Mental-Level Experience: How Real is Real?

In the Vampire Community, we are constantly having a back and forth on who is a “real vampire” or arguing about who’s experience is “real.”  The reasons for this are varied.  Without trying to create a new label for myself–although I can’t promise I won’t do that later–my reasoning is that I want to organize practical information for the various feeding types, so that basic health needs are met.  That is my main agenda.

The more serious metaphysical students analyze and dissect information for purely practical purposes.  Even though it might seem odd to use the word “practical” when speaking about metaphysics, we use this term to cover the techniques and information which can be applied to our personal lives to create some sort of discernable change or effect.  The serious metaphysical students and healers can see the different types of practices that the various sorts of members of the Vampire Community have, without finding one type or the other as superior or inferior.  Division and dissection are used to analyze what the individual needs, before targeting the specific information that can best serve them.

Within the realm of the Psychic Vampire, we work with the unseen world of psychic, spiritual, astral, vital energy.  We discern the activity on this level with internal, non-physical senses.  From outside of our subgroup, it is easy to see why skeptics, materialists and non-metaphysical thinkers throw us into the same category as the Role Players and the deluded.  We have so many self-proclaimed Psychic Vampires that run the range of expression from detailing astral experiences in long, boring retellings to the melodramatic gesture-filled physical demonstrations of ritual feeding.

There are self-proclaimed Psychic Vampires who speak of their alleged non-physical activities to audiences who do not have the same common reference points of reality.  Talking about psychic energy, energy bodies, astral planes and such to people who simply do not accept these concepts as valid or real in their world does not create a bond from information sharing.  It simply cements in how crazy we are, as a group.  Sharing is only helpful if the audience is receptive and can accept the reference points as valid to the person who is sharing their information.

Here’s my personal kicker–even though I have a metaphysical background and I work with these concepts, I find that I don’t necessarily accept all reports and accounts as “real.”  During the process of writing my last article on Role Players, I had to question why I don’t necessarily (internally) validate absolutely everyone’s accounts of their energy activity.  I had to explore which framework I had come to build, based on my own internal journey of working with my perceptions.  And I had to question why my framework of reference is still useful for me–AND how much value there is in sharing the framework that I had come to build as my process for evaluating what is valid in my perception of the world.

Within my time in the Magickal/Pagan Community, I have come across many people who invest a lot of emotion or invest self-identity in their “astral” experiences.  These people will share their recollections with others–often with the underlying need to provoke some sort of huge reaction or revelation on the part of the listening audience.  They want the listening audience to have some profound reaction about the speaker’s “specialness.”

Taking my own experience as my reference point, I have had mental experiences which could be considered “astral” or “imaginary”.  Some of these mental experiences started off as visualizations, meditations or guided healing journeys.  Some were spontaneous or happened in dreams.

My personal interpretation is that imagery and revelations that come up in these mental/astral storylines can be as useful or useless as dreams.  The relative truths in these scenarios can be reflective of old or current thought processes and beliefs–sometimes erroneous or disempowering convictions.  Other times, the hidden messages in these mental adventures can reflect the hidden strengths and potentials that are universal to all beings–not something only special to a few.  I would not claim that I was a humble being, exactly….however, I have learned that everyone else has potential access to the potential strengths that lie within all of humanity.  In this way, I have come to believe that people who are in need of proving or validating in some way that they are Special (more valuable) are actually hiding insecurities and need validation from their fellow humans.

To the metaphysical student, there is no reason to prove that any spirit or human is more Special (and therefore more valuable) than any other being.  In metaphysical thought, every being is a direct reflection of the Wholeness of Spirit.  Every spirit has access to all the blessings of The Divine, so no one needs to earn anything outside of our Divine Birthright, which is all of the blessings of Spirit.  There is nothing to earn, because it is all already ours.

The need to be Special is an erroneous thought-process of the limited human ego.  It is the inability to see access that we have access to Cosmic Consciousness, at all times, regardless of circumstance. The need to be Special comes from the idea that the individual is not already One with Spirit and already “Special” to Spirit.  The bruised or damaged ego believes that they are inferior or undeserving in some way.  To counterbalance this conviction, the mind spins out extravagant storylines on the mental level–in which one is “more special” than others by getting special audiences with or treatment by the gods; is part of a special bloodline; has super powers (either on the mental or astral realm only, OR locked-up potential that cannot be accessed in the physical plane); or just some sort of interesting storyline of events that is played out in the imagination.  These “special” details could either be kept to one’s self….but, more often than not, will be shared with others.

When Magicians and Metaphysicians perform acts of magick or move non-physical energy, in many cases, we want some sort of effects on a practical level.  There are schools of thought that dictate that some acts of magick are done only (or primarily) for spiritual evolution….but, even in that case, some of the guideposts for spiritual evolution are that the emotional body and all of its negative reactions are calmed and cleared.  When we are more peaceful, we are able to have more of what we consider “spiritual experiences.”  On the practical level, Psychic Vampires do what we do because we find better health in our physical bodies, calmer emotional bodies, vitality and well-being that we cannot find through other methods of energy work or otherwise.  We feed on particular energies because we perceive corresponding benefits on the emotional and physical planes.

When we perform magick, we need to see results in the physical world.  In some cases, we keep performing magick even if we only have emotional payoffs.  An emotional level benefit is well worth the effort, in this world.  Astral work, mental journeys, meditations and visualization are only worth it if there is some sort of positive effect from these workings that we experience in the emotional or physical dimensions.  To the metaphysical practitioner, there is a correspondence of sorts because we can link the emotional shift or physical manifestation to these mental/psychic activities…time and time, again.

When there is mental activity with no corresponding activity in the emotional or physical dimension, magicians consider that a sort of failure in intention, targeted focus or ideal goals.  Self-proclaimed Psychic Vampires who have supposed astral or mental level activity without the same corresponding physical/emotional benefits that other Psychic Vampires reap from feeding….are not having actual Psychic Vampire experiences.  In metaphysical terms, what we call “deluded” is simply Mental Level activity with no corresponding activity or benefits in the emotional or physical dimensions–but, with the claim that those mental level activities mean something in relation to other levels.  An exaggeration of the benefits to the physical or emotional bodies relative to the amount of Mental Level activity is also seen as delusional.  What we might think of as “crazy” is a disproportionate judgement of value, as opposed to clear discernment of benefits proportional to mental efforts.

This is not to say that all metaphysicians should entertain all first-hand accounts of other’s mental experiences as valid or valuable.  Metaphysicians work with discernment.  We analyze to see how to use information in a better or useful way, before we pass it along to others.  But rather, a better understanding of why some people are harder to listen to will at least defuse the discomfort that we feel when given a drawn-out or seemingly meaningless report of mental/astral activities.

Along the lines of “seemingly meaningless,” perhaps it would be more accurate to say that some people’s accounts of their mental activities are not practical.  Given, some astral journeys can at least be entertaining, relieving some stress.  In that sense, the astral journeys were helpful….if not to relieve some long-term problem, some reprieve was given.  There was some temporary relief to the emotional body.  Furthermore, to repeat the story might sometimes serve as some light entertainment to the receptive audience–best case scenario, there might be a vague inspiration for the recipient to have their own positive astral journey.  Worst case scenario is that the receptive audience is bogged down by the details, waiting for a punch line or a revelation, and there is none.  It’s a gamble whether one will be inspired or bored.

A long meditation with no emotional transformation or manifestation in the physical world is roughly equivalent to performing regular acts of magick with no effects (healing) in either the emotional or physical levels. Even performing magickal rituals or energy healings for spiritual awakening mainly involve emotional clearing of some sort….arguably, the biggest thing distracting us from spiritual evolving is our negative emotional activities.  There are such things as useless or impractical energy work, magick and astral activity–depending on the level of practicality that we are intending and how much we wish to effect the emotional and physical worlds.  The more serious of the metaphysical students in the Vampire Community focus on the those activities which produce the greatest demonstrations of health in the emotional and physical bodies.


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