From the Psychic Vampire, with the energy-feeding habits, we move onto exploring another category of Vampire from the Vampire Community. This category includes two types of Vampire who still engage in energy feeding, but with different integrations of physical feeding involved, as well. The next two types of Vampire are the Hybrid and Spiritual Sang.

The Spiritual Sang can be most easily understood by those who practice blood magick. Those of us who are familiar with the concepts of using links in magick and energy work, understand that using personal objects can make it so much easier to direct energy to and from the target associated with the physical link (such as a personal object or item–hair or a photograph). When using the physical link in magick, healing and energy work, it is easier for the mage or sensitive to tune into the associated target and send or receive energy to and/or from the target.

It is not fully understood yet if there is an actual physical or energetic need, or a combination of both, in some cases–or if it is something similar to the instinct of a magician, who is moved by the inspiration of the moment to perform spontaneous acts of magick, much in the style of chaos magick–but, one theory is that a Spiritual Sang is using blood as a focus to tap into energy. In this sense a Spiritual Sang Vampire can be considered somewhat of a Psychic Vampire, that uses the physical constituent of a Donor’s blood to tap into the Donor’s energy field. Because they are not Physical Sang Vampires [to be addressed in another article], Spiritual Sangs do not need a large amount of blood to work with, for their form of feeding. A few drops, a small vial….their focus is on the energy that is linked into the Donor’s blood. As a practicing magician, I think of this link as a focal tool or “gateway” into the Donor’s energy field. The real feeding is still on the energy level.

 A Hybrid is one term for the Sang/Psy Hybrid, the Sang/Psy Vampire. This form of Vampire might be a Vampire who gains benefits from both Psychic feeding and Sanguine feeding (blood feeding). Not all Hybrids are the same. The two general forms of Hybrid Vampires are those that CAN feed either way and the other form that MUST feed both ways. There are Hybrid Vampires that can remain healthy when they find Donors of either energy donation or blood donation….and they reap benefits, no matter which form of feeding they partake in, at any time. The other form of Hybrid reaps some benefits from either form of feeding (energy or blood), but must have BOTH over time, to be at normal state of health and well-being. This form of Sang/Psy Vampire relies on both kinds of Donors–those Donors (known as Swans, in the Vampire Community) who generously donate blood and/or energy.
Because these two types of Vampires still consciously work with energy, they are often….though not always….metaphysically minded. Anyone can work with blood and energy.  It is only when there are health benefits when one has fed and detriments to one’s health, when they lack feeding,  which define one as a Real Modern Vampire.

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