We Might Not All Be The Same Kind of Creature

  • Who has the right to decide what Vampirism is? I entered the GVC through what was the Ronin Community, at the time. The viewpoint of the leaders of the group was that Vampires have the need to feed on energy and/or blood….and that we could feed on any resource. From the understanding of my current definitions, it made it sound like we were all Dual Feeders, using “Hybrid” in those groups, at the time. The standard perception was that we are a “type” of human–not “non-human”–that we were born the way that we are. In a sense, we were born to be Vampires in this lifetime, because there was something about our soul-destiny that made us be born as Vampiric Humans, in this lifetime.

    Reality is very strange. People who are metaphysically-oriented might see it as that we “were born with–“….while people who are more materialistically-oriented might see it as that we “have developed–“…philosophies and pet theories/beliefs as to what a Vampire is. The metaphysicians have their various definitions on what it is that makes a Vampire–extremely low (non-physical) energy levels or leakages, ability or propensity to draw on energy from others, reincarnational memories or specific memories of vampiric associations and so on. The materialists will cite specific physical disorders which will alleviate with the physical intake of blood into their systems.

    In the GVC, we gather under the umbrella term of Vampires. We are borrowing the name from the general term which describes a wide variety of mythological creatures, which feed on blood or energy of some sort. Some have even applied the term “Vampire” to creatures which fall under their own specific categories, such as Succubi, Incubi or various forms of Demons and Monsters. We each have our own favorite references, but there is no guarantee as to which was the original “true” Vampire….and whether this creature was a completely fictionalized being born out of folk tales….an exaggerated account of actual Pre-Modern Human Vampires (which could be ancestors of sorts to any or all of our types of Modern Living Vampires)….or something in between the two concepts.

    The Eros Vampire seems to function extremely well when they are feeding on sexual energy or feeding through sexual activity. They might not be as well nourished if they avoid their favorite form of eating, thinking that they can function just as well without focusing on what they are naturally drawn to. Likewise, there are Chaos Eaters who flourish when they consume negative energy….and there are plenty of natural resources for negative energy, in this world. We have no guarantee that all Energy Feeders can flourish from any and all forms of energy, in general. From the metaphysical perspective, one could argue that someone who is psychically sensitive intuitively knows what is most nourishing on the energy level and is naturally drawn to it.

    What is the harm in prescribing the same diet to everyone who comes to the Vampire Community? Probably very little, if they fall under the classification of a Dual-Feeder and can gain nourishment from blood and most general forms of energy. As Energy Feeders, the majority of us do seem to be able to pull nourishment from most sources that we encounter. Some of us have our favorites that we seem to thrive on. However, who is to guarantee that every creature that comes to the GVC is exactly like us, the Energy Feeders?

  •  In metaphysical thought, we hold that all psychic and magickal feats are capable by all humans. However, we do not force out beliefs onto others outside of self-identified psychics, metaphysicians and magicians. In general, we do not tell people that they should follow our practices. If someone is not an energy worker and healer, we do not tell them to avoid ibuprofen and to work with blue prana for pain and swelling. We only share information with those who ask for our viewpoint and who are open to receiving what we have to share, when they can use that information in a practical way. We do not share many, or any, details of our metaphysical practices with those who are traditionally against going outside of their standard philosophies and their own practices….such as non-mystical Christians or Atheists, for example.
    It seems that some of us that wish to dictate our energy-working practices on others, without being asked for our advice beforehand, are taking everyone’s presence in the GVC as permission to decide what they need, what kind of Vampire (or creature/feeder) that they are, and that our way is the correct way.  Some of us are also making the assumption that, by virtue of anyone’s presence in the Community, they must logically be the same creature as we are.  This might not be the case.
  • dragaica

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