What is the natural function of a Psychic Vampire? Why are there Psychic Vampires at all? Is there a guiding force which dictated a purpose for us? Why do we even need to ask the question?

If we look for examples in Nature, it might seem that most of the animals are not that concerned with what their purposes are. They simply live. The dogs dog. The cats cat.  Birds bird.  They eat when they are hungry. They bark/meow/chirp when they are moved to. Depending on circumstance and surrounding–dogs rest, play, poop as they feel inspired to take each action, throughout their day. They do not question their function or place in the grand scheme of the Universe.

Are we supposed to question our particular purpose in The Tapestry of Life? We can. Our minds analyze, dissect, contemplate, guess, imagine and project.  Are we supposed to contemplate our significance and meaning as Vampiric creatures? If we follow Nature’s examples in the world, we should just go with the flow. Just live and keep fed. Psychically feed when there is a food source available. Go with our instincts and hungers. But….since we do have the ability and capacity to wax philosophical, we often find ourselves doing so.

Are we overthinking it?

I often wonder if we contemplate our significance in a way that is helpful to us.  Is there really a Grand Design or do we just feel the need to imagine we are something greater than animals, because we need to feel superior or meaningful?  From the outside, anyone who looks at me might not catch any clues that I am a Psychic Vampire. Without talking to me about any subject, for any reason, I might seem to be a run-of-the-mill kind of guy, nothing too spectacular or out of the ordinary. I don’t make any sort of announcement out of my vampirism.

If we take the viewpoint of everything in Nature simply exists and acts out of its own nature, then it seems that I do that. That is my basic approach.  My form is consuming energy when I need to, when it seems yummy, when it’s available. I feed just like every other creature–not just physically, but also on an energy level. And because I have a human personality, I set up my own personal limitations and follow my own set of ethics concerning feeding….because I can. I SOMETIMES wonder if Nature set us up for something grander than just feeding for personal nourishment–to be honest, I see  it as all just a bunch of guesswork, on my part. I will not assume that I have God, Nature or The Universe figured out.  I have my personal convictions, based on the evidence I’ve personally collected and my thought processes….but, the way that my brain works, I’m not above thinking that I could be mistaken in any area of my working conclusions.

It might not be that I have self-doubt….I think of it as preparing for all perceivable possibilities as best as I can. I don’t think that I need to have an absolute conviction in my understanding of how my Universe works, in order to function fully.  I wonder if the world is just as it is….no set of rules, no right or wrong. Maybe we are just here in our perceivable dimensions and there is no ultimate game plan. We live, we express, we eventually leave. (Not that the physical plane is all that there is, but that maybe there is no master plan….we are here in these worlds, until we are done being here.) I sometimes act as if I know my higher purpose as a Psychic Vampire, because I choose to live by the meaning that I give myself. I purposely consume the negative energy in my immediate environments….and I withdraw and consume any negative energy that I perceive in others’ spiritual bodies.  It is my purpose, because I choose for it to be.  My Self-appointed higher purpose.

There is no guarantee that my perception on my “higher purpose” is accurate, but I go with it because it feels like the right thing for me to do. I like the idea that this could be true. Not because I expect any sort of reward from an overseeing Goddess or Supreme Being. Not because I even believe in Karma as a rewards or points system. This is simply because I enjoy the way it feels when I think about performing this service. Often the “client”/”victim” will not be aware that I am performing this energy cleansing.

I don’t believe in a rewards or punishment system, so it is not as if I am trying to appease some overseeing deity through my actions. I’ve also worked too hard to be self-validating, so it is not as if I do any good or bad deeds in the world, trying to get approval from another human being. Any action I take on the energetic level (namely, psy feeding) is done with my own conscience as my guide.

Personally, I enjoy hearing the variety of creation myths out there. I also enjoy the creation myths that describe the first Hybrids, Sanguine and Soul Eaters (Psy Vampires).  I am not sure if the Vampires of mythology [–Fictional Vampires also run under an umbrella–being of different varieties and consumers of different substances] were exaggerated retellings of actual Living Vampiric events, were symbolic stories inspired by actual Vampiric activity or simple mythology that modern Vampires relate to and adopted because of the similarities to our actual qualities.

Regardless of which folklore my fellow Psy Vamps relate to, I am perfectly fine thinking of my existence in a vacuum. It is just as easy for me to think of myself as another form of psychic creature [like a clairvoyant or psychic energy generator], as something that had a mystical origin.  The creation myths of humans are fantastical, but none of them made me feel any more magickal….even though they probably should.  [I’m descended from a creature that was magickally made out of dust and animated by the Original Being, Himself?  Shouldn’t that or any of the other variations beequally as  inspiring?] I can take energy from outside of myself. When I consume that energy, I suddenly feel better, healthier. I like the idea that I am being helpful to other fellow beings, but just for the sake of the activity, itself….like helping someone with their groceries or babysitting a nephew.  Kindness for the sake of kindness, using my normal abilities.

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