Models of Reality, Framework of Reference…Logic and Emotion In the Vampire Community

I classify myself as an Energy Vampire, Psychic Vampire, Spiritual Vampire or Eros Vampire, depending on who I’m talking to.  Also, because I live within a Spanish-speaking subculture, I have also referred to myself as a “Vampiro”–still depending on context.

Which classification I use depends on the aspect that I am emphasizing, which itself depends on my intention for discussing the topic.  It is not that I am trying to reinforce an identity.  It is more that I am discussing or explaining particular metaphysical topics.  I don’t wave the Vampire flag, but I do bring it up when it is relevant to a conversation on metaphysical themes.  But, this is just my experience.

When I came into the GVC, there was already existing conflict between members of the community.  Members constantly complaining about the definition of a real Vampire, who has the right to classify themselves as Vampires, why certain members shouldn’t be considered Vampires….and on and on and on.  This is the only version of the GVC that I know.  People argue.

But, within the argument, there are gems of wisdom in the various opinions.  I don’t agree with what everyone says.  There are some topics, angles and schools of thought that I adore.  Likewise, there are other topics, angles and schools of thought that I couldn’t care less about….mostly because they don’t seem to contribute anything to the real-day, real-time personal growth of Modern Vampires.

As far as my personal experience with Psychic Vampirism, here’s my story in a nutshell–I didn’t grow up with the need to identify with the image of the Fictional Vampire…not any more than I daydreamed about being a powerful Witch, a shapeshifter, an alien-human hybrid, a mutant or a misplaced changeling/Fairy/fey.  But, to my understanding, I was born human–I identified as being human.  I am human.  I was aware that I had had psychic and paranormal experiences.  Standard religion didn’t make sense to me, so magick and metaphysics filled in the spaces that straight materialist thinking couldn’t explain for me.

My exploration of energy-based healing systems led me to focus on understanding my world in terms of chakras and energy bodies.  While there was some improvement in my general health, some issues seemed a bit beyond immediate healing.  It was from my base in metaphysics that the concepts of Psychic Vampirism made sense to me–living from the perspective of being a psychic vampire made room for some improvements in my life.

I am primarily part of the GVC because I want to exchange relevant information on vampirism.

I understand the need for people to feel that they are part of a community.  There are a variety of reasons to want to feel that they are included as part of a larger group.  There is validation and the sense of safety that most people cannot feel on their own.  Within the Vampire Community, we each have our own agendas–some of which are consciously held–someone can ask us what we want to accomplish in the GVC and we can answer directly.  On the other hand, we have quite a few members of the Community who simply do not have enough self-awareness to be able to answer that honestly and directly.  They don’t necessarily know what they want–they are just acting instinctively to get their needs met.

This is the nature of the Beast.  (The Beast being humanity, with its very human personality.)  Maybe, I’ve become more cynical about the general state of consciousness that I see most people express.  Maybe I see so many examples of lack of self-awareness because of some bias or prejudice on my part.  Or, it could be, that as I strive to become more self-aware, I am simply noticing the particular state that has always existed for the general populace.

Not everyone strives to become self-aware.  Not everyone strives to become spiritually aware.  Not everyone wants to consciously evolve.

I have become increasingly disillusioned with the ideal of a peaceful, harmonious community.  Not only in the GVC….just anywhere that humans are involved.  Vampires are only another kind of human.  There are amazing individuals within the community–fantastic mentors, leaders and role models.  Likewise, some younger members, newer members….energy feeders, blood feeders, swans, otherkin and allies are also amazing and inspiring.

In the few years that I’ve been a part of the GVC, I’ve come to realize that even though some of these people have some things in common with me, not everyone will get along….because Vampires are still people and people do not like to get along.  Defense of one’s personal beliefs are way more important to some people than believing what it most logical, more correct, most humanitarian or most spiritual.

From the metaphysicians point of view, unless someone is on a conscious pathway of working to spiritually awaken….meaning to completely RE-self-identify  with the qualities and essences of Spirit….they are still subject to the limitations of their humanhood.  And when you are subject to the limitations of the human personality, all communication is filtered through those limitations of the human personality.  There are power struggles, expressed as need for disagreement and the need to be non-cooperative.

I’ve watched many disagreements disguised as the need to “educate” and push a personal or group agenda.  These arguments often reduce down to attacks on intellect or even more personal details.  If the desire is to change someone’s mind toward your ways of thinking, then persuasion and constructive explanation is the LOGICAL way to go.  However, this will only work for those people who are non-emotional in those particular areas of discussion.  As soon as anyone has an emotional investment in an idea–or the root belief which upholds that investment in  that particular idea–they are not completely logic-based and the “discussion” is only an excuse to argue.

To really change someone’s mind, we need to take into account that each person has reasons for their beliefs.  Not everyone is going to embrace an idea because it is logical or scientific.  Some beliefs are held because there is a fear that needs to be supported.  Some beliefs are held because they were accepted at some point as truth.  The complexities of the human psyche do not necessarily allow for the quick change of beliefs.  Emotional investment keeps beliefs in place, regardless of how logical or how much scientific/material evidence there is to support a change in that belief.


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