Some Random Notes For People Who Are Sincerely Wondering If They Are Vampires…Or A Little Something About Our Version of Realistic Expectations

I do not claim to be any sort of elder or teacher.  I do not claim to be any sort of expert.  I’m just someone that is having their own experience, that I try to understand as best as I can.  My general trend is that I try to be as helpful as I can, in whichever way makes sense to me at the time.

As an energy healer, I try to help people be as functional as they can be, in whichever area that I can help them in.  As I understand it–to be healthy is to be as functional a human being, as possible.  Physically healthy, emotionally healthy, mentally healthy.  My helpfulness sometimes comes in the form of energy work, but more often than not, it comes in the form of the information that I share.

There are many people who come into the GVC with unrealistic expectations, only to be disappointed or frustrated.  Some of these unrealistic expectations come from misidentifying as a Vampire OR misunderstanding what a Modern Vampire is…and expecting particular experiences that are never going to come.

Before you self-identify as a Vampire, the most basic question to ask yourself is “Why?”….what would be the benefits of why you would want to identify as a Modern Living Vampire?  In my experience, I was not trying to prove that I was a MLV.  On the other hand, I was looking for other reasons to explain what my health problems were, so that I could fix them.  Somehow, somewhere….many people have this idea that once they absolutely confirm “what” they are, they will magickally feel complete.

One reason that people want to self-identify as some part of a group is that they want to feel like they belong to a Community, with the unspoken expectation that the Community will provide emotional support (satisfaction)….and possibly, the unspoken promise of physical security, as well.  Within the existing Vampire Community, there is strife between Energy Feeders and Blood Feeders, even among members of the same type-group.  We are a group, still full of people that do not get along with each other, at times….because we are all still completely human.

Being born into a human personality, comes with some limitations, false expectations and boundaries.  Loneliness, not feeling special, needing external validation and feeling unloved are all incentives to want to self-identify as Otherkin, Vampires or otherwise some special creature.  Some personality work, self-empowerment and meditation will help heal these personal misconceptions.  Even if one is legitimately an Energy or Blood Feeder, it would be extremely helpful to take care of these personality flaws so that one does not continue to act out of these insecurities.  Even if one can legitimately defined as a Modern Vampire, one can still have these personality issues.

One can feel the need to feel special–often with the underlying understanding that once one feels special, all emotional and physical needs will be met by the surrounding environment.  This is an amorphous concept for most.  Many of us have this need to feel special, but not really know which experiences we need to cement this realization into our psyches.  Before you call yourself a Vampire, ask yourself if you want to be one, because you want to be perceived as special.  Would you still be a Vampire, if NO ONE ELSE knew that you were?

If you didn’t tell anyone, would you still think of yourself as a Vampire?

In the GVC, we discuss metaphysical topics, just as we do in the magickal communities.  People throw around words like “powers”, “abilities” and “talents”.  Psychic phenomena, magickal occurences and energy movement cannot be measured by the same tools as can physical activity and material world movement.  Non-physical metaphysical activity in our world is measured by observation, perception and the changes that take affect on a physical, emotional or mental level.

Because it is so subjective, practical members of the Vampire Community take care to observe personal, internal activity…and any possible effects that those activities have on the external world.  Energy feeders especially question whether taking in energy has any benefits to their personal system….we question if there is an actual need to take in extra energy and if we can supplement our energy needs with natural resources, only (air prana, solar prana, tree/plant energy)–rather than human energy sources.

As far as psychic phenomena and metahuman activity goes, none of the energy feeders and blood feeders that I know have any abilities beyond the range of ANYONE who practices any occult, psychic, magickal or metaphysical techniques outside of the Vampire Community.

I have clairvoyant, clairaudient, manifestation, telepathic, precognitive experiences…but, my skill range is comparable to other non-Vampire Witches and Psychics that I personally know.  I can augment my physical strength level with psychic energy.  I am sometimes told that my reflexes are faster than normal.   I can also throw up telepathic illusions, which people react to….even if they don’t know exactly the form of the illusion that is being used.  Any of the metaphysical phenomena that I experience can be experienced by any non-vampiric human who also practices working with energy.

All humans work with energy, anyway.  Metaphysically speaking, that is the nature of this reality.  In my opinion, Energy Feeders–Psychic Vampires, Spiritual Sangs, Dual Feeders, Spiritual Vampires–are not born at the expert level of energy manipulation.  We might have an instinctive need to be nourished on another level, so we instinctively start pulling energy in.  It is the constant activity that becomes its own sort of practice.  We become so used to moving psychic energy out of personal need that we become sensitive to it and able to work with it, easily.

We cannot pass along that level of skill that is based on amount of practice time spent.  A bad rough analogy is trying to teach someone how to lift a 100-pound weight that had never done weightlifting a day in their life.  But even so, even after a lifetime of mostly unconsciously working with psychic energy, I still don’t have any superpowers to perform the extraordinary feats like the Vampires in the movies or storybooks.

And none of the other Vampires that I know are that powerful, either.

If you suspect that you are anything out of the norm of society, ask yourself if you need this identity  based on the approval, reaction or knowledge of the others around you.  Start from there.





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