Psy Vamps: Damaged Goods or Vampirus Superior?

  • Damaged Goods or Vampirus Superior?

    There are two ideas that have floated around for quite some time. The first theory is that Psy Vampires exist because there is something inherently damaged about our energy systems in some way. Individual causes vary, but among the causes are that we might have an energy leak of sorts, a missing or damaged chakra…or that, because of other circumstances, we simply have a higher need for more energy to fuel our energetic systems and bodies.

    Many of us that enter the world of energy workers and energy healing attempt to fix our problems. It is only in  those cases when they are irreparable, that we eventually identify as Psychic Vampires and simply accept that we must take in more energy than others to live a relatively normal life.

    In metaphysical terms, it can be fair to think of ourselves as damaged in some way. This could be our “sacred wound” in shamanic terms. Because of our need to consume more energy than other beings, Psy Vamps can become proficient in sensing and working with magickal, spiritual, non-physical forms of energy. The amount of time we automatically put into working with these energies is equivalent to a non-Psy Vamp simply putting time into practicing magick or the psychic arts. With so many hours clocked in, we develop secondary talents such as increased sensitivity or proficiency in magick and manifestation.

    By the time we find our way to formal covens and lodges, we seem to have a natural inclination for the occult arts….without having had any formal training.  It could be something equivalent to someone having a disability, accident or illness….and then pulling a blessing out of the situation. Looking at the divine picture, we could consider that we were incarnated on earth with these energetic wounds….so that we would be prompted to become adept at moving and working with energy. In this case, we were given an opportunity to become stronger energy workers because of the situations that we were born into.  We set the trends through our life circumstances.

    Searching for healing, we become familiar…and often adept….at multiple systems of healing. In this way, we often become databanks of information for our fellow metaphysicians and those in need of that metaphysical information.

    In discussions about non-physical/spiritual evolution, it is sometimes mentioned that we are the evolved version of humanity. Looking at the whole of the Psy Vampire population in general, I would have to say that I see the mix of us who are just here to eat in this world….and others who have taken those natural spiritual inclinations and propelled themselves into personal growth and self-evolution.

    Are some of us the evolved version of humanity? Every being can move energy, consume it and use it for other purposes–given enough practice. It’s not a skill that is special to just Psychic Vampires. Are some of us superior to others? It depends on how you define that.

    To specify, what is “superior”? When Psy Vamps consume energy, are we just filling a need because of a deficit in some other area? When we consume, we are just feeding. I haven’t seen anything consistent in the whole of the Psy Vamp population that convinces me that someone is on the fast track to evolution, just because of our feeding nature. Some of us are definitely good people, some of us are spiritually-inclined….but it is not an absolute that everyone who energetically feeds is on their way to ascending through the dimensions like new age saints.

    On the spiritual side of things, being a better person or a more spiritually-evolved being needs to be a conscious intention. Simply calling yourself anything in the metaphysical world has no guarantees on human personality, spiritual perceptions or anything else that deals with human interaction or being in this world. Being a Psy Vamp has no guarantees on internal psychological makeup or how we express that. We vary in beliefs and behavior.

    As far as what we consider practical applications, we take in external energy to make up for missing energy in our systems. This can be a useful skill in the field of energy work–we tend to be quicker, more efficient energy healers–and as magicians, because of the ease we have in moving magickal/spiritual energy. In the metaphysical world, we might become superior mages…because of the amount of time we put into practice.

    To be “superior” beings, it is possible–but not just because we are Psy Vampires. It can be a conscious choice to follow ideals that are personal to us. I can strive to be a kinder, generous, helpful being….in that way, I am being superior to who I used to once be. I can even use the image of the ideal, spiritually-evolved Psychic Vampire as my archetype, my Role Model.

    (What Would Lilith Do?) For my purposes, it would not matter what the fictional or historical character did or was recorded to have done. I am consciously picking and working with an image to which I can attribute those qualities of an evolved being (my ideal Psychic Vampire). From there, I can model myself after those qualities, until I can identify those qualities as part of my own personality. In this way, I am allowing myself to express the essence of the superior Vampire….as I define it.


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