Why The Sinister Approach Might Not Be The Best For All Personality Types

Energy feeders come into the GVC from all directions.  Some come in from the Pagan groups.  Some from the Magickal groups or the Energy Workers groups.  Others come straight into the world of vampirism, without passing through any other structure, tradition or school of thought.  For those of us that are ethical in their feeding practices, who follow some sort of code of conduct, we might be applying aspects of what we initially learned in other metaphysical practices.  Some of our ethics might be in place simply from what makes sense to our personality types, our individual sense of compassion or empathy.

Many members come into the world of Energy Feeding with very little background in the occult….sometimes, also new to the worlds of magick, Satanism, LHP or other traditions which do not have a strong emphasis on behaving in an “ethical” manner.  While the Sinister pathways are not for every new beginner, neither are any of the darker or LHPathways appropriate for every personality type.

This is not a commentary on the validity or legitimacy of sinister practices or darker traditions, in any way.  They are simply more destructive for those who come into these pathways with a self-destructive mindset.  Keeping in mind that while not everyone consciously craves self-evolution, it might be safe to say that the majority of our human personalities want self-satisfaction.  Not everyone is in the correct mindspace to manifest self-satisfaction and could bring about more self-frustration on the darker paths, accidentally….because they just don’t know any better.

Energy vampires who believe in ethically feeding do so for a multitude of reasons.  Some of us are following rules of karma–the straightforward idea that whatever we do comes back to us in some form or another.  If we are fair and careful with our feeding, we will be treated fairly in all other aspects of life.  There are others who are guided by their feelings of love and compassion towards their fellow human.  There are those of us who are ethical in our feeding, just as there are some of us who consciously follow our particular senses of ethics in eating animal products.

Some new Feeders justify drawing unethically, because they are very much in love with thinking of themselves as Predators.

One of the concepts that is often….misused? misconstrued? misunderstood?…is that of the Vampire as a predatory creature.  It’s just cool to throw that word out there.  “Predator” has become as much of a buzzword as “Vampire”, itself.  Newly awakened Energy Feeders and those that are new to the GVC often fall in love with the idea of being a predator–it implies strength and being beyond the limitations of any rules.  Predators are powerful.

The problem with wanting to identify as a Predator is that some of us are actually the exact opposite.  One of the factors missing in the GVC, the Pagan Community (and the Otherkin Community, as well) is that self-empowerment is not emphasized as a general rule.  If one is lucky, one falls in with a coven, house or group that helps shape one’s healthy sense of self through honest self-evaluation, exploration and healing.

The Communities are full of bullies, posers and otherwise loud members.  It is easy to express one’s self as a Predator, while simultaneously harboring A LOT of unexplored wounds.  This is the worst kind of “predator”–someone who snaps, bites and barks out of long-standing pain, weakness and the constant paranoia that comes with a strong sense of vulnerability.  Anyone who does not acknowledge their mental and emotional weaknesses, but poses as a powerful creature, is building a stone fortress on quicksand.

Energy feeders (and really, any kind of creature that finds their self drawn to the Vampire Community) are still born with a human personality.  Regardless of specific feeding needs and other qualities special to one’s type, we each find ourselves with an emotional body….with all of the wounds and issues special to each one of our personal histories.  Our levels of victimization could be one of the most important factors that affect our experience as a predator.

It would be helpful to evaluate what is in our psyches. In meditation or journaling, ask yourself–What is the nature of the world that we live in?  How much fear do I have….how vulnerable am I?  How safe am I?  Can I protect, defend against or simply avoid all other predatory creatures in the first place?  Even if I view myself as being predatory….what is my relationship to all of the other Things that eat in this world?  Simply put, how does the world work….and how do I best navigate in it?

Anyone who practices energy work (feeding) is still subject to the rules and laws of metaphysics and manifestation.  If they are pulling in large amounts of energy….especially without the need to use it for health on a physical or emotional level….they are adding energy to the states of mind/emotion and to the thoughtforms that they carry within their psyches–conscious and subconscious.  Anyone who is pulling in large amounts of psychic energy, without putting it into fueling their physical and emotional health, is automatically energizing whatever thoughtforms that exist in their energy bodies, negative or positive.

Most newcomers to any metaphysical practice, including energy work, often have intense emotions.  Unless they get control of their emotional body, including healing old issues, these wounds keep getting energized and manifesting as uncomfortable and very negative life situations and events.  One can banish them or any of their effects–but unless one pulls out these issues by the root, they will continue to manifest.



  1. V.K. Jehannum · November 20, 2016

    Excellent observations.

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  2. V.K. Jehannum · November 20, 2016

    The observations you have made here are applicable to black magick as a whole. It is more effective and more powerful, yes, but it is also far more dangerous.

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  3. Nocturnal Blood Debauchery · December 14, 2016

    I dont practice conscious feeding, I just feed, either on the physical or astral plane, it could be by having eye contact, physical contact, sexual and non sexual, I had to learn no not feed, and eventually I stop caring, if I need to feed, I feed by nature. When it comes to esoteric work, I tend to feed from cosmic energy, the universe. I personally think, vampires dont need to consciously feed through methods, feeding is our nature, thats why I disregard people trying to learn feeding methods as vampiric, but as wannabes.


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