Guilt, Blood and Prana: A Modern Vampire’s Diet

  • Some members of the Vampire world still feel guilty about needing to feed from other beings. Whether Psy or Sang, many of us attach some form of negative feelings towards the need to feed or the act thereof. As humans, we learn to justify feelings of guiltiness and shame by attaching them to the outside acts of our world. As Modern Vampires, there really is no reason to feel any negativity, when most of us can and do follow very humane practices of feeding and donation.

        Nowadays, most of us Psy Vamps know to keep ourselves monitored so that we do not become hungry enough to auto-feed, indiscriminately. We avoid feeding on the young, the old and the ill. Energetically feeding on the young, old and infirm can lead to a weakening of their energetic systems….which could manifest in physical sickness. Worst case scenario if a Psy Vamp feeds on the energy systems of a healthy human adult is that it leads to a temporary drop in the personal vitality–but because they are normally healthy, they usually recover in a timely manner. The amount of time and concentration that it takes to drain a normal, healthy adult of enough vital energy to debilitate them is equivalent to that needed in any sort of psychic attack. This cannot happen accidentally. Anyone who would take that much energy intentionally is not likely to feel guilty about it, otherwise. Most educated and well-informed Modern Psychic Vampires will most likely also explore other possible sources of energetic nourishment, before they start draining those around them.
        Educated Psy Vamps often look for other resources of energy to supplement our higher need to feed from outside of ourselves. Between that and our knowledge of ambient feeding, we pose relatively little danger to others.
       Regardless of any and all practices of the past, the Sanguines of today have so many modern advantages which lead to ethical feeding. With all of the advances of technology, Blood Donors can control the amount of blood that they can donate. Likewise, Sangs can store blood for longer periods of time, rather than having to eat it fresh every feeding.
       On the side of the Swans, there is much less fear regarding donation of either blood or energy. As a matter of fact, we have many Swans who are not only willing, but are happy to share what they offer to us.  Because of the openness in our present community, we have a much better network for aligning our Swans and the Vampires who need them.
       In speaking with Sangs and Psy Vamps, I found that some of us feel guilty over their thoughts and fantasies of feeding by force, excessively and without permission. There is a world of difference between having thoughts and acting out on them. It is one’s actions which count a lot more in the world. Many people have a parade of negative thoughts and fantasies that they NEVER act on.


    I’ve talked to my fellow Sangs & Psys that feel guilty for simply having thoughts of gorging themselves on blood or energy, without having to ask for permission, beforehand. As I’ve shared in discussion with Alexia Ashford (Sang writer for and The Red Cellar), it seems to be the rough equivalent to being on a strict diet and fantasizing about eating cake or having more food than your points or diet portions allow. It is not always easy to get enough of the nourishment that our particular systems need, at all times.  I mentioned an ideal future where Soccer Moms and Construction Workers could head to that special Starbucks and order a Venti Red….Sanguine Special. In a future world that accommodated every Sangs’ specific needs, there would no longer be such a thing as a vampire’s hunger.

    How moody would a Blood Feeder be if they could get blood on demand?  (Maybe with a shot of hazelnut or vanilla?)   With hunger not being a factor, how much more mellow would any Vampire be? Someone being denied anything is going to think about getting it more often–and while they are currently being denied something so necessary, they might daydream of taking it by force.  When someone is denied something that they need to make them feel normal (and no longer sick and weak), they are often more emotional about that something that they are being denied. Hunger of any sort can make anyone crazy. As long as we don’t act out on it, it’s a perfectly normal response.  As long as we support each other, we can help each other through the rough patches, until we can get decent feeds.


    In our Modern Age, we have much more potential for very safe, very humane versions of feeding. Everything can be voluntarily donated.  What is generously shared, can be harvested relatively painlessly and safely.  There is very little reason for guilt under those circumstances.

    Frustrated Man


  1. Carol Ann · March 7, 2016

    Excellent read, thank you …

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