that you were?

If you didn’t tell anyone, would you still think of yourself as a Vampire?

In the GVC, we discuss metaphysical topics, just as we do in the magickal communities.  People throw around words like “powers”, “abilities” and “talents”.  Psychic phenomena, magickal occurences and energy movement cannot be measured by the same tools as can physical activity and material world movement.  Non-physical metaphysical activity in our world is measured by observation, perception and the changes that take affect on a physical, emotional or mental level.

Because it is so subjective, practical members of the Vampire Community take care to observe personal, internal activity…and any possible effects that those activities have on the external world.  Energy feeders especially question whether taking in energy has any benefits to their personal system….we question if there is an actual need to take in extra energy and if we can supplement our energy needs with natural resources, only (air prana, solar prana, tree/plant energy)–rather than human energy sources.

As far as psychic phenomena and metahuman activity goes, none of the energy feeders and blood feeders that I know have any abilities beyond the range of ANYONE who practices any occult, psychic, magickal or metaphysical techniques outside of the Vampire Community.

I have clairvoyant, clairaudient, manifestation, telepathic, precognitive experiences…but, my skill range is comparable to other non-Vampire Witches and Psychics that I personally know.  I can augment my physical strength level with psychic energy.  I am sometimes told that my reflexes are faster than normal.   I can also throw up telepathic illusions, which people react to….even if they don’t know exactly the form of the illusion that is being used.  Any of the metaphysical phenomena that I experience can be experienced by any non-vampiric human who also practices working with energy.

All humans work with energy, anyway.  Metaphysically speaking, that is the nature of this reality.  In my opinion, Energy Feeders–Psychic Vampires, Spiritual Sangs, Dual Feeders, Spiritual Vampires–are not born at the expert level of energy manipulation.  We might have an instinctive need to be nourished on another level, so we instinctively start pulling energy in.  It is the constant activity that becomes its own sort of practice.  We become so used to moving psychic energy out of personal need that we become sensitive to it and able to work with it, easily.

We cannot pass along that level of skill that is based on amount of practice time spent.  A bad rough analogy is trying to teach someone how to lift a 100-pound weight that had never done weightlifting a day in their life.  But even so, even after a lifetime of mostly unconsciously working with psychic energy, I still don’t have any superpowers to perform the extraordinary feats like the Vampires in the movies or storybooks.

And none of the other Vampires that I know are that powerful, either.

If you suspect that you are anything out of the norm of society, ask yourself if you need this identity  based on the approval, reaction or knowledge of the others around you.  Start from there.





Predatory Psychic Feeders Vs. Vampires As Ethical, Spiritual Beings


People are not equal….or, at the very least, we are not the same.  We are not all the same because of our very human personality differences. With those personality differences, we express our lives with our varying attitudes, intentions and foci. In nature, we have our predatory and feral creatures. We have our animals that live to survive, for the most part self-oriented. At most, they will protect and provide for their families or packs.

And then, we have our more domesticated animals. Our household pets that give us love and companionship, among other things. Humans are very similar in some respects to other animals. As a species, our behavior can range from being completely self-oriented to only being concerned with our more immediate family group to caring for members outside of that personal family/friends circle. Within the food chain, unless we are completely vegan, we make accommodations in our general moral and ethical schemes to make room for our part in the violation of free will and murder or other living beings. As meat eaters, we make justifications in these two areas for non-human animals because we find eating them to be normal behavior. Many animals also feed on others, without any problem of moral or ethical justification. There is simply no conversation to it, in most cases.

As Energy Vampires, some of us follow sets of rules or guidelines for feeding on/from the energies of others. Even under the umbrella term of “Psychic Vampires” or “Energy Vampires”, we come in as a variety of creatures with a variety of reasons for taking in the energy of other human beings. Some of us hold that we were born to feed off of human vital energy in the same way that our physical bodies need to take in the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates to remain physically healthy and functional.

Others of our sub-community hold that some of us are instinctively geared to feed on human vital energy, not for our energetic (psychic, spiritual…) health, but because our systems get secondary benefits that we would not get were we not energetically feeding. It is important to talk about the different categories that we have within our community, simply because they exist. We could ignore the differences; but with ignoring the differences, there are specific needs that are dismissed….sometimes because, as a species, we love the idea of one-formula, one-explanation, putting everything into a tidy little box for our understanding…and we invalidate any personal experience that does not fit neatly in.

There are some of us who are ethical feeders. We have our own sets of rules and guidelines for feeding from the energy of others. Then, there are some of us who do not follow any set of rules….or at least, follow rules that are different from others. Putting out and sharing our sets of ethics for feeding can be prescriptive. However, there is no way of enforcing that all energy feeders follow our or any other guidelines.

What do we do with the non-ethical feeders? As information becomes more mainstream….everyone is becoming a blogger or at least adding their two cents in the comments section….the non-ethical energy feeders are becoming just as public as those of us who follow our individually-constructed or adopted feeding guidelines.

There are those of us who share our personal rules, because we truly believe in them. We share them because they work for us and we hope that they will be helpful to other awakening and awakened energy feeders. To some degree, some of us sometimes share information as a sort of “full disclosure,” to educate the non-vampire community (that we have nothing scary to hide) or to inform non-vampires so that they can pass along the (hopefully) useful information to unawakened/awakening energy feeders.

When confronted by non-ethical energy feeders, I do feel like a bit of a hypocrite. Physically speaking, I am not a Vegan. I eat meat and enjoy animal products. I know that I contribute (or at least, validate) a system where animal life is violated without permission for my personal needs. As a human animal inhabiting a human animal body, I understand that I am no different than any other animal in the wild that does not care about the free will or right-to-life of other particular animal life-forms (namely, chicken, beef, pork and a few other supermarket types). I might not hunt the same way as a lion or a wolf, but I benefit from a system that kills for me.

Coming out of a society that does not value all life (especially where food is involved); the fact that one session of energetic draining is not very likely to kill someone and the presence of the predatory Fictional Vampire archetype in our subculture….it is no wonder that there are some non-ethical energy feeders. As humans, we are not completely altruistic, benevolent beings at all times in all areas of life.

Are there any benefits to addressing the behavior or those that do not follow our ethical boundaries? We can suggest why our favorite sets of ethics should be followed, but should we be more explicit about the whys of it?  Being prescriptive about codes of ethics is good public relations….but, is there any benefit to discussing the non-ethical vampire in depth?


Slut Shaming, Sexual Vampirism and A Practical Approach To Other Naughty Things


    Even though we talk about blood consumption and most of us are comfortable with adult topics, I still feel a little squeamish talking about or identifying myself as an Eros Vampire.  I do not claim to be the authority or the spokesperson for all Eros Vampires.  I have only been musing on my interpretation and my experience in my personal arena of my form of vampirism and how I have come to relate to the world through that lens.

    To give my background and a context–I’ve self-identified as gay my whole life. I have had self esteem issues, panic and anxiety disorder. I am not new to feeling guilty or ashamed. I’ve been shamed on quite a few topics of behavior, over my lifetime. But, for some reason, sexual vampirism has been one of those subjects that is fairly new…and unexplored territory for me.

    I’ve been an incredibly sexual person for as long as I can remember. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I have been a sexually-ORIENTED person for as long as I can remember.  I was not molested as a child. I was not exposed to any pornography–besides Playboy, but that wasn’t what I was interested in. I simply remember that I was always interested in the idea of sex with other males, since the time that I was very little. (I didn’t have any actual sex until I was 19, though….but, I blame that on my anxiety disorder and extremely negative self-perception.) I didn’t have the vocabulary to describe it, but I definitely had the desire to share myself with my friends at a young age.

    I was not sexually active until I was almost 20. As I just shared, I already had a very negative self-perception, so I felt ashamed about myself in general. I would look for any justification to keep feeling ashamed and guilty. However, I was very aware that people looked down on others who were too sexually promiscuous….let alone somehow violating the constructs of married life by cheating on their spouse….and much less, engaging in any homosexual activity.


    I was also aware of the double standard….and its loopholes. Heterosexual men often had multiple lovers or were serial monogamists. Women were not allowed nearly the same frequency of changing partners or they were criticized. Although perception can vary, depending on subculture, I grew up being aware that although homosexuality was frowned upon by some….when viewed through the heteronormative framework, I was judged much the same as a heterosexual woman. I was expected to appear sexless or at least in a monogamous relationship–that wasn’t seen “as bad” as being promiscuous.


    Even when heterosexual males are found to have extra-marital affairs, there might be criticism….but, more often than not, it is accepted on some level as relatively normal behavior in a heterosexual male. There is a higher frequency or higher level of dismissal when a heterosexual male changes lovers or has multiple lovers at the same time. The higher intensity of criticism occurs when it becomes personal to the party who is commenting on that male’s behavior–his primary partner or someone who is connected to that primary partner….or someone who relates to being in the position of the primary partner that is being cheated on.


    My first encounter with cheating partners was being aware that my father cheated on my mother with extramarital partners. I remember her being incredibly hurt, because she incorrectly took it as a reflection of her self worth. There was so much drama involved….so much emotion. Because my mother was hurt, I decided that cheating was wrong, under any circumstances. Since then, I’ve had relationships where I had been cheated on. Also, I’ve been left for other partners. One of the biggest personal turnarounds for me was with one of my more recent boyfriends. We had been friends for years before beginning a romantic relationship. After one of his heterosexual relationships ended, he began a romantic relationship with me. We were comfortably happy, until the night he approached me with the idea that he wanted to start a relationship with another woman while he continued to date me.

    At first, I was upset…offended…insulted. But, after he had a long talk with me….including bringing up that within the length of our friendship, I had never objected to him having a girlfriend before….he assured me that nothing was going to affect our current relationship. He was genuinely confused, because to him, he was being respectful by not hiding anything behind my back. I thanked him for his honesty and, like adults, we negotiated the terms involving his secondary relationship.

    I had a strong reaction when my then-boyfriend brought up that he wanted to pursue a secondary relationship. I had a strong emotional response, but was very aware of my ongoing thought process.


    Not only have I been in relationships with married or otherwise-involved men, but I’ve also observed various people, heard gossip and confessions of those who have been in multiple relationships at the same time. We call it “cheating” when someone is hiding their secondary relationships (or trysts), engaging in them without express permission or acknowledgement. Safety being a given (no pregnancy or STIs), it might be more realistic to acknowledge that many people engage in extramarital affairs….so why are we so surprised and opposed to it?

    My preference has always been to be in a monogamous relationship. My reasons for being in one have changed over time, as I have changed.  The more that I grow and become more emotionally self-reliant, self-validating, self-loving and self-fulfilling….the less that I need to look to others to fill me. The less that I am waiting for others to perform particular actions, to say particular words for me to justify feeling good about myself. The more that I make myself happy, the less that I hold other people responsible for my happiness. I don’t hold anything against others nearly as much as I used to….I have become more harmless because I am not trying to get something from other people.  And as I become more harmless, I am more gentle and kind to others.

    Where I am at now is in complete contrast to where I used to be in relationship to others. Now, I experience sex through the eyes of an Eros Vampire. I can ambient feed. I can feed from a Donor’s aura. But, as good as that can be, nothing compares to Eros feeding.


    My main emotional relationships are with my siblings, my father and my pets. I do not seek emotional fulfillment in a romantic relationship. My sense of happiness and love come from my relationship with the Divine, the Universe. I fulfill myself directly from the Source. I also do not require to process my feelings against another person–I explore my feelings in meditation and internal journeying. I can be friends with my energetic donors. I can even enjoy having a boyfriend. But, as an Eros Vampire, the most important part of the sexual relationship is the feeding that comes from the sexual interaction, itself.


    As an energy vampire, I perceive the sexual act as more of a donation of the type of prana that my system finds most nourishing. I feed on the energies being generated by my partner, in the sex act. As an Eros Vampire, that’s all that I really need from my partner/s. It is not so much a pleasurable activity or means to an end as far as further or deeper involvement with a lover.  Because I do not require anything else from a partner, I can respect their needs to return to the rest of their day/night/life outside of the moment of our interaction.


    Before I became so independently whole and self-validated, I was extremely clingy and NEEDED someone else to fulfill me. Because I was so negative, I was constantly finding upset in my relationships. Those of us who are emotionally dependent on a lover cannot stand the idea that that lover will be with anyone else….and when we are so emotionally charged with that idea, we tend to find ourselves in situations with lovers who are constantly leaving us for others.

    Emotionally dependent people are often full of negative perception. They have a hole inside of them that is never filled by anyone else, although there is a constant (and impossible) demand to have their partner fill them. Sometimes, these emotionally dependent partners are also financially dependent, as well. When their lovers cheat on them, not only is it interpreted as a statement of rejection, but also a threat to being taken care of. Their physical survival is in jeopardy.


    Personally, I like monogamous relationships. I like the idea of having a good friendship with a lover or partner. However, as an Eros Vampire, I need to feed. I no longer have the human ideal of romantic partnership. I have not found it in other human beings. I feel Love flowing out from my heart where The Divine lives. I survive without needing a marriage partner. I am learning to love other beings without needing them to behave in a particular way or say particular words for me to justify feeling like I am loved back. As an Eros Vampire, sex is practical.  Through reflection, meditation and self-analysis–I have come to unravel what is energy feeding from emotional issues.  My emotional wholeness is mine to uphold.  Energy feeding is a gift from another being–I am grateful, but no one ever owes me anything more than what they generously give me.

    Because I do not need my partners to marry me (although, it would be nice), I can find what I need in friendships with benefits….and sometimes that includes partners in other relationships, married or with girlfriends. I am not trying to pull anyone away from whatever they choose to experience in or as their primary relationships. So many men (people) function by living with their primary partner and having secondary relationships, wherever they can fit them. If there is any chaos or drama that comes from an affair coming to surface, it is guaranteed that there was drama and chaos already running through the rest of the relationship.


    The most hostility to those who live freely and openly comes from those people who feel threatened and insecure about their own lives….those emotionally dependent people who think that they can only keep fulfilled if they dig their nails into their partners.  These emotionally dependent people find threats in those that are personally liberated. Those sluts that they fear can take their partners away. This is open for debate, but I would venture to guess that partners stay in primary relationships because there are elements which make them comfortable. A household, children, family life, socially acceptable structures that appeal to them. Rather than finding the secondary lovers a threat….it would serve better for those primary partners to make the nest more attractive or become more emotionally independent, if they wanted to make their partner want to stay.


    When Eros Vampires are being realistic and respectful of someone else’s primary relationships (married life), there is no reason why we can’t feed as much as we need to and still leave our Donors’ main lives intact. As sacred concubines, we can honor their energy donations by being the outlet for the stress that they can’t express in their home lives. We can consciously be that supplement that they are unconsciously asking for by being counselor, therapist, masseuse and stress relief so that our Donors can find what they are missing….and go back to their homes, fulfilled, healed and happier.



The Witches’ Guide to Psychic Vampires

  •  Let’s take a few steps back. I was trained in the Anderson Feri Tradition of Witchcraft. Before I was formally trained, I would say that I mainly had an intuitive pull towards energy work. As a child, I had some clairvoyant, clairaudient and precognitive experiences. If I had to declare what drove me to study the crafts of magick and the Goddess, I would have to say that it was my instinctive knowledge that the unseen was real….magick is alive and the Goddess is afoot.

    In the basic sense, Witchcraft is a healing path. Along with my studies of the elements and ritual ceremony, I began to explore the various healing modalities. Crystal layouts, Reiki, Hands-On Healing, Affirmations, Meditation, Elemental Balancing, Pranic Healing…..I wanted to become proficient in as many techniques and methods as I possibly could. I’ve worked in coven settings, open energy clinics, distant healing, one-on-one private sessions. As any student of metaphysics knows through experience, Magick, Energy Work and Healing are not always exact sciences. It’s not as if you spend 20 hours total of directing rose-gold light through the crown chakra, out the palm chakras….that after the proper progression of steps, total and complete healing is guaranteed to occur.

    Healing is more like a combination of Art and Lottery. it’s more that you do what you can, to the best of your abilities–you tilt the scale to odds that are more in your favor. You address as many factors as you possibly can….but just as it is addressed in the teachings of many branches of Witchcraft….we always make room for The Mysteries of Life, that which is hidden and unknown. Keeping that in mind, I always did my best as a healer. With whichever methods I used, I would complement my techniques by using bits and parts of other systems to help my clients along in their pathway of healing.

    As a healer, I had just as good a track record as my local colleagues. So, I knew that I at least had enough proper understanding and correct technique. I was comfortable channeling universal energies and facilitating personal healing in others. What I couldn’t figure out is why I wasn’t healing myself. I applied the same exact methods in relieving blockages of energetic or psychological nature to myself, as I had successfully done with all of my clients.

    When I asked for healing work from others, that seemed to give me greater amounts of relief, than when I just worked on myself. My health would improve, if only temporarily. My mental and emotional states seemed so much better. The only problem was that I seemed to want more energy sessions than other people did, sometimes more often than were commonly recommended within the various healing modalities. I went along, my physical health, my emotional health fluctuating with the amount of my personal work and healing sessions. I never quite understood why I wasn’t healing like all the rest of my clients were, when I was putting in much more effort and time into my personal sessions. I had been a part of the Pagan Community for quite some time, offline and online. It was not until I became part of particular metaphysical groups in which Witches shared common space with Psychic Vampires, Sanguines and Hybrid Vampires that I began to become familiar with the Greater Vampire Community.


    I had put so much time into energetically healing myself. I had put so much time into having others work on me, energetically. My personal energy levels were so low, for most of my life. It wasn’t until I was receiving energy from others that I felt really full. Others and myself had put plenty of hours of healing time into my system….could it be possible that maybe my energy bodies weren’t made to follow the same rules, as everyone else?

    I had already been exposed to so many varying ideas, concepts and theories in the metaphysical world. While, in theory, each one of us has access to ALL of the possibilities within human and spiritual nature….some of us expressed some factors of Life much differently than others, sometimes much more dramatically. There are those of us who express Clairvoyance much more strongly than others. Some of us are uncannily accurate Precognitives. Some of us are naturally powerful Energy Channelers. And then there are the more unusual expressions of Psychic Energy–what about those people who are natural Energy Generators? These are those folk who put out so much vital, psychic or magickal energy that it just seems to shoot out in all directions. This is a very real occurrence in the magickal world. As Magicians, Sensitives and Energy Workers, we have most likely come across these Energy Generators in our practices and within daily life.

      Energy Generators, when left to their own devices, simply seem like high-energy, nervous creatures. For the most part, the extra energy seems like more of a detriment than anything helpful or useful. With proper direction, Energy Generators can be taught to channel this excess vitality into constructive physical activity, channeling the energy directly into magickal endeavors or to pass this energy along into healing and revitalizing others. Left without any direction or instruction, Energy Generators can become nervous or agitated with so much excess lifeforce. Just like every other creation in the Goddess’ manifest universe, Energy Generators can be a useful, contributing member of the world with the correct form of Teaching and Guidance.

      Just as there might be a plan and a place for those of us beings that generate too much energy for our systems, there might be a divine purpose for those of us who seem to lack enough energy for our systems….and generally run at a deficit. There are those of us who seem to be the natural counterpart to the Energy Generator. I have heard of us being referred to as Energy Feeders, the opposite of generators. What could be the Goddess’ Plan in creating us? Because of my background in magick, metaphysics and manifestation….my need to observe and experiment, that I’ve learned in my years as a Witch, I have quite a few guesses about the Spiritual Purpose of the Energy Feeder (also known as the Psychic Vampire). Sometimes, I think of us as the walking, breathing, living equivalent to Burning Sage. With conscious intention, we can clean and filter energy within any space. With our natural inclination to take energy in, to see what is usable….we filter energy in, consume what is consumable, and create a vacuum to allow Nature to fill the space with fresh energy, again.  Much like sage, lavender or golden sandalwood.

      With proper training, Energy Feeders move fresh energy in through their intention. In the Vampire Community, we also discuss how we are natural healers–when confronted with negative energy, congested energy, blockages within someone’s chakras, energy bodies or personal system, in any way….we set up our energy filters and allow our natural drawing tendencies to pull the offending energies out of our healing-client. Most of us naturally draw on energies when we are young, because that is our nature. By the time that we are intellectually attracted to consciously study Witchcraft and Metaphysics, we probably have an easy grasp of moving energy because we have been doing it instinctively for so long. More than likely, we find ourselves in the energy worker and magickal fields, because we are so used to moving energy. It seems like the natural place to be. Psychic Vampires are only missing that bit of training to become fully-blossomed contributing members of the Metaphysical Community.

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What Would It Be Like If There Were No Vampire Community?

What Would It Be Like If There Were No Vampire Community?

The first concept I consciously had of the Vampire was Bela Lugosi’s Dracula. This was back when I watched the black-and-white movie on television, with my Mother. The earliest images I had to work with were of the Fictional variety. I had no idea about real Sanguines and Psychic Vampires, at the time. I heard of brujas in Mexico who sucked the life-force out of plants. My Grandma gave me a vague idea of energy transference, when she would tell me to give her my “sickness”, whenever I was ill. But, the word “Vampire” was never attached to either activity.

I don’t remember a time in my childhood when I was not low energy. I was constantly sick and almost always tired. The doctor never found anything extremely wrong with me, beyond allergies and asthma. I was just told to eat and exercise more. I always had some occasional psychic impressions….but, because there were no clues that would lead me anywhere towards psychic vampirism, I started to explore metaphysics to give my conditions a context and possibly heal them.

Sci fi and Fantasy fiction had plenty of Vampire figures–but they were so beyond human, so beyond the capacity of possibility, that it was only within the realm of my daydreaming to be one of them. In real life, an “emotional vampire” was someone who kept your attention engaged with their stories of how badly they felt or how dramatic their life-situations were, that you were taken on an emotional roller coaster ride….and left feeling emotionally drained by the end of their visit. An “energy vampire” was very similar, in that they took up your time and attention with their neediness, until again, you were left devoid of resources and physically tired by the end of their visit. Neither of these variations of the “vampire” were mystical or metaphysical, and neither one was appealing to emulate.    Various people have told me that I was an empath, over my lifetime. People said that they could tell that I absorbed emotions and negative energy. Someone described it as they felt that when we hugged, I was taking energy that they no longer needed from their chakras, as a sort of automatic and instinctive healing.

The only references I had for my lack of energy came from the systems of energy work and energy healing. So, I followed the directions for regular energetic nutrition, doing what all humans can do to stay energetically healthy. I worked with running energy through my system–solar prana, earth prana, air prana…the various rays of different systems. But, I seemed to want a lot more than what seemed usual. Within the systems of energy healing, it seemed that I required more healing than what seemed normal. I came to see myself as mostly damaged, but I couldn’t quite figure out how I had gotten damaged or how to fix it.

Within the metaphysical community (energy healers, lightworkers, pagans, magicians), there was something wrong with me since all the energy work and healing work didn’t fix my poor health, lack of energy and desire to want more psychic/spiritual/magickal energy on a regular basis. Over time, I became a fairly experienced energy healer. I’ve worked on other people with the variety of healing modalities that I exposed myself to….and I had seen many people heal and get considerably better, because of these workings.

Without a Vampire Community, I would have continued to see myself as simply damaged and needing to be fixed. Without knowledge of how Psychic Vampires function, I would never have allowed myself to fully open up to consciously feed….and finally feel full.

In energy work and magick, we have the concepts of cleansing and removing energy. But, it’s energy that we move from one place to another….or banish away from one place into nothingness. It is never addressed that one ever takes energy into one’s self from another living being. However, the opposite concept is part of healing itself. We rarely are shown that healers move energy and infuse it into the subject, without passing through the healer, first. We either use our personal energy (now, falling out of fashion in the energy workers communities) or more popularly, we channel energy through ourselves, into the healing subject. When moving energy OUT of a healing subject, we are not taught to take that energy into our self. There is a place within psychic healing for a generator and a channeler…..but not an eater or absorber.

Within the metaphysical community, I would have remained someone damaged. Because I would never fully heal within the context of the energy healing systems, I would be forever stuck. There is no place for an energy-eater, as of yet. For whatever imperfect mix of friendly members, supportive members, argumentative members and helpful members….Real Vampires, Poseurs, Allies and Friends….I found more validation for being a Psychic Vampire than I would have gotten from the metaphysical community for not having a universally positive definition for us, yet.