Where are all of the Vampires? It seems that we are a vocal bunch, but could it be that there are only a tiny handful of us that are so loud, it seems like we are a large chorus of vampiric voices?

I belong to a few general-information Vampire groups. As well, I have opened up a couple of groups that focus specifically on Psychic Vampirism. How many Real Living Vampires are there on Facebook, anyway? Now that I think about it, it seems that I interact with the same 15-20 members of the Facebook GVC. We tend to follow and add each other to our various groups. These groups have their separate themes….they almost function like chatrooms.   I remember a time when it seemed like the Psy Vamps were everywhere. Hybrids (Sang/Psys) made up a large number of the Psy Vamps, but it seemed that we were in larger numbers. It might have been that I was so excited to have found Modern Living Vampires that I assumed that they were everywhere.

Nothing against picture sharing groups, but it doesn’t seem like there are that many members who want to share useful/practical/relevant information. When I first came to the Vampire groups online, I had the impression that I was surrounded by my kind. It seemed that there were a large number of Psy Vamps, Hybrids and Sanguines–all around me. As I became more vocal on the internet, I’ve noticed that the interaction between actual Vampires [meaning, those of us who have an energetic or physical need to feed on others’ vital energy or blood] are less vocal. I can’t say with any certainty if this is because there is currently more of a silence among our numbers or if I am now noticing more clearly, who is actually interacting with others online.

The photo sharing groups are very popular–vampire and non-vampire, alike. Also, role playing by Real Living Vampires and non-Vampires calls for a lot of interaction. Groups that have “vampire” in the group name or are purported to be for vampires are numerous online. But, how many of us are there….really? As far as online interaction goes, there are about 20-30 of us that seem to interact with each other on a regular basis. If we use Facebook admin tools, we can see that articles alone can max out on 15-30 likes….sometimes, if we’re lucky, with a good handful of comments. There is another clue to be found in the “Seen by” count. In most vampire discussion and article sharing group, this count rarely ever goes up as high as the member count….unless it’s a very small group.

Some member counts are well into the hundreds or even in the thousands in some Facebook groups….where is the interaction between these hundreds of members? Why does it seem like it is the same principle group of people actively communicating (counting “likes” as a form of response), over and over again? At first, I was worried that there was a sort of boycott or exodus of Modern Vampires from the places where we can communicate online. Initially, I was worried that I should search around for those places where I can speak to and hear from my kind. I then had second thoughts.

Here is my working conclusion–I am not online to gain validation for what I have to say. Personally, I am online because I simply like sharing and conversing for the sake of communication, itself. If I think of any of the information and opinions that we “20” members share being “lost”, I am satisfied believing that what we share will float online for any new members to find, as they need it. Regardless of the silence from the general populace, I find comfort in believing that there are lurkers and shy vampires getting what they need, without having to give anything back.


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