What happens when we don’t catch the Baby Psy Vamps? Within the viewpoint of the metaphysician, we are all spiritual beings….living in a reality of multiple dimensions of energy–etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual… Depending on the model that makes sense to the metaphysical practitioner, we live as multi-level beings SIMULTANEOUSLY on all of these vibrational levels….inhabiting energy bodies that correspond to each of the levels that we are on.

When any human being is lacking in energy in any one of their energy bodies, emotional, mental or even physical illness may occur. During daily life, lack of spiritual energies may manifest in emotional turmoil, mental imbalance and even as physical maladies. The unawakened Psy Vampire (meaning, the Psy Vampire who is not conscious of their need and ability to consciously feed on outside sources of energy) might not stay as nourished and healthy as they could be. An energy-deficient Psy Vampire might seem out of sorts and/or ill in some way. The physical level could manifest general poor health or low energy levels, even if the Psy Vampire is following all of the physical guidelines for healthy living and has no major physical illnesses. On the mental and emotional levels, the Psy Vampire could simply be bothered or be unsettled, even if they are making efforts to feel better through therapy or self-help techniques. Socially, people might find it uncomfortable to be around the hungry Psy Vampire, depending on their own energy levels and conditions.

Psy Vampires vary on their levels of energy needs. Some of us need to take in quite a bit to function. Some of us go into Automatic Feeding mode when our levels are too low. This is akin to Sympathetic Vampirism, where the temporary state of energy-deficiency causes the sufferer to automatically draw in energy from any and all nearby energy sources. A natural-born Psy Vampire will be on permanent need to draw from outside sources. For whichever reason, their state of need never gets “healed”.

For whichever reason–whether the individual Psy Vampire is just built to require a larger amount of energy than they can naturally generate or is somehow leaking energy in their personal energy system–an unaware Psy Vampire is in danger of auto feeding to avoid total starvation. When a Psy Vamp is on auto-feed, there is no distinction or discernment as to where the needed energy is being drawn from. The hungry Vamp may take energy from children, the elderly or otherwise ill persons….none of which probably  have excess vital energy to spare. Auto feeding is not so much a danger, if the hungry Vampire is surrounded by people who naturally generate a lot of energy. In these cases, people who generate excess energy might not notice when they are being drawn from…or might actually enjoy the process, if too much energy makes them feel nervous. Likewise, if the auto feed results in someone’s negative energy being removed, especially in the forms of energy blockages, the “victim” is very likely to feel better. This is a gamble, for the most part. In the case of auto feed, it is a matter of chance who the automatically feeding Psy Vampire runs into. The hungry Psy Vampire might be instinctively drawn to people and places that have a lot of ambient energy, but this is not a guarantee.

Drawing vital energy from healthy people (with normal energy levels) can make these victims feel tired, and sometimes irritable. Hungry Psy Vampires might be unpleasant to be around….there is something about the Vamp that is unsettling…..draining, even if no one can put their finger on the actual problem. Regardless of how pleasant a Psy Vampire’s personality might be, it is their automatic energy drain which might not feel so good.

Discovering unawakened Psy Vampires and educating them on controlled feedings….in some cases, supplementing those vital energy feedings, with ambient feedings and feeding on non-human energy sources….will keep them from irritating fellow human beings with those uncontrolled drainings on everyone around them. This “education” could simply take the form of making the relevant information about Psychic Vampires available to the public.  A form as simple as basic definition of this type of Vampire might suffice for identification purposes.  People might not be able to get past the energy draining to be able to enjoy the person that the Psy Vampire is. And the Psy Vampire might be confused as to why they always feel so tired and no one wants their company.


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