The Truth Is In The Blood

  •  I am a fan of The DarkRose Journal. I recently finished Blood’s Truth by Julia DarkRose and Ludavik Valentine. Some of the ideas in the book are a challenge to some standard and traditional (the modern tradition) concepts that are embraced within the current Vampire Community.

    But, since I have enjoyed Julia’s writing up to date…and her work has been an inspiration for me as a Modern Living Vampire, a writer and a metaphysician….I am giving the book a second reading. This time, not to be entertained….but, reading the book the same way that I read my study guides. I read books on New Age thought, christian mysticism, Witchcraft, self-help, NLP and magick with pretty much the same process. Maybe, after I read a book once, just for pleasure….taking mental notes along the way, letting myself enjoy the “what if this were true?” entertainment of the possibilities….if something seems possibly valuable, I will go through the book a second time, as a student of whatever the book has to teach me.

    Perhaps because of where I have come from, maybe from where I am at now–or it might simply be my personality–I’m not the type that initially (and whole-heartedly) embraces something simply because it “feels true”. I tend to roll my eyes when I read people say such things as “If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, then you’re obviously not a real vampire” or “If you have to question, then you must not be a real vampire.”

    Flame on, my fellow members of the Vampire Community.

    One of the concepts that I love about Blood’s Truth is that the author is not attached to the label of “vampire”. It is the concepts that are more important than the label. It is what we do and how we express what we are that matter more than what we call ourselves. She describes a noble creature with high spiritual aspirations and leanings.  I fit under the general umbrella term of “Vampire” in the GVC because I have had the experience of the activity of a Psychic Vampire over my lifetime. Depending on which definition is being used, I might also fit under being a Spiritual Vampire, Hybrid/Dual Feeder or a Spiritual Sanguine.

    Because of my past experiences and current conditions as I understand them, I would fit into one or more of the categories of a Modern Living Vampire, as defined by (at least part of) the general Vampire Community. Because of my way of understanding my personal experience, I have more of a metaphysical outlook on my life. I practice magick. I have had more than enough clairvoyant, clairaudient and precognitive experiences. But, even though I think in terms of metaphysics, I weigh my beliefs and experiences against other possibilities. I also question whether there is a purely materialistic explanation AND purely materialistic correspondences to my interpretation, in case someone else were to analyze my experiences under that framework. When there are no logical ways to explain my magick or psychic activities, I do not dismiss anything under “coincidence”.

    I use faith as a tool for manifestation, but I use it with discrimination. I am practical, but being practical also applies to my use of sorcery in the world. I do not necessarily accept every metaphysical or spiritual idea that I am presented with, but I question when and where it can be useful. Some information is entertaining–it is uplifting for the moment that it is read in. Other information is inspiring–it might last a little longer in our psyches, moving us into action….spiritual, energetic, physical or otherwise. But, I am not so much always concerned with what absolute truth is….as long as what is being said manifests as something beautiful.

    As a Chaos Magician, I’ve dipped into the waters of Santeria, Faery Magick, Color Magick, Animal Magick, Planetary Magick, the Hermetic Magick of Franz Bardon, Zodiac Magick….and a few other systems. (And as a Chaos Magician, my goal was never to master any of these systems, but to simply use them as long as they produced results….and amused me, in some way.) In Chaos Magick, the point is not to uncover absolute truths, but to use whichever system is in front of you to get desirable results.

    I can be skeptical when I am trying to analyze metaphysical information. Belief to me is a tool. Working with the Virgin Mary when I was a Catholic worked for me, because that’s where my faith was at the time. I couldn’t do much prayer work with Jesus, because in my mind, he didn’t have as much power as the goddess Mary. (Mexican Catholic.) Since I discovered the principles of Chaos Magick, I’ve consciously enhanced my belief in whichever system I was working with, at the time that I was working with that system. Because of that, I don’t hold onto most of anything as being absolute in the bigger picture of the universe. I believe that there are some thoughts in my psyche that are deeper rooted than others….In general, I respect those as my personal “absolutes” that I have set for this particular incarnation of mine.

    Bringing this all back down to Vampirism and my interpretation of being a Vampire….

    I have heard many definitions of what Vampires are….the various types, styles and manifestations of vampirism. I have heard everything from us (or some of us) being damaged, ill, the next step of evolution, a distinct class of human….to other explanations. I’ve heard that it is simply a case of feeding/nutrition or that there is something about us which is spiritually inclined and heading higher in spiritual vibration, despite our humanness. I am not always sure which members of the GVC fit into any of the different classifications of Vampire or actually qualify as one type or the other….but I also suspect that many do not actually have any of the actual qualities, conditions or traits as generally defined by the current Vampire Community. In some cases, the member might have some or all of the traits; but might be exaggerating the numbers, quantities and intensities of what they are describing. I also suspect that some members are sincere in their beliefs, but their minds might be fabricating experiences because they are masking deeper issues–such as wanting to be special, different or to be part of a larger group.

    I have at least two hands to deal with, on this matter. On one hand, I am working under the assumption that my experiences are not fabricated and that my perception is clear enough that I actually am a sort of Vampire–as I understand what vampirism is in this community. On that same hand, I am assuming that others which match my experiences…or some of my experiences, in part….might run into my articles. It is my hope, in all possible humility, that those who would benefit in some way from the information that I am sharing, find my offering…the same way that I find others’ words when I need to find them. Staying on this hand, I hope to keep accurate and relevant information flowing to those who need it.

    And on the other hand, there are those moments when I question whether I am mistaken in my assessment of myself as actually being one form of Vampire or another. This is the same mind that analyzes whether seeming manifestations of my magick are real or not….or manifest to any other people in any way, on any level. On this other hand, my evaluation is that there is quite a bit of information that is useful to any energy practitioner, whether or not s/he falls under any of the Vampire classifications. Many of my vampiric practices are based on energy work and working with psychic thoughtforms, anyway. Staying on this other hand, it might not actually make a difference if someone is a Modern Living Vampire, if they follow some of the practices in ways which benefits their lives and the lives of those around them.

    So, here I am with the book, Blood’s Truth. Because of my skeptical mind, I ignore those sensations that scream, “Yes! Yes! I am one of these special people that were born to this!” I ignore that inner voice, not because I don’t believe that there are those who are born Vampires….but because I am very aware that many members of the Vampire Community (and the other metaphysical/fringe communities that I also belong to) need to be part of some special category so much, to make up for some mental or emotional shortcoming. I am overly cautious because I see many people who seem so desperate to be considered special. I question whether I am a Vampire because it is really true….not because I need to feel validated by others for what I am.

    Any and all metaphysical classifications are not something that I want to hold onto as part of my self-identification. On that note of Absolute Truths–to those of us who relate to the concept of reincarnation….the idea that we live multiple lives in the physical plane….some of us interpret our human existence as something temporary. Within this reasoning, I honor some of the firm physical facts as true for this lifetime, but as temporary in the larger picture of eternity. I could be a Vampire this lifetime, a Walk-In next lifetime, and a complete atheist two lifetimes from now. What is it that really matters?

    What justifies connection to any sort of magickal, spiritual or metaphysical tradition? Is it because we are born into a specific racial line in this physical lifetime? Is it because our soul is a specific “species” or from a particular line of energy or space? Even if I have no physical connection to any particular lineage of Vampires–sanguine, psychic, hybrid/dual or spiritual….I’ve become comfortable with the magick of “acting as if”. The description of the Vampire as a magickal, mystical, noble creature….as described in Blood’s Truth….is a spiritual role model, a figure to be emulated.

    Even if it turns out that I have had no physical correspondence to any genetically-inherited lineage of vampirism or no corresponding spiritual reality to a particular vampire lineage, I can still work with the noble Vampire archetype, as delineated in the book. I can still use the archetype in a form of magickal assumption. While working with the book, I can meditate on particular qualities–

    –What would I be like if I came from the line of Dragons (as described in Blood’s Truth)?

    –How would I act if I were descended from the line of Vampire Queens and Vampire Kings?

    –What am I like if I belonged to the bloodline of the royal Vampires?

    In this manner, one can make great, positive changes in one’s personal energy by meditating on the states of being one would be in as a spiritually evolved creature. In this sense alone, I find great value in working with the thoughts presented in this book.  As I start to work with Blood’s Truth as a workbook in Vampire Metaphysics, I think that it’s a good place to begin.

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  1. JuliaDarkRose · April 2, 2016

    Reblogged this on ladydarkrose1Blog and commented:
    Thank you very, very, much Juanie Amador​ for your Blog article about our book-Blood’s Truth. Your unabashed honesty about yourself and about our book, is appreciated beyond human words. 🙂
    Respectfully & Gratefully,
    ~Julia DarkRose


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