Predatory Psychic Feeders Vs. Vampires As Ethical, Spiritual Beings


People are not equal….or, at the very least, we are not the same.  We are not all the same because of our very human personality differences. With those personality differences, we express our lives with our varying attitudes, intentions and foci. In nature, we have our predatory and feral creatures. We have our animals that live to survive, for the most part self-oriented. At most, they will protect and provide for their families or packs.

And then, we have our more domesticated animals. Our household pets that give us love and companionship, among other things. Humans are very similar in some respects to other animals. As a species, our behavior can range from being completely self-oriented to only being concerned with our more immediate family group to caring for members outside of that personal family/friends circle. Within the food chain, unless we are completely vegan, we make accommodations in our general moral and ethical schemes to make room for our part in the violation of free will and murder or other living beings. As meat eaters, we make justifications in these two areas for non-human animals because we find eating them to be normal behavior. Many animals also feed on others, without any problem of moral or ethical justification. There is simply no conversation to it, in most cases.

As Energy Vampires, some of us follow sets of rules or guidelines for feeding on/from the energies of others. Even under the umbrella term of “Psychic Vampires” or “Energy Vampires”, we come in as a variety of creatures with a variety of reasons for taking in the energy of other human beings. Some of us hold that we were born to feed off of human vital energy in the same way that our physical bodies need to take in the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates to remain physically healthy and functional.

Others of our sub-community hold that some of us are instinctively geared to feed on human vital energy, not for our energetic (psychic, spiritual…) health, but because our systems get secondary benefits that we would not get were we not energetically feeding. It is important to talk about the different categories that we have within our community, simply because they exist. We could ignore the differences; but with ignoring the differences, there are specific needs that are dismissed….sometimes because, as a species, we love the idea of one-formula, one-explanation, putting everything into a tidy little box for our understanding…and we invalidate any personal experience that does not fit neatly in.

There are some of us who are ethical feeders. We have our own sets of rules and guidelines for feeding from the energy of others. Then, there are some of us who do not follow any set of rules….or at least, follow rules that are different from others. Putting out and sharing our sets of ethics for feeding can be prescriptive. However, there is no way of enforcing that all energy feeders follow our or any other guidelines.

What do we do with the non-ethical feeders? As information becomes more mainstream….everyone is becoming a blogger or at least adding their two cents in the comments section….the non-ethical energy feeders are becoming just as public as those of us who follow our individually-constructed or adopted feeding guidelines.

There are those of us who share our personal rules, because we truly believe in them. We share them because they work for us and we hope that they will be helpful to other awakening and awakened energy feeders. To some degree, some of us sometimes share information as a sort of “full disclosure,” to educate the non-vampire community (that we have nothing scary to hide) or to inform non-vampires so that they can pass along the (hopefully) useful information to unawakened/awakening energy feeders.

When confronted by non-ethical energy feeders, I do feel like a bit of a hypocrite. Physically speaking, I am not a Vegan. I eat meat and enjoy animal products. I know that I contribute (or at least, validate) a system where animal life is violated without permission for my personal needs. As a human animal inhabiting a human animal body, I understand that I am no different than any other animal in the wild that does not care about the free will or right-to-life of other particular animal life-forms (namely, chicken, beef, pork and a few other supermarket types). I might not hunt the same way as a lion or a wolf, but I benefit from a system that kills for me.

Coming out of a society that does not value all life (especially where food is involved); the fact that one session of energetic draining is not very likely to kill someone and the presence of the predatory Fictional Vampire archetype in our subculture….it is no wonder that there are some non-ethical energy feeders. As humans, we are not completely altruistic, benevolent beings at all times in all areas of life.

Are there any benefits to addressing the behavior or those that do not follow our ethical boundaries? We can suggest why our favorite sets of ethics should be followed, but should we be more explicit about the whys of it?  Being prescriptive about codes of ethics is good public relations….but, is there any benefit to discussing the non-ethical vampire in depth?




  1. Kuriak Isepeth · August 3, 2016

    I believe it would be enlightening to know the other side of the coin as it were. If for no other reason than to understand the difference in worldviews.


    • amadorvampyre · August 13, 2016

      What other side of the coin are you thinking of? 🙂


      • Kuriak Isepeth · August 13, 2016

        Learning more from the side of the unethical feeder. I know a great deal of ethical feeders but find that my knowledge on those who might identify as unethical feeders is very limited. There is always a driving force that inspires us to make choices, I find myself sadly uneducated with the world views of those who would feed in that manner.


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