We now come to the third general type of vampire in the Vampire Community.
This type of vampire is probably the most mysterious when viewed through the lens of the practicing Witch. The Physical Sanguine differs from the Spiritual Sanguine in that they can take their blood donation (as given by their “Swan”–Vampire Community’s term for consenting Blood Donor), in a clinical, non -ritualistic manner. This form of Modern Vampire can add a spiritual aspect to the physical act of donation, but this is not a necessary part. It can be much more of a technical procedure.

Whereas those of us with a metaphysical bent might be able to relate more to the energy correspondences of blood and the straightforward tapping into of the auric field, the Physical Sanguine is more inclined to relate to the blood donation purely on the physical level. Any kind of ingestion of blood or energy is referred to as a “feeding” in Vampire Community terminology–but because the image of blood has such strong visual associations, some might describe this form of Sanguine as seeming closest to the modern depiction of the fictional blood-drinking Vampire of novels, movies and television.
The main difference between Physical Sanguines and the Spiritual Sanguines (of the previous article) is that the Spiritual Sanguine might only need to ingest very little blood and most likely perceives that they are tapping into the energy that is connected to the blood of their Donor. A Physical Sanguine might or might not have the viewpoint that energy has anything to do with their well-being. As a matter of fact, there are some Sanguines who are not metaphysically-oriented at all.
The Physical Sanguine must often ingest larger amounts of blood to alleviate their physical discords and infirmities. Without regular blood or energy donations, all Real Modern Vampires suffer some degree of illness or infirmity. The larger physical donation for a Physical Sanguine is much more noticeable than the energy forms of donation for the Psychic Vampire and Spiritual Sanguine.
There is no common, central philosophy for all Physical Sanguines. Because their experience–their physical symptoms, the blood donation and the alleviation of their particular physical discords–is completely physical, this form of Vampire runs the range of being spiritually-oriented to agnostic to atheist. There is no guarantee as to the spiritual philosophy, religious orientation….or lack, thereof… this form of vampire, especially.
There is a faction of Physical Sanguines who are very much interested in the physical science behind the experience of their vampirism. To describe their inclination, they work under the description of Medically-Oriented Sanguines (or “Medically-Oriented Sangs”, for short). Focusing on the purely physical science concerning their condition/status, this form of Vampire is very interested in researching articles and studies that could possibly explain the causation….and possibly come to a short-term or long-term substitute for blood ingestion, in accordance with their physical expression of their individual blood need.
The Greater Vampire Community contains all views on the various forms of vampirism. To some vampires, our vampirism is a gift….to others who suffer regularly from the side effects of their particular form of vampirism, they would like some sort of remedy to permanently mitigate those secondary effects. For those Physical Sanguines who cannot keep up with the amount of donations that their body needs, the symptoms associated with their form of malnutrition can make their everyday life unbearable.
Regular blood donation–from clean, healthy Donors–is perhaps the hardest to come by out of all forms of donation . That fact, coupled with the symptoms that Physical Sanguines suffer when they are not continuously fed, drives the Medically-Oriented to focus on finding scientifically-plausible explanations….and possible remedies for their particular form of vampirism.
This three-part introduction to the general types of Vampirism found within the Greater Vampire Community is only a small, general introduction to the forms of vampirism itself that exist in the community. This, by no means, captures the many interpretations and expressions of the various sub-types of the many members that are united under the general umbrella term of Living Real Vampires, today.


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